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Enzo Mannaert

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Love the art style of this game! Great work guys!

Very cool game guys!

We are currently not allowed to post a new build as this is an entry for the epic megajam. Once the grading is over we will post the update + a devlog :)

soon :) 

It actually does work, you need to interact by aiming at the numbers, once you entered 4 numbers you'll get a message saying "WRONG CODE" or it will open. I do admit that the player feedback could be better but due to lack of time this was not possible. Maybe this is something we could work on if we opload an update. Thanks for playing the game :)

yeah this was just giving the player not enough info, you can move the box by holding shift. We did not think about during development.

Very cool game but it is way too hard(for me at least).
I really like the way it looks and feels.

Good job!

Very fun game to play, i thought i had the highscore but it resets when you refresh the game so that is a bit unfortunate. But very good game, good job!

This is my favorite game so far, i love the concept very creative.

This fits the theme. Well done!

This fits the theme. Well done!

Very creative, I really like this game.

Great job!

Very good music! Game was decent for the short time period.
Good job!

Very good music! Game was decent for the short time period.
Good job!

Yeah, we recommend to download the game for the best experience :)