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It's possible if needed, although this is the first being asked.
Doesn't the available Linux build here work on your end?

I am asking because you have v3.63 available on your website in Arch package format.  I am sure the available build works, but this would give us the ability to install it using pacman which makes the package easier to manage and takes dependencies into account.  Arch is a very popular distro and I am sure the community would be grateful.

Yes, on the website we have more distros directly supported. It's easier to maintain there on the custom downloads page as here on Itch the interface is by default toned towards "one download for one operating system" thinking - which is a common policy. But but we'll consider adding Arch package here as well.


Added arch pkg for just released 3.72.


I wanted to mention that I used the Ubuntu deb package labeled urw_3.71_amd64.deb and the version number listed on the title screen is 3.70 not 3.71 so you might want to correct this.