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Thanks! It's not so much the time that's a problem, it's the fact that there's a bug and I can't seem to get a workaround. But I'll keep trying!

The skipping dialogue part seems to be a feature of Bitsy ;) But even when it will be complete, it will be quite short, so going back to replay it won't take a long time. 

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

I like what you did with the stairs! And I love the game, even if I keep dying. 

Thank you!

Thank you! Sophronia thrives on snark ;)

It's beautiful. I love what you did with the title page, and all the details. Very atmospheric.


Lovely and brilliant! I love how the endings hint that there's more and encourage you to try again, I got all four!

That was really nice.

Beautiful. The music, the graphics, the palette, the font: all work together so well to create a moving experience. 

I really liked the part I played, but I gave up at the maze in the dark, I  just couldn't get out :(

I've lost count of the times I've died... very nice game, love all the details you've put in!

it's the cutest thing ever!

I love all the details you've managed to put in this game, it's amazing! The graphics, and the dialogue! Just one thing: no matter how many hawtorn berries I had, the abbot kept asking for them, and not taking them. Is it meant to be that way, or did I miss something? 

This was weird. In a very good way.

Randy G. is the best.

so! cute!

This was intense, and painful, and beautiful.

I love the highly scientific approach of this investigation ;)

this looks amazing!

I made a game about the greative process:

so cute!