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I believe this issue is present for players playing the game at frame rates above 60fps. If you can set your monitor's refresh rate to 60Hz in Windows display settings, this should fix the issue!

It is completed, yes! I might make a few slight updates like bug fixes and such, but it's 100% feature complete. 
There is more than one ending, but the key to triggering it is a secret :)

Hey there! I have just added some instructions to the download, which I will paste here:

  1. Download
  2. Extract the folder.
  3. Run MOTHERED.exe.

Hope this works! Let me know if you require any other information. And thank you! :)

The music was made by myself and Karl Barnes, who you can find on Twitter here!

I may release the OST on Bandcamp as I did for ECHOSTASIS. I'll keep y'all posted on my Twitter @ENIGMA_STUDIO_ :)

Thanks you very much for the feedback. I failed to consider colour-deficiency in that particular section and I'm sorry for that. I'll be sure to address this in an update!

A Steam version is something I'm heavily considering, so stay tuned to my Twitter @ENIGMA_STUDIO_ to hear any updates on that!

haha what

Glad you got it resolved. :)

That's completely fair! I'm sure it'll be on sale at some point! :)

A Steam version is something I'm heavily considering! And don't worry, I'll be ensuring that everybody who buys the game on itch will also receive a Steam code if and when that version releases. Thanks for the kind words!

Thank you so much for your review! I really appreciate you taking the time to offer some feedback.

MOTHERED is an atmospheric 2 hours of dense, unsettling (and possibly super meta??) storytelling with two very different endings!

You play the role of LIANA, a young girl who's arrived home to stay with her mother after having major surgery. When she arrives at the house, she is awaited by a strange mannequin who just wants things to go back to the way they were.


  • An immersive, atmospheric environment that changes from morning, afternoon, evening and night.
  • Set over the course of 7 days.


Oh, interesting! I appreciate you letting me know, it's really quite helpful! I'll definitely have to look into it. It seems like Unity is just loading the level incorrectly, which is a bit of a bother :'P

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Just to let you know, the soundtrack for the [ECHOSTASIS] Prologue is now available to stream/buy on Bandcamp! Link below:

Hope you enjoy! <3

Oh! Just thought I'd update this to show that the soundtrack is now available for streaming/purchasing at the following link!

Hope you enjoy!

Thank you, I'm delighted that you enjoyed what you played!

Also, I've not come across that bug before, so thank you for bringing it to my attention!  Apologies that you weren't able to complete the demo. I'll ensure that this doesn't happen in the final release!

I'm delighted that you enjoyed it! And don't worry, I'll be polishing the final game to a mirror sheen. ;)

The majority of the game's music was made by Karl Barnes, who can be found on Twitter here!

Keep an eye on our Twitter accounts (mine is @ENIGMA_STUDIO_) because there will be an announcement for the official soundtrack release coming VERY SOON!


Two years after the release of my previous game - THE ENIGMA MACHINE - comes my next project - [ECHOSTASIS].
Originally included on the Haunted PS1 Demo Disc 2021, the [ECHOSTASIS] Prologue is now available as a standalone download on!

[ECHOSTASIS] is a meta-horror adventure/puzzle/shooter game where you interact with a terminal, break into people's minds, and find out the true meaning of the [ECHO] and the [ALGORITHM] in charge of their creation.

Everywhere from my Twitter to the game's promotional material, I've worked hard on keeping details about the game vague until you play it. It's best experienced when the player goes in completely blind, so I won't go too much more into the details here either! What I can tell you is that the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive! 

Here's an example from when the Prologue got picked up by Polygon

You can find the free [ECHOSTASIS] Prologue [HERE]

I'm delighted that you thought so! Hopefully if you like the prologue, then you'll love the full game (when I finally finish it!)

And it's funny you say that, because I've never even heard of Avalon! Just searched it though, and it's definitely something I'll have to look into! Thanks!

Hi FullThrough!

Thanks very much for the detailed feedback, I'm grateful for your kind words. I'll be checking out your video for sure!

Hi there!

As the full game is still under heavy development, I can't yet give an accurate estimate of the final play time, but I'm hoping it should last around 3 hours. Although don't hold me to that! We shall both find out together.

[ECHOSTASIS] will be a paid game. I don't yet have any information about the price of the final game, but it will be somewhere between €10-€20.

Thanks for your lovely comment!


Thank you very much! I am delighted that you enjoyed it. If you liked the prologue, I'm sure you'll love the full game!

Hi there! You should be able to quit using the terminal by just clicking on it, which should allow you to walk around the lobby again. Is that what you mean?

omg thank!!

kickflibBe yeH !!!!!!!

Can NOT believe I just got triple Tonied?! 
I told myself I'd never let it happen again.

Okay, I'm glad that the source has been confirmed once and for all! Sorry you encountered this issue.

Now that's an odd one. This is the first time I've heard of this issue! When it prompts you to type a command, is it acting as if the W or A keys are held down?

Hmm, that is strange, and I'm sorry this is happening. I've heard of this issue happening with others but haven't been able to replicate it myself.

May I ask, are you running the game on a 120 or 144Hz monitor?

Oh my, this is by far the most interesting bug report I've had so far!

(...maybe I should lie and say it is a feature since you felt it improved your experience...)

Nah, for real. That was indeed not intentional. I've since gotten a 144hz monitor so I need to give this a test myself! Thanks for your kind words and for bringing this to my attention!

This should be addressed now!

Yeah, for now anyway. A Mac version should be coming soon. Apologies!

That is definitely worth noting! The next build of the game will sort this out. Thank you for reporting!