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I like the idea of being able to hold off to gether points for stronger moves. I only made it to the 2nd fight (dinosaurs) -- do characters level up at all? It would be neat to get to spend points so they gain either HP, a new attack, or can regenerate more Energy per turn.

Neat!  Very cute art.

Definitely challenging.. I was able to unlock the second room, but it seemed like every time I did the cat would have me boxed into the closet in the first room with no way to escape.

Great job!! Very fun mechanic. Reminds me of a Rubik's Cube just like another user mentioned.

This is in the top 3 for sure. There are sooo many levels. Plus each new element is well integrated in a way that teaches its purpose (like the first level with the rocks and bear traps).  Very cool!

I like the additions you made! Adding a second character is a unique wrinkle.

To be fair, it does still feel pretty similar to the tutorial. But I may just think that because it's reusing art and such. lol but if you get a prize I think you owe Krystman a GameShell ;)

This one has a lot of charm! I like the concept and would like to see a follow up made.

I've never used GB Studio before, so I don't know what your limitations are (or how much time you were able to spend on the game.) But it would be fun to make things a little less linear.

Right now the puzzles are very straight forward; "Only A can go here!" --> "Oh, you're A? Okay, you can go here then.. :D"

Giving the transformations different properties would be great. Like some can shoot or push boxes or jump over low fences. Things like that would make the puzzles feel more organic versus just grabbing the right 'key' for a 'lock'.

This is great! I love all the visual polish and the way that everything feels so impactful.

With the on-screen buttons, I'm wondering if you plan to port this for mobile? It would be a fun phone game for sure!

This is definitely worth taking time to polish up and do a future release on.

The hitboxes could use a little tweaking, and you'd want to add things like enemies that take more than one hit, etc..

I'd be happy to help test for a future release.

I really liked the art on this one. The rotation effect is really well done!

It's fun to play, but a little too easy imo.

I liked the variety of games. It's probably a little bit too easy.  But it ran well on the GameShell (a lot of the LOVE2d games I tested didn't run the best unfortunately.)

For the game where you toss dumplings at the dogs, I think it would work better just having the holes all on a straight column. 

My favorite game was the one where you pop balloons.

I liked this one. It took me a minute to understand that the gameplay was modeled after Sokoban and kind of wrap my head around that. But it's a neat little puzzler.

For critique, I would suggest changing the art style a tiny bit. If you give the 'solid' blocks a small bit of depth by drawing a darker color along their bottom and right sides, it would make the gameplay more intuitive.

I couldn't find the Armor Games version you mentioned this is inspired by.

thank you!  I had the same issue and Team AM Squared when trying to play last night

hey spuch! I'm trying to check your game out, but I'm only seeing a EXE Windows binary

Do you have a GameShell-compatible binary I can try out?

Neat idea!

You could also try overriding the _update and _draw loops completely (removes the HUD, plus the actor system things like turning into a robot and shooting if you press that key)

Hey if anyone has questions about API quirks, etc., feel free to post here.

Yeah it was fun! I'd also try to include some "Play again? Y/N" prompt at the end so you dont have to restart the program every time you get an ending.

So the thing about batch files is that they are just renamed text files. And because they can run system commands, anyone who runs one is probably going to take a look at it first to make sure it isn't running anything malicious.

If you want to keep your source obscured, you should look into using a compiled language.

Fwiw, sharing your source isn't really a bad thing and there are benefits to it. But it's up to you.

I like this but I'm not 100% sure what's implemented. Am I supposed to be able the files? Should I be encountering enemies?

I like what you've implemented so far though, and I like the technical approach.

Would you be able to release a binary version of this?  Or maybe a setup file so it's easier to download the required python modules?

I liked the voice acting for the intro -- nice touch!

Unfortunately, the game doesn't display correctly on my computer. I think it's hard-coded with a certain resolution in mind, maybe? The text prompt is a few lines below the bottom of my screen. I tried leaving fullscreen mode, but couldn't figure out a way to do that.

Going by the screenshots, I do have another suggestion -- I'd add "look" and "L" as aliases for "inspect".  They're kind of genre standards for Interactive Fiction.

Same with "n", "s", "e", "w" for the "move ____" commands.

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This is a very simple game but it did what it was supposed to do.

I like that you prompt the user for whether to close the program or not once a session ends. I've noticed that most of the entries just immediately close the program after a game over.

Qix?  I really like this idea.

I wasn't able to figure out how the line works though.. Is it supposed to only move in the direction the cursor is moving?  Sometimes it seemed like I was able to stop the beam in between dots, and other times it would continue and then hit a dot. It just felt inconsistent. I think part of the issue is how the cursor continues moving even when you aren't pressing a button.

I wasn't able to clear level 3. And I only played the Windows binary.

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I liked this -- kudos for writing a batch script! I liked the writing. It was humorous and I liked the variety of the scenarios.

I played the Terminal_Spies.bat version, and I noticed that using any non-1/2 response would end the program. Maybe you could restructure it so that it redoes the prompt if you give an invalid response? A fall-through could work to give it an Else-like behavior:


> :Intro_2
> Echo "Oh... Can you hear me now?" 
> Echo [1 for yes and 2 for no]
> set /p yes=
> if %Yes% == 1 Goto :Something
> Goto :Intro_2

> :Something

btw is 9418008 a reference to something? I was thinking it would be a code for the nuke in the final branch or something like that.

I liked it. The gameplay is pretty repetitive, but I definitely have the same soft spot for Super Mario Land that you do.

This was fun! It brought back memories of Shadowgate, and of the parody/meta things that used to pop up a lot on Newgrounds like the Impossible Quiz.

Good work -- liked discovered the endings and figuring out the puzzles a lot. It would have been nice to be able to use right-click to exit the death screen, though.

Hey Stache -- Did you manage to find someone to link up with?

hey! I'd recommend checking on twitter (use the #pico8 hashtag) or the lexaloffle forums.

Cute!  I really like this take on the theme.   I also like the polish, like the large font for the score/timer.

My score was 12.