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The invisible walls is not placed perfectly everywhere and will be fixed for the improved release, I plan to make the paths more obvious so trees and other stuff is not in the way of the camera. Thanks for playing & rating our game ^^

The idea of the game is very nice and well made. I like the style and how scary everything gets in the corridors when the lights go out and you get hunted by the monster. One of the submissions I had most fun playing so far :)

I can see what you mean by that. Will be noted for the 2nd iteration of the game. Thanks for playing & rating and I'll definitely rate yours!

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Thanks for playing our game!

It's always enjoyable to watch gameplays :)

Excellent creativity right there! The art is amazing and the whole mechanic of the game is just amazing :)

It would help me a lot if you would do a quick rating on my game too ^^

Transforming spiders into relics was pretty fun and the mechanics were nice. I just had no idea what to do besides that. Great game!

Also it would be really helpful if you would do a quick rating on my submission too ^^

Man I got terrified when the scream killed me by standing too long in the darkness! I would love to see more props or textures to the game and one problem I had was one of the lights disappeared when looking a certain direction. Also I got lost at the saw section of the game but definitely fun to try :)

It would really help me if you would do a quick rating of my game too ^^

The game idea itself is really great, but the only problem I have is the movement. A bit too hard for me, but with more control over the ball, I think it will be more pleasant to play :)

Also it would help me a lot of you would take a quick look at my submission as well ^^

I like taking surveys that's doing more than it looks. Great concept! But some of the questions went outside the screen sometimes so I couldn't read it.

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I really like the old ps1 retro vibe over the game. The game runs very smooth and I like the small tasks that you have to complete. Overall a great submission :)

Also I would be happy if you would check out mine too ^^

Thanks for your comment :)

Limbo/Inside was the exact style we went for when creating the game, like a mixture of the two. I'm glad that it is noticable ^^

The game is pretty fun and I'm kinda amazed over how big the building is in each level. Like the tutorial was one door and then the first level was MASSIVE.

Good job :)

This is a game where I just sit back and relax and play through the story of the game.

Amazing work! Definitely one of my favorite submissions out here :)

It's amazing how much content this game have, knowing that it was made in a week! Graphics looks nice, the puzzle were cool as well and I love that the player speaks Japanese with english subtitles :)

I did find a bit tricky in the maze tho, finding the code and escaping the evil.

This game did an amazing job and kept me intrigued! I had some issues with killing the abnormal monster but I managed to find Max :)

Nice game! I do find it a little difficult to understand what to do in certain situations. Would be nice to get some help somehow :)

I only managed to get a knock on a trapdoor, and the light keeps stopping even though I interact with the furnace and generator. I don't know if there more to it?

Very nice little game :)

The visuals looks really great! I do find it hard to play though, like I played it over 7+ times without getting much more souls. Also a nice little cutscene at the start of the game :)

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As far as I can see, you used Unity to make this game. Unity has a function called DontDestroyOnLoad() that you can read about which could help with the problem ^^

There is also an alternative with multiple scenes running at the same time.

It a nice feature with the firefly, but sadly i find it hard to navigate the game without  knowing  the goal.  Mabye help the player with some instructions to guide them. :)

The message of the game is very nice and relatable, and  another take of this theme. One thing that I noticed was one of the levels was quite difficult. another part of the game that could easliy improve the experience, is to avoid the audio getting destroyed on load. ( making the music not getting started over in every level). :) 

The games design is great. but there was a feel of a lack of content. would be nice to see some additions. keep up the good work.  :)

Thanks! We actually added gamepad support but it is only tested on a PS4 controller :)

It means alot for us to hear positive and constructive feedback. adjusting will always be possible :)

Thank you <3

we are happy that people does experiments with the game to find bug and glitches. its helps us improving the game for future updates. :D

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Thank you, very much we did put alot effort into the progression part of the game. :3

A really cool horror game with a nice plot-twist! :D

Nice little horror experience! Would be nice to see more :)

A really cool short horror experience with an unexpected ending! :)

I wonder what the key is for tho..

Really nice game! I liked the ending since it kinda leaves a clue to what was actually happening throughout the game. Well made :)

A really nice demo of OVERTIME! :) Excited to see what else to come!

AWESOME Horror experience! I love the concept and the asthetics :) Can't wait for the full release.

A nice game with a great lore in it :)

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I enjoyed playing this horror game. The lore was nice and the game automatically became bigger when I found out that there was more endings to it. Really cool :)

A neat little ps1 horror game! Really nice :)

A nice little horror experience! The only thing I would like to adress is that you should be able to interact with the game more :)

I really like the atmosphere in this game. The red light was so creeeepy!

This is a really terriying game with a disturbing vibe. Really cool and creative :)

Really nice game. It could have some bug-fixes tho but overall a good game. I know you can't improve the game because of corrupted files.