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Thanks for the compliments! Good luck with your game!

Fun game, nice audio, like it. I beat level three canon only, as soon as it was introduced it was overpowered, polished for the short amount of time!

Beat the game! Nice, but pretty repetitive. 

Really cool concept for the theme and cool mechanic, nice take on the theme! But writing a text and hearing someone reading it up gets boring after a while...

Nice clicker game, as you might have seen in my comment inside the game I played it for a while. Doesn't have anything with the theme sabotage to do though?

Thanks for the reply! Also you should be able to see all spikes beforehand, maybe you didn't scroll down enough much in the game page so that they weren't seeable?

I didn't really understand the game, i walked with WASD, picked up trash, placed it on the hooks, but then i suddenly won, i had placed 2 trash pieces on 2 hooks and the fisherman had caught at least 4 fishes, i felt like i was loosing the game...

It was quite fun but a little bit to luck-based. If the factories spawn close to you, gg, if they don't well gg anyways. Also controls were a bit quirky, I'd prefer WASD + QEZC but maybe thats just me...

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It's a clicker game, if you like the genre then its probably fun! I feel like i beat this devilish game. I had no autoclicker... Just wondering what E + 08 means.

Just try to beat my high score, fun game! and incredibly polished for just 3 hours!
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Really fun an quirky little game, mechanics are fun, but I'd like to see more than one level, overall rally nice and polished for only 5 hours of work! 

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ah ok

Great game for the short amount of time but i have an issue, nothing really works, it always just says: "Well that didn't work". Is it possible to successfully sabotage the speech? 

Fun game, menu and map variety was impressive for the short amount of time. In the itch page the game screen isn't big enough to actually see the hexagon, instead it is just outside the screen and i had to rely on the camera following to know were i was. You could just set a bigger screen on itch.

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Fun! Easy to learn, you said you had about 19 minutes left, one thing you could do is to change color or shape of the guards, right now i accidentally walk onto them cuz i think they're barrels sometimes. 

Edit: One more thing that i just noticed, if you walk into a wall, you cant walk to the sides, instead you have to back off the wall so that you can't walk along the sides of the walls. 

My bad, I don't know what is wrong myself,  good luck to you too!

I'm sorry, I am as clueless as you are, but thanks for the compliment! 

I couldn't run the game, this message just popped up instead:

“Untitled.jar” cannot be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.

I can try fixing the issue but I won't be able to update the game anymore (at least not as a part of this jam) which is sad...

I tested my game myself and I haven't found any bugs. When you reach 100 score you reach a boss battle, do you know exactly when this error came or what may have caused it? Also I am aware of that having python and pygame installed isn't very common, but I had issues with creating an executable of the game so I just went with the .py file.

Real nice game, fun levels and really entertaining, I managed to win in under 50 sec

Far best game I've played so far, really polished with keybinds, game slots and perfectly cozy game play, I'm astonished of what you managed to accomplish in just two weeks, great game.

It has a character controller, and mighty music, and a detailed pumpkin sprite.  But there is no gameplay, and i tried to keep on walking outside the screen but that just removed my character, there is nothing to do and nothing is cozy, neither the music nor the pumpkin sprite. 

The game has one button, nothing really happens if you don't click it and if you click it, the thieves are gone for like half a sec and then they're back. That's it.  Clicking the button makes a very loud and noisy sound play which isn't really cozy.  But it is autumn so that's a plus.

Game looked and played okay, you could go offscreen. Music was nice and gameplay was okay, didn't feel like the game ever ended but it sure represented the theme!

Graphics was really nice but i couldn't do anything, i could pick up the pumpkin and eggplant and do nothing with them. Then I walked of the screen and the character couldn't come back... It was autumn but not cozy to just loose my character. I reloaded the game nothing happend in the game then either. Leafs, wind, sound and graphics was nice but that was all really...

Really cozy, really cute, but gameplay could have had more variety. I loved it and well polished too!

Super cute and cozy! Perfect for the theme! Only that the gameplay got a little boring after a while... Great game!

Great! Then I will probably participate.

I am just learning Godot and I am looking on tutorials to do so. I would probable be able to make some crappy games with it (which would fit for this jam) but it would probably contain a lot of tutorial code, is that okay?

Not really, I had an idea before the jam had even started, but as soon as the optional mechanic and optional palette was announced I got a new idea and sticked to it the whole jam.

Since I am only familiar with one programming language (python + pygame) and just started learning godot I didn't really have another engine to switch to

I encountered a few glitches on the way but not more than usual. If you wanna play the game, feel free to do so: 

I came pretty far and i think i could have gone infinitely longer, my strategy was to sit were i am on the picture and have a box in front of me, then i could smack all enemies with that one box and the space between it and the telekenetik-beam-thingy was large enough to sneak in as much energy as i wanted. 

Super juicy game and totally smacking awesome! Only one thing though... The only thing that at all fits the theme is the pumpkin witch gives me autumn vibes, but the other half of the theme (cozy) isn't really interpreted at all...

I put the text into translate, whats important to know if you wanna participate is that the theme is free

There are already many posts about this subject where people have answered almost the same question... Maybe you could just collect that information you wanna get a good guess bout the most popular game engine?  

I am going alone with python + pygame. In like 4:th grade i started experimenting with scratch and went on a python + pygame course during a summer vacation in like 5:th grade.  Since then I've been going a little bit back and fourth between programming and not in different periods over 3 years now.  I have been taking a peek into the world of unity with a friend in the latest time, but i still prefer pygame. I make pixel art in pixlr but i don't find any use of my pen and paper drawing skills when it comes to making games. I've also been making my own music in beepbox for a while now, but i wouldn't say I'm especially good at it.

Im using python + pygame, and beepbox for music, but I'm confused. U are using Python and pygame but decided for Java?

I'm just curious, how would a Godot and a Unity programmer collaborate?

I'm also curious on how the rating works but for the game mechanic and color palette is says "optional mechanic" and "optional palette" so I guess it wouldn't be fair to have it being part of the rating?

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I have now released the game (outside of the game jam), but in order to play it you will need to have python and pygame installed. What I did was to just release a ZIP file with all game assets, so that the player can open up and run the .py file in order to run the game. So if you want to play you can find the game from my profile :)

Great! Then I'll probably join