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Umm.. so downloads only work on alternative dls, meaning I can't dl anything when the developer of the game doesn't have the 'name your own price'. It was working, maybe yesterday or the day before. I don't know what's wrong, but is there any way I can turn alternative dl on? Always on?  (Oh, and im in android.) It can just my internet, but then again it was working just yesterday..

Damn, I was too lazy to decipher it, mind telling us wat it means?

Just wanna ask, umm can I top zari?

Thank youu (。’▽’。)♡

How do you get a heart for Xer?? -ε-

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Oohhh, thanks for the help.      \(-ㅂ-)/ ♥ ♥ ♥

Hol up, I have 3 for bernard whut

Oh, and another question do you know how many hearts can you get for each of the characters that you could get a heart on?? :)

Oh ok thankss ^ ^

Is it possible to get two hearts for arion??

And if it is can somebody tell me how Owo

I still can't get out of it ;n;

I am stuck.. Once the warnings are shown and done I'm sent to a black screen.

Oh, ok, thanks. ^ω^

Umm, I have a question, how often do you update the game? Just curious.(○゚ε゚○)

Umm, I have a question, how often do you update? Just curious.(○゚ε゚○)

Oh, ok, hehe ʕ•ﻌ•ʔ.

Are you going to make an android version of this game?? Im just curious OwO

Aww, ok thanks. (○゚ε゚○)

Umm, this isn’t connected to anything but I really need an answer, how do you unzip/download a game from here?! I can’t download anything in my iPad.😢

Oh ok, thanks so much. OwO

Umm, just curious but is there any guide for the game?? (○゚ε゚○)

OMG, it looks so cool and awesomeeee, we love it, I believe I speak for everyone..

Oh, I played him 'right'. 😉

Oh, ok, love the game btw, keep up the great work.ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

Umm, I'm just curious, how often do you update the game?? ฅ'ω'ฅ

Yeh, Rob Colton said that after Nasir's route he will do doc's next, it's in the previous comments hehe..

Umm.. I know alot of people already said this but.. please comeback, this is a really fun game to play, maybe your just busy and don't have any time for the game, so if that is the case please let us know😅..

The only solution I have seen to his problem so far is to download another keyboard app and use that instead of the default one.



Well, when school starts that is, so I can get my allowance. It's pretty hard to become a ptreon in my country cuz $1 is equals to 50 pesos..

And no I won't change my mind cuz this game is just great and should be appreciated more..

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Aww, thanks anyways.(*>.<*)

Did you composed it your self?? 

Cuz it's so beautiful to the point I want to hear it everyday in the morning.. I might try to learn it by just listening to it, so I can play it myself.

Ok, nvm I just read the FAQ hehe..

Pleaseee tell me what's the name of the song that darius' grandma tought him.

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Age is 23 that's all I know..