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Out of curiosity; why would you prefer an older version?

Version 3.71 is available at the official home-page:

Other than that, downloads for the older versions aren't officially maintained.

No, there isn't.

Great! And if you get to try it, reporting bugs and other feedback in this very thread is also fine. (E-mail and discord being the other major alternatives, which ever method suits you the best).

No, at the moment there is not any clear estimate as to when it will happen. But it will happen, and the news will be announced as soon as the time is ripe for that.

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Ah, thanks for reporting, sound like a bug!

If this is not too much trouble for you, try this: After a crash there should be an errorlog textfile in your game installation folder. E-mail the errorlog to the address mentioned in the beta version greetings message.

EDIT at 29th of June 2023 : The above mentioned bug is fixed in the current version (beta-21 as of writing this). But, should any new bugs occur, sending the errorlog is still the recommended thing to do.

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Welcome aboard =)

-Erkka from Enormous Elk

Added arch pkg for just released 3.72.

Yes, on the website we have more distros directly supported. It's easier to maintain there on the custom downloads page as here on Itch the interface is by default toned towards "one download for one operating system" thinking - which is a common policy. But but we'll consider adding Arch package here as well.

It's possible if needed, although this is the first being asked.
Doesn't the available Linux build here work on your end?

Just for extra safety; if you have an active character you wish to continue playing with, first locate the save file folder and make a backup! Then the updating should be as simple as just downloading the new version and installing it - the exact details of the process might vary depending on your operating system, so feel free to post questions if it doesn't work just like that.

Nope. For the game these two are separate and non-related distribution channels.
(UnReal World on Itch was mainly set up due the request by players who don't fancy Steam purchases.)

Yes, it's our intention to head towards 16:9 ratio. It's a huge task since the load of interface history is super heavy, but we try our best to get it scheduled and process initiated in the (relatively) near future.

Thanks! Hehe, yes - luck plays a minor role, but in addition to love and hard work I'd also like to mention the players, the community, the feedback =)

We try to keep it about the same time, during the same day. Occasionally few day delays may come our way, but nothing major.

We can continue this by e-mail, so just get in contact at will.
Me and Erkka are in, but for Finnish Museum of Games staff we need to ask with a bit more details about the topic.

Hey Flap, a pleasure to hear from you!
My reply is terribly late, but surely I'm into an interview if you still feel like it.
Best of luck with the project, and it's good to hear about this kind of things being worked on - here and there :)

Some projects do that but  we like to keep them separate, as some like Steam and some prefer any non-Steam way to get the game.  The players have specifically asked to provide non-steam distribution such as itch.
(Also, if there was a Steam key included the Itch price also would need to be higher, comparable to Steam price, to play fair with the past purchasers.)

Greeting from Finland!

The time has come for us to enter the realm of and let you all lose yourselves in the most intricate, detailed and enchanting iron-age game world as UnReal World is now available on

UnReal World is a cult classic open-ended wilderness survival roguelike taking place in the ancient North long, long ago. It's the longest living roguelike of all times, first released in 1992, and continuosly being developed ever since. The latest release, from where our journey starts, is version 3.62 released in march 2020. So updates are something you can expect.

Throughout the years, UnReal World has been praised for its incredible depth, realism, atmosphere and immersion. The game world is rich with historical atmosphere in which northern folklore, knowledge and way of life play an important part. And well, it's no secret that the game world is actually based on the ancient Finland in the late Iron Age. If you are new to the game you may also find interesting that we have not only coded the game but also lived it to quite extent with experimenting, re-enacting and following the lifestyle of our ancestors. Just get in there, and you'll see.

Well, that's the game. And this is us.

From the left: Sami (creator) and Erkka (co-designer) of UnReal World

Into the Far North we shall take you ...