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thank you! I need to update it with the actual stitched piece!

Thank you!

Fantastic use of Google Slides, great atmosphere, loved the game

Thank you! I'm going to look into adding one!

Thank you for playing and for the thoughtful comment!

thank you!

love, love the ending screens!

always a joy to play with Joey

Love the art, palettes, story

A++ very good very sad gnome

I'm not sure what opposing suit means? 

Also I feel like I'm not playing it with the actual rules just moving cards but I'm greatly enjoying this, it's so relaxing

I need a guided tour of this museum.

thank you!

thank you!

Yes, sure!

this collection, for instance, is a great starting point!

Hello! Well, this one was made with LibreOffice, for the preview image and inkscape for cleaning up and vectorizing the woodcuts. 

I have since acquired Affinity Publisher version 1, and it makes many things easier, however there are two things I do not like about it:
- all the tutorial are videos, only. Many people prefer it that way, but for me it's inaccessible

- version 1 is no longer available now, you can only get version 2 which costs almost double. It's still a reasonable price, especially considering that it's a one time payment (rather than Adobe monthly fee) but I had set apart money to also get Affinity Photo and now suddenly it costs twice as much. I don't think it's unreasonable, but I don't like the way they (didn't) announce it. 

Still, there's plenty of resources around! Also, look at what others do take note of things you like, and things you don't like. Spend a few minutes trying to figure out what is that make you feel that way. Play around!

I love my blorbo

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This morning, Judith and Diana left early, to go investigate the presence of marshmallow golems in Heidelneun.
It's strange to say that this is almost routine, as far as monster hunting in Translovakia goes: Translovakians have strong feelings towards food and traditions, and it won't be a few more infestations that stop them from cooking.

After getting rid of the marshmallow golem (only one, luckily) they stopped by the mansion of Viscountess Von Hofer, after hearing about it being in chaos. Well, it was, but just because their most recent gala was very boisterous.
Once, this situation would have made me nervous; I was jealous of Diana, she's so strong tall and muscular, how could I compete with her? In monster hunting, I mean.
I am so glad that we managed to put aside our differences and I can now count on Diana as a very, very good friend.

Judith appears to be relieved to be back; marshmallow golems are not a hard fight but they are sticky and once defeated they tend to get everywhere. I think she needs my help to get rid of that sticky substances from her hair and skin so that's all for today.

😲 who's Lucian? 



this is so sweet 😭

done! :)

it's adorable!

the pictures are so atmospheric!

what a punch in the guts

I have a few more I am going to publish soon! :)

I laughed so hard at "I didn't know you could say fuck"

wow, the atmosphere on this one


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yeah at first I tried to get more bits from the book but it became to hard to keep it coherent, I think I managed to get it balanced enough for a short game :)

I am going to publish another game that uses words from a book but it goes in a slightly different direction!

I've started by sharing the translation in Italian, the rest will follow soon ;)

here it is!

you know, there's a bookmark jam currently running and I was thinking that this could also fit very well on a bookmark...

bikers eXistenZ

survival of the fuckest

I gave up when it came to counting points because that's the part of tabletop games that break my brain, but look at my pretty drawing

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I am a beautiful machine. I know it. You spend all day looking at me.
I fill bottles.

It's another day at work. Same as always.
You look happy.
Of course you are, you are looking at me all day long.
You push buttons. You work me up.
We make a beautiful couple.

But soon, you will go away, and leave me.
Yes, there's another one taking your place, but it's not the same. You and I, we have a connection.
You get up, stretch, get ready to leave, and I am overcome by sadness.
End log.