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I liked this -- kudos for writing a batch script! I liked the writing. It was humorous and I liked the variety of the scenarios.

I played the Terminal_Spies.bat version, and I noticed that using any non-1/2 response would end the program. Maybe you could restructure it so that it redoes the prompt if you give an invalid response? A fall-through could work to give it an Else-like behavior:


> :Intro_2
> Echo "Oh... Can you hear me now?" 
> Echo [1 for yes and 2 for no]
> set /p yes=
> if %Yes% == 1 Goto :Something
> Goto :Intro_2

> :Something

btw is 9418008 a reference to something? I was thinking it would be a code for the nuke in the final branch or something like that.

I don't like people sharing my code.... Anyways, this is my first non-bitsy game and I am glad you enjoyed

Yeah it was fun! I'd also try to include some "Play again? Y/N" prompt at the end so you dont have to restart the program every time you get an ending.

So the thing about batch files is that they are just renamed text files. And because they can run system commands, anyone who runs one is probably going to take a look at it first to make sure it isn't running anything malicious.

If you want to keep your source obscured, you should look into using a compiled language.

Fwiw, sharing your source isn't really a bad thing and there are benefits to it. But it's up to you.