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Hit me up with a simple idea and I might make something very simple for you in a day, you'll have partaken this year too!

I agree to the title! Also, I tried looking the problem up but there were next to no threads about the error and the only ones i found came with no answers. 

Don't know what "Draw 3D images means but i hit ya with a friend request in dc to check what this is  about

I can be your artist, I can do 3D art but I'm not great at it, for 2D art I'm more experienced though, if you want to  see some of my art you can check my itch games, my discord is: blaha_

I must've missed the Saturday meeting but I can hop in on whatever you've decided on :)

Nice game!

Art, amazing! Story, amazing! Sounds, amazing! Feel, amazing! Diving deeper into the case fits the theme really well and i had a blast playing this! 10/10 best game of the jam by far!

Everything is in the game, it is nice, it is polished, looks good, feels good, plays well and it fits the theme. Great job!


Thanks for the nice feedback! I don't really know why more people have not played the game but I'm just glad that the ones who have played it liked it :)

Really cool single player lovers in a dangerous spacetime, I like it! Graphics theme, gameplay, all were great!

Really cool puzzle game, I must say that these mazes were really hard, they just got harder and harder lol. Jokes aside I really liked the game, cool graphics, cool atmosphere cool puzzles, well done!

I did get the woohoo screen but I did not really get what happened, i think making the screen a bit brighter would help. Well done anyways!

Managed to win in sub 30 seconds. Great graphics, great audio, really fun gameplay, fun twist on the original, well done really!

Great idea, atmospheric and cool, I only found one of the endings but that might just be a skill issue :)

A bit difficult to hit the ball, but a very innovative concept! I like it!

Very nice, cozy and minimalistic. Clean!

Really cool game, great graphics, very atmospheric, for me the web version lagged a good bit but i enjoyed it! I really hope more people will see this!

My highscore is 2007, fun game, fits the theme very well, nice done!

I have never worked in a team for a game jam before and I usually do all of the game dev aspects myself but I'd like to try working in a team for once. When i make games I do it in Godot and I use GdScript, for graphics i can do 3D and both pixel art / non-pixel art. I  my itch portfolio you can see a bit of my pixel art and if you want to see some of my 3D art I can send it in dc. I am not fantastic at sounds (music and sound effects). If you are interested in a graphics creator and godot dev i am open my discord is: blaha_

16 is my highscore:

You can take the mouse out of the play window making it so that the laser doesn't follow it, then you can move the mouse back in on opposite side of the screen and voíla you moved the mouse without killing anyone by passing by them with your vision. Reached the medicin but I dunno what to do with it.

Thats sad, but i loved the sounds, exploration and graphics great work!

Sorry for that third bramble patch, i knew something was going to get too difficult. Did you check the playthrough in the game page to see how to get over it? Cuz there is much content after that... Anyways thanks for the feedback!

The jumps are a little bit hard for a first level. What I'd suggest is to keep the double jump up to the first button but just make the pikes after that a bit easier to get over since it can cause some frustration to die and replay the first level som many times. It teaches the game but it could teach it in a bit easier way.

Really cool game, a lot of functions, level editor, everything! I love it and it is amazing, must've taken months to make. Two main issues though. 1) The game is very difficult, the first level is not an easy way to learn the game from. 2) The art could improve. Overall, wow!!!

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Is the jump buggy? I didn't notice. The jump is made so that when you release the jump key the jump gets interrupted to allow for more precise jumps. Also if you ever get stuck  you can now check out the playthrough in the description. Thanks for reaching out :)

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I know about those issues but I only had one day to make the game which is why it lacks in polish. 

Yay! Last one was really tricky though

Thanks for the feedback! I have re-uploaded the game. The first thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem like you have found  the cellar, I added a more clear text to the door leading there. I also added the space bar as an alternative interaction button. The game is small and the fun in the game comes from exploring the house but all rooms aren't necessarily needed in order to win, that goes for the library, but I still lowered the radius in which the wraith starts chasing you so that he won't get stuck at the door and I decreased the size of his hitbox. It'd be lovely if you'd play the game again and hear what you think of it :)

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Would be cool if exactly twice as many people would've joined:

Great game! Felt really rewarding to reach long climbs and the polish was amazing! Had a really nice time playing and i got a highscore of 2272!

Well, as you are playing the spawn time between each spark gets shorter and shorter so if you'd play enough long the amount of sparks spawning would probably become so large so that you wouldn't have a chance to dodge them. No there is no limit, if you'd play for 1000 second your computer would probably explode and your screen would be purely orange by the insane amount of sparks spawning.

Wow, that score is sick! I thought the amount of sparks would be unbeatable after like 85 seconds but you survived and managed to get a godlike score!

Honestly I have no idea, I was going to show the game to my friend and I played a round to show him. It became my highscore.

Very dark and atmospheric! Love it! Gameplay lacks a bit of choice.

Really cool game, I could definitely feel that this one was made in over 3 hours thats for sure! Very nice and polished and the amount of content was great.

Got 123 score!

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Thanks for the reply! I should really look into this bug, but I won't be able to change anything during the jam voting period. An update afterwards maybe?

Game really didn't work for me, I hit play and the whole computer freezes for a while until an a texts saying that the webGl won't work pops up. Luckily it seems like it worked better for others maybe just my computer or browser :) 

Very nice and cozy! Difficulty could scale a bit more, other than that, great game!