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Thank u!!!

Hey! Yeah, it started out as an expansion but over the course of development it turned into it's own game. When the second edition of Crescent releases in some ~2 months, the system will also be very similar :-) I hope you enjoy it!

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Hello there, Crescent B/X is free: You can access all the game's files in this page. It just so happens to be a small game :-)

run free to your heart's content!

Hey Benji, not automatically since that's a bit wonky to set up atm, but I'm always happy to forward digital keys upon request :) 

Hey Glenn! Thank you for your interest. I'm still figuring out how/when physical sales will be on sale, but it's definitely in the plans. In the meantime, feel free to send me an email and we can work something out :)

thank u!!

Hey, Crescent is loosely based on Blades and takes inspiration from it on certain mechanics (dice building, phases of play, etc.) If you're familiar with BiTD it'll be definitely be a smoother learning curve, but prior knowledge of that engine is not required.

Oh that sounds like a fun discussion Gabe :) You could go about it several ways depending on what you want to get out of it I'm guessing; feel free to hop onto the discord and we can chat about it sometime - find it easier than through comments.

Hey Taybi, thank you for your kind words and for asking. I actually prefer to handle all typos in the editing process with my editor, so no need to worry about it :-)

Actual play of the playkit by the Fiction First Network!

That's right! I'm aiming to have the project shipped within the next 12 months, but that is contingent on many factors. "It'll be done when it's ready" is the current mindset. Once the timeline turns more concrete I'll be letting everyone know the Backerkit is about to close though (on KS, my newsletter, this page, etc). 🙌

Hi Andrea, to answer your questions:

1. By ordering the Digital Bundle on Backerkit, you get everything that will eventually be released here on itch. The only difference is the discounted price ($20 for both games instead of the $30 or so they'll cost together once published).

2. Pardon the confusion regarding EXILES' status. The game is currently going through a bit of a rebranding 😆 This will be clearer in the future, but in summary: Though it was originally conceived as an expansion (and this free playkit omits certain details as it assumes familiarity with Crescent Moon) , the final release will be standalone. You may get some added context from reading Crescent, and there's some compatibility in terms of material (NPCs, backgrounds, items, etc). But all you need to play and understand EXILES will be included in the final release.

3. The revised edition of Crescent Moon hasn't been worked on yet. It will come out alongside the full release of EXILES both physically and digitally. If you end up ordering the digital bundle, you can email me at ema @ pocketcompass . co to access the PDF for the first edition for free, though! 1e and 2e differ in presentation and some rules, but they're about the same game otherwise.

Hope that answers your questions. Let me know if there's anything else you'd like clarification on. 🙂 

check out this (rules outdated) actual play by Plus One Exp! :o 

a new one is coming soon as well on the fiction first network

right on!

Hello SinRyder! I'm afraid the game page is outdated in that section, as the base game doesn't include any support for The Exiles and the expansion must be bought separately. That said, you can find a free demo for the expansion over at

While the Exiles' playkit is just a rough preview of the final game, you can feasibly get a game of it started in combination with base CM in the meantime 🙂 

Hope that helps!

Hello! It depends a bit on where you're based. Copies to the US are unfortunately delayed until we sort out some customs paperwork, so at this point it might not be possible to have an order delivered before Christmas if you plan to get it from a North-American shop > <. That said, the good news are that European retailers (including myself!) are receiving the game now, which will pop up for sale in different storefronts over the remainder of the month. You can expect an update post on this page over the next 1-3 weeks with a list of all the stores where the game is available for purchase. Thanks for the patience!

omg thank you so much sam!! this was made in a very spur of the moment manner so the fact you had fun with it and found something in it is very pleasing to hear <3

Best of luck with DMing this Breena! It was a big goal of mine to make the role of The Moon as easy to pick up as possible, so hopefully you won't find it overwhelming. Thanks for looking forward to the physical release, they are close ❤️️

Hey! That makes a lot of sense. In the case of the handouts, I'm afraid they're laid out in single A4 pages since they're meant to be printed out, so there's no way to divide them in half. Sorry!

Sure! I'll add it right away. May I ask why you find the single pages version easier to use? I always read on spreads and am curious :o


just like that !

out of all the unusual suspects jam playbooks i've gone through, this is by far the one that's made me scream in excitement the most! beyond the sheer awe at playing a Mad Dog, i find it super creative in its use of items and special abilities. Love it! and can't wait to either play it or beg a player to do so 🐶

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hey all, I just wanted  to follow up on this to say that after having had the last playtest, I've decided to go back to the drawing board and reframe a lot of the mechanics so they better fit the kind of game Crescent Moon is.

On the one hand that's great because it's giving me a more clear direction to work towards and I'm already pretty excited about the shape that the new version  is starting to take, but it also means that I'm not really comfortable having the current version up publicly, and the new one is going to take a  bit more than 12 hours, I'm afraid!

Because of that I've decided not to officially submit to the jam, although, naturally, version 0.1 , 0.2, and the playtest all happened under the deadline. 😉

Big thanks to everyone who took the time to read through the thing, and was kind enough to give some feedback (or actually play it!), and of course to Tanya for hosting such a cool event!! It's been a great learning experience and I hope to be able to do more of this in the future (although my crippling work schedule pleads otherwise, hehe)

see you soon <3
there will eventually be an itch page for the game. But in the meantime, I may be posting devlogs  and prototypes over on (turns out doing so it's more fun than i thought!)

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Had the first playtest last night. It went well, but left me with way more questions than answers. And that's fine! I wanted to have a first experience with the game without trying to do anything  in particular to get a sense of what this is, and move from there.

I'll leave the the play report I wrote so the internet can see how ocd i am about this stuff


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five days before the deadline, i've reached the conclusion that the game page will not make itself, sadly.

probably gonna work on some rough assets to have it up over the weekend. and upload the current version of the text, which stands on its own ground. is it functional? will found out tonight!! fear!!!!

thumbnail ideas for the cover image. gonna drop the b/w aesthetic for now just to make it faster

haha, yeah! honestly when I had to push back to thursday it seemed like forever, but now I just feel the day looming over me with stuff still unfinished and oh boy. excitement but also fear 🤠

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late night ideas on some sketch complications, coming to you straight from the notepad! (though i had to paste them in a page so that they're actually legible)

As with everything there is a mixture of mechanical sparks for consequences vs. narrative ones I'm not loving. I think the one that I get the best feeling for at the moment is ANGRY. (But that's because the mechanics are pointing to a narrative consequence I guess.) I also like the tension of either waiting for a breather or doing something now, it would be cool if every one had something like that

Still wondering if there should be a currency players can expend to get around some of this or what, but we're going to keep vibing communism until i get to try this and get a feel for it


  • Lost might become Trapped or vice versa, a bit redundant
  • Missing is a mess please don't look at it
  • These are way too wordy for a 2.5x2.5cm card! I might have to find a way to abstract them or make the card format fit more text

Update from the next morning: 
Right. So I think I'm sticking to 12-13 total (Probably a sheet for the near side and another for the far side), but all the babble on how to use these is probably going as more detailed advice on the booklet. The actual condition sheet will be a lot shorter. These will probably morph into something more specific to the Daydream (ie. they will get trippier most likely) but let's stick to this for now

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{screams into the void, endlessly}

Crescent Moon 0.0 - preview aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaa a

Lots of typos, unfinished lists and draft text, but I wanted to have a basic outline up as milestone of sorts. ✨

I'd say the first draft is 70% there, and I'll start to look into playtesting  soon! if anyone is kind (or crazy) enough to want to playtest a session or two of this, I'll likely be running a game before the end of the month. Feel free to shoot me a private message here on itch or contact me at superdupermeal at gmail dot com !


As it stands, some notes on development: 

* Character Creation: I'm confident in what I've got so far for character creation, will probably polish a bit the upbringings, add a couple items, and leave the details for after. 

* Inventory: I'll probably run with the items I have at the moment, and fill the blanks with the upbringing items for now, don't want to start adding stuff without knowing what's relevant.

* How to play: The core of the game in theory is in place. The Kids will alternate between free play, exploration sessions, encounters and breathers. Right now is a bit unclear what kind of currency might or might not help grease that cycle (the glims? hmm probably not). The approach list and dice scale are still placeholders depending on how it plays out. 

* Magic: Pretty happy with this actually, at least flavor wise. The spells' themes are a bit unclear in terms of practicality vs. emotion, but I'm fine with that for now. If it doesn't work I might review Lady Blackbird and do something similar with specific tags. But I'll put some hope in the loosey goosey approach I want to try.

* Down the rabbit hole: Forgot to add a list of hooks, but besides that it should suffice for a oneshot. had a lot of fun with this actually, hope i get to add more weird scenarios if i have the time and it seems useful


In order to run a playtest, what's left is:

* Make said few touches to the character creation

* Add condition items

* Make an online setup that can work with the cutout items. An online whiteboard will be the easiest

* A starting situation/mini adventure, which will actually be the base for basic gm tools (90% of this will just be a list of character ideas. the setup should be stable enough to hold a session or two)


so yeah! written like that it doesn't seem like a lot. long term ideas will be added later to the first post. 

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For me they're kinda going.. in.. a good way!

Really though, I feel I've hit that stage in a project where I'm past the initial excitement and am starting to question if this is really a good idea, if it's going to work out, having the self-doubt starting to creep in, etc, etc. It's also been a bit frustrating that I wanted to review some classic folktales for inspo but it doesn't look like they'll arrive in time, so my brain is all like "oh noo I'll write it all wrooonggngg"

That said, those are rather minor things. I feel like I'm starting to deviate from Mausritter in a way I'm finding interesting, and am growing excited to try and see how things might or might not work out. 😊

what about you? would love to also hear from anyone else, whatever stage of their game they might be in

oooh I really like that! I was imagining carer as something tied to age, but having it apart is 👌

having someone be your childhood crush can also be hilarious, so that deserves at least a try hhahaha

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Besides the upbringing table still being a bit of a hot mess, I'm pretty happy with how this is looking so far.

Hopefully, over the weekend I'll be able to create the rest of the preliminar roll tables and other basic stuff in order to run a barebones playtest 🙌

One of my biggest doubts right now is the Relationships table (which is probably going to be very chaotic but I'm excited to try it); Stranger doesn't sound convincing, and I'm still not sure about what other relationship types to include. Maybe I'll make it a d4 for the time being.

Same thing with the looks. I feel it's a big compromise to defining body types/skins, but will still like to address it somehow. Will probably stay as a d4 for now as I work on other stuff

as always, comments welcome. I actually don't know any english so there might be some weird wording here and there

oh nooooo don't give yourself more work😆

sure, if anything sparks my mind i'll let you know !

i hate doing rolltables,
and this game has a trillion of them

also i'll make the descriptions fit into a single line, pinky promise

aaaaaah you see, but that good ol' little trick doesn't really work when you're already friends with the person in question 🙃

not that i would ever do such thing myself, of course!!

thank you, i'll defo keep it in mind ^^

Uhhm, right! I imagined that would be the case, I just wasn't understanding you could choose one or the other.

> As for how long you decide to narrate if, that kinda sits with each table at the moment. Do you think it would it be better if I were to give some stricter scene framing?  

Not necessarily! From reading the text I got the sensation the game could either play at a slower pace or pretty fast depending on the group. I think it might be cool to have some sample courses of action for each Area of Control that give scene seeds, but not necessarily a stricter scene framing. I'm just making things up though. It will be easier to have a clearer opinion after trying it out!