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Tema hatırlatıcısı :D

Thanks a lot! We are happy to hear that!

Thanks for your nice comments! It was hard to balance the game,  fireball is a little strong like you say haha :D

Thanks a lot! Bouncing cards our favourite :D

Ohh, I'm glad you can play now thanks for your interest! :D

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I couldn't understand why you see this bug but when I play now I don't stuck at any point. Maybe you can try to start with left, down, down. Sorry for inconvenient experiance.

Yes I understand you but this was our first experience in turn based so we couldn't make it perfect :D, thanks!

You should click next turn button to move again. Beceuse it is turn based. :D

Very nice game!

Thanks a lot. You are  veryright on the point about cover image haha

Hahaha, Objective was making peace with witch and finishing game of course. I think you didn't read story and just pass it. But thanks anyway :D

Thanks a lot good to hear you liked it!

Thanks a lot for your nice comments!

Thanks a lot! I am happy you liked it :

Very nice graphics, good job!

Good idea I liked the way we dance haha 

Haha I am happy that you saw the end  thanks

Thanks a lot I agree with you  :D

Very nive game I finished it :D

Very nive game I finished it :D

Great game!

This way it is quite good no need to think about it :D

Thanks man! :D

Thank you so much! It really tired me so much but thanks to my brother we finished in time, haha.

Thanks a lot!  I am happy you enjoyed!

Ohh okay I asked beceuse you said looks fun haha

Thanks man! I will no problem haha

Thanks mate, yeah it was a rush for me haha.

Didn't you play  it

Nice game! Sounds, arts, idea is very good.My only complain is camera angles I really wanted to see myself behind blocks :D. Good job.

Thanks mate, you are right it must be harder.

Very nice game good job!

Highest 2500 :D It was nice to play and fun easy to understand. I just wanted one more ability to have but with this way it is quite good. Good job.

Thanks a lot for your kind comments! I agree with you it is a little easy :D

Yes absolutely! 

I could't pass first part maybe I am so bad but I couldn't do it but art and sounds is very good. Well done

Very good design you need to be strategic to win. Well done!

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Haha, same for me! Sorry for that I didn't have time but you can mute music with "M" key if you need. Thanks for playing.

Art is good man but it is lack some playability I think it is not finished completaly. Well done!

Hahaha, thanks a lot for your kind comment. Hope you enjoyed!