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I like it!

Thanks! I guess if someone doesn't want to play it could also be used to sketch tiles and items :)

Nice! I especially love the cover!

so good! And I love the music!

Sometimes a cup of tea can change your day. Lovely game!


so sweet ;_;

OMG! Also, good thing I read the comments because the first time I missed the door to the basement (was still v.good) 



It's the sweetest thing ever, thank you so much! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Merry Xmas!

So good. Love the art, and all the details in the story!

I found them!

Thank for playing! :)

I think it was one of those available in Borksy before it was possible to add your own .bitsyfont thing... I'm not sure if they can be found anywhere now? :/

So good. The palette, the border and how you used it, the scale. Loved it.

Thank you!  It's always interesting to see it played, and it helped me realize how I could improve some things. (I already planned on remaking and improving this but I haven't had any time for it :( ) 

so sweet <3

I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for, but if you alt+click on a tile in the room panel it will be selected

this is cozy, and warm.

thank you! I see you got lucky and had no laundry accident :D

my star sign is now Onion

This is absolutely amazing, the amount of details, the music, the minimap!  (which is so smart, brilliant really!) You really created the atmosphere.

so good!

So nice! Loved the shopping trip!

thank you!

<3 <3 <3

Loved the 404 :D Lovely game!

Using the basic version of Bitsy, the only thing you can do with variables is trigger some dialog. 

In the "dialog" pane you can choose "conditional" and set a condition there, so when that condition is met, a certain dialog will show. 

If you want more things to happen, I think the easiest way is to use Borksy to apply hacks to your game. Have a look in particular at Exit from dialog and End from dialog. 

Let's say you want to have a plot appear when you find the shovel. If you apply "Exit from dialog" you can add dialog to the item shovel (it will look something like (exit "room2, 0,0") and once your avatar interacts with the item, it will be transferred to room2  (in this case, in the top left corner) which will be exactly like the room you came from, but with the plot diggable.

Let's say that you want the plot to appear once you have the shovel, and you talk to someone. Add conditional dialog to that someone's sprite, if itemShovel==1 then (exit "room2, 0,0") will transfer the avatar to the room with the diggable plot, if itemShovel==0 you could have it say something like "go look for a shovel, you'll need it!" or something.

Hope this makes sense!

Thank you! I guess people won't ask me "where do you get your ideas?" on this one :P

love this so much <3

Thank you so much!

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Thank you! This game is born out of a joke between friends so I don't know if it's funny to other people, it also relies quite  heavily on clichés!

Kenobit has been kidnapped by the evil ninja-lawyers of a corporation for mysterious reasons, and brought to the basement of their HQ. The only one that can rescue him is our heroine, the brave Zambunny. She has to be careful to avoid their dangerous shuriken, made out of very sharp paperwork; luckily for her, the corporate dress code prescribes wearing ninja hoods, that causes them to only look straight forward and ignore everything else. Once past the maze, she gets to confront an evil manager with the most powerful weapon: common sense! And thanks to a button, helpfully labelled in compliance to quality standards, she is able to free Kenobit and go home.  

I am going to update the graphics a bit with better bubbles and I'll try the transparent dialog hack, that should look better. 

I had somehow completely missed the entry point to the bridge. Anyway, I love the game! The graphics are great, the house feels really cozy, the music is perfect, and the worms are inspiring.

I'm kinda stuck? I have a shovel, an umbrella, and 3 inspirations but don't know where to go now :(

I did not expect the plot twist. Good job!

Short and powerful. 

*hugs* thank you for writing what I needed to hear. And it looks beautiful.

Thank you!