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excellent skeletons

I feel cool.

One of the things I really appreciate (besides it being adorable, with great graphics, and fun to play) is how well balanced the game is. I never once run into a situation where I had to get damage, there was always a way to avoid it. I just often died because I rushed into it :D

It's fun and sad and emotional and pertinent. Very good.

I'm glad you figured it out! It's looking good!

oh no, I'm sorry it's not working! Can you tell me more about your process? Did you unzip the file? What browser are you using? I just tried in Firefox and it worked as I expected! I hope we can solve it!

This was sweet and heartwarming *hugs*

I'd love to hang out with these ghosts, they are so chill

this was extremely sweet <3

thank you!

simply beautiful

I made me smile indeed :)


noooooooooooooooo, not *spoiler*

yeah but

I need to pet the dogs

Sean how did you make a game about lichens so sweet

It's so comforting <3

I laughed so hard XD

That moon *_*

So many lovely details!

Great job!

If you ever wanted to make a Bitsy dungeon without having to draw the tiles yourself, you now can!

Bitsy Dungeon tiles

These tiles, sprites and items are freely available to use as assets for making your own games (license CC0 1.0). I have also written a devlog on how to use them. 

Comments and criticism welcome!

Looks great! <3

Thank you! <3

Thank you!

This was brilliant!


I see the bishops as ninjas now and I can't unsee them!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! Be careful what you wish for, I could go on for hours :D "Of games and jewellery" is a short follow up!

Ah ah no, that's about the contemporary art part: it's a reference to “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” by Damien Hirst, and the other is a reference to "My bed" by Tracey Emin

thank you!

I love floorplans in Bitsy. How much you are able to convey with so little. 

Great little tribute!

I am in this game and I do not like it. 

Thank you for making it.

5/5 would bake again

I love the art and all the details!

Ahah! Yes, and it was still fun even when I got the worst potion. And the puzzles are clever!

Sorry! Yeah, it's meant to be a really quick game, picking your jam leads to the end. There's four endings but they're random, I figured since it's a short game one could replay it a few times if they wanted to find them all. Sorry if it wasn't fun!

What a cute and considered ghost <3

Oh no! I made the worst potion :(

Those goblins are adorable and I love the visual style!

Thank you!