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Neat stuff! Perhaps additional levels could make things more interesting with obstacles/an obstacle course.

Thanks! It was a one-man job, so most of the polish available went into balancing and functionality, the looks could certainly use some polish.

Very neat, I liked the pixel art and the different control options! I would recommend having a better control scheme (my instinct was always to use escape to go back instead of backspace), like maybe using number keys over each guard to select them, although it would be difficult to give up using the control key. Perhaps holding down Ctrl could bring up the control menu and a different number over each hedgehog, and then Ctrl + N would initiate control over Hedgehog N?

Perhaps I should speed up the helicopter turning speed, although I'll have to rebalance everything else in response to that (initial fire frequency, fire spread frequency, and number of trees are all factors). And thanks! More helicopters would be interesting, though it loses the elegance of being able to control the entire game with left and right clicks. If I could get multiplayer working, I think it would be really fun to cooperate with others to put out scattered fires over a voice chat!

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Apparently the engine's use of GL fails on some machines, I don't know if it's the fault of the engine or GL. I'm glad you like the sound well enough, though :p

I do not. I'm aware that it would be relatively simple, which makes it a great way to really add some crunch!

Ah, darn. I've gotten one other report of this happening, it seems to be an invalid memory access in a GL bug.

Very nice, I like how things escalate. The main bother was the function keys, as I needed to hold down Fn for them to work and F1 would open a new tab with every press. Perhaps I should have just let that one go immediately.

This is perhaps the only game jam in which "frustrating" can become a compliment.

Thanks! Perhaps I could shave off the first minute for repeat games, but I figured that most people in this jam would only play once or twice, so the first minute or two function as a warm-up of sorts. I've had games where even up to the four-minute mark, I'm thinking, "Wow, maybe I'll manage to keep 240/250 trees this time!" The game corrects my hubris very quickly.

Fun game! My one suggestion, perhaps make it allowable to land sideways? It's frustrating to get to the end just to land wrong, and at that point it usually becomes impossible to right oneself without dying.

Same :(

I'm very much stuck, what are the controls? I don't understand what the Xs are supposed to mean.

How am I supposed to get through the bricks in Level 3?

I like the world shutter effect on the crossings!