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Thank you! Should be fixed now!

Thank you!

Only had basically two days to work on this. Hope it runs fine.

Instructions on how to play are on the game’s page (you’ll probably need them to at least know the controls, since I had no time to add some UI).

I’m also still learning Godot which didn’t help either 😅

Thank you!

Yes you are right! On top of having little time to dedicate to the jam I also needed to look up a lot of stuff since this is my second game using Godot! I’m thinking about making this a phone app but like you said it needs to be improved first! Thank you!

The sound is so satisfying!

Thank you!

Thank you! I was actually already thinking about making it a mobile phone game. It definitely needs more work though before that!

I really liked this one! And the aesthetic is very nice!

It’s hard to understand what is an hazard, making them a different color could help

This is the more unique I’ve played so far! Great job!

Thank you!

Thank you! I enjoyed making it!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you! I spent a lot of time on how to introduce the mechanics gradually! I’m happy it worked out!

Thank you!

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Thank you! I really liked how Godot makes it easy to prototype fast, even compared to Unity

Thank you! Your feedback was very helpful!

I usually use other engines but wanted to finally learn Godot since it looked very promising! I agree, jams are the best to learn!

The latest version has a completely new UI. Should be a lot better now!
Also the enemies’ effects now are random, it should make more sense to try evading them!

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This is my first time using Godot (normally I use other engines), had to learn it from scratch while making this! Hope you have fun!

It is easier when you find the right balance to keep moving. It would need more levels and ramp up the difficulty slower to teach new players better. But given the limited time this is what I managed to complete.
Will probably make it better once the jam is done!
Thank you!

Checkpoints were planned but didn’t have time to add them! The level it’s not too big though!
Thank you!

Thank you!

Given the pretty positive response so far, definitely thinking about continuing this! Thank you!

Sometimes its tough I know, it initially had lives but had to cut it since I was running out of time. Will probably add health back!

Thank you Harry! Happy you like it!

Thank you!

The idea was to use your shields at the right time while you can't control the movement.  But yeah, it still needs more balancing, it's hard to keep the game fun while taking away control.

Thank you!

Thank you! It could have been better I agree. If I had more time I would have done some mastering/mixing!

Thank you Michael! Yeah it definitely need some improvements and variety  😅

Thanks! Yeah I agree, that was my plan but run out of time :P

Thanks! Yeah  the whole audio part still needs some serious work, but since I was dragging this project on forever I figured I would at least make it playable!