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Zach Hazard Vaupen // Emo Sludge

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Really fun and well done! Nice that I could play it on my phone

Great review on the Between Two Cairns podcast that was released today!

Thank you so much!

Hi! I wasn’t sure how to contact either of you, but I released an art asset pack last week, but only became aware of this jam today (what timing…). Would you all be cool with allowing me to submit it late? This is such a great collection of art packs.

Here’s mine:

No worries if I blew it and missed my shot.

I was just reading mork borg this morning and thinking how nice it would be to have something like this. insane that my prayers were answered so fast!

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Super intense! Finally played. Had a blast. I have no idea if I played it right (is that even a thing?) but if anyone is interested, here’s my play journal.

(Edit: Actually I finally read the play example which I should’ve read first. I did a couple things wrong haha. Still had fun. Will play again using the oracle in a more useful way)

Had a blast playing Miru! I used procreate to mark up my character/map sheet so I have a nice kind of mini AP.

Feel free to add the trifold pamphlet mock-up template I made for blender.

making me half consider using colored paper for the official print run 

I hope you do!

I love that you’re letting people making 3rd party stuff for Liminal Horror use these for free!

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My name is Zach Hazard Vaupen and I'm a visual artist looking to help make your game look amazing! I use a blend of 2D and 3D methods to make all of my art.

I've previously worked on games like Gone Home and had comics published by Retrofit Comics and VICE.

I am interested in doing: concept art, visual development, character design, 3D modeling and sculpting, and possibly more!



Discord: emo_sludge#3613


Here are some examples of my work:

Please check my website for many more examples, including animations, of my work.

I'd love to submit my comic to the bundle: