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Endless Code

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Hello, if you are having hardware issues please contact itch.io support. If there is a hardware problem they most likely know how to fix it.

Hey just email me your YouTube channel name and I'll send you a key

POiiSED! One of my favorites

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YuB! (Hilarious Video)

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If you are using mac OS then you need to open the .app file not the .exe file. 

Thanks for playing! Your really good at the game! How did you get 9 guns and still have 3 coins left!? Lucky!

Hey no problem thanks for playing! Here's a tip - you can shoot Baldimore! I think your first shot just missed him by like an inch lol

Also I don't want to spoil it but the balloons do serve a purpose!

If you ever stream the game again I'd love to watch  and maybe I'll tell you some of the secrets of Baldimore's Highschool :)

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Hello everybody! I've been getting a lot of messages from Youtubers asking about getting free download keys. Please email me instead of commenting on this page! I can get to you faster and it will reduce spam in the comments! You can get my email address on my Youtube Channel, just click "about" and then "Contact." Thanks! 

Alright update just went live! Have fun!

I'm Building the project right now should be any minute now sorry

Hey Protodroid, I think I know what the problem is I will be uploading a fix right now, should be up in under an hour. Sorry about that!

Awesome I just sent you a key! Have fun!

Hey what game engine did you make this with? Thanks

Nice little short gameplay! I'll subscribe and help you out!

Never said what? Also check your messages! Let's collab! I got some other indie developers interested in making a game together it'll be awesome :)

Well I give away a lot of keys to people with YouTube Channels, helps their channel grow and helps my game grow. It wouldn't be right if I made small YouTube channels pay for the game when their willing to post a video on it.

Hey did I send you a key yet? Sorry If I forgot I get alot of emails I miss some things sometimes.

Hey YigitSeckin, No problem! I'll send you a key.

Hey I just emailed you a key, please share the video when it's done I'd love to watch it!

Hey SuperMushroomTitan, the game is on sale for the rest of the month! I talked to the developer of Baldi's Basics himself mystman12 and also itch.io support a couple days ago and they don't mind the game being up. It actually helps out all of us mystman12's game stays trending, and itch.io gets more popular and a cut of sales!

Hey iMarx, I'll send you a key. Enjoy the game :)

Hey Stan, I just emailed you a download key. Good luck with your Youtube channel!

Just emailed you a key. Good luck with your channel!

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Sale Ends June 30th Midnight!

Have fun!

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Check out this hilarious video of POiiSED playing Baldimore's Highschool in VR! 

Thanks John! Just sent you a download key. I Hope you have fun!

Just emailed you a download key. Have fun!

Nice video! Thanks for putting the game's link in your description. Hope you had fun playing!

Hey Cheesier! I sent you a key though YouTube. Have fun!

Hey Yvie, I just emailed you a free download key! Have fun!

Just sent you the key, Have fun!

Hey Daniel! Just send you a download key, Have fun!

Hey lyme, I can send you the game for free if you want! Email me your name and I'll send you a key! Click Contact on my Youtube Channel to get my email address.

Have fun!

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Hey Glowbox, send me an email with your name and I'll give you a free download key! Click Contact on my Youtube Channel to get my email address.

Have fun!

Hey RollandGamer! I just sent you a download key, Have fun!

Thanks for playing! Nice intro lol

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I wanted to let everyone know that Baldimore's Highschool is now 20% off till the end of the month!

Have fun!