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This was a pretty good game. I felt like there could've been some sort of tutorial or some small enemies to get used to the controls though because the boss was pretty hard for being the first thing you face in the game. I felt like the controls are pretty tight, but whenever I wanted to move a little to the right, for example, I would tap the button and I would instead go flying into the robot. I think it could be solved by something like hold right to move right, and double tap to attack while on the ground or something like that.

Thanks for playing, I appreciate your compliments. It might not have been very clear, but the minions can be controled while nothing is selected, you can make the minions mine by pressing the left button once. Honestly, I'm really happy with the game and how it turned out, and I think the visuals were one of the best parts too.

I was working on my game, and I was wondering if we were allowed to add a button separate from the gameplay to pause the game? Since I have all my buttons pretty tightly knit into the gameplay, I didn't want to make it any more complicated or wired by having the pause button being something like pressing all buttons at the same time. I was wondering if we were allowed to just add ESC and have a normal pause button since pausing isn't technically part of the gameplay, and I personally would just add it in after the game jam is over (post judging) anyway?

Thanks for playing, I was going to update the game probably later today or early tomorrow. The game was made for a game jam over 2 weeks, so it is kinda rushed with 4 levels that each take around 5 minutes to complete. In the updated version, hopefully, we fixed most of the problems.