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Ugh, everything looks so incredible! I’m so excited to dive back in!

That was sarcasm directed at someone being pushy about updating. The project’s not dead, but Nell is an adult with a life, responsibilities, and commitments that leave them with less time than they’d like to focus on passion projects that require a ton of creative and analytical energy. I know it sucks, but giving Nell time to continue at their own pace without rushing will lead to a much better end result when the time comes. Art can’t be rushed. Let’s all take a breath and be patient.

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Windows Defender flagged this title as containing a virus(???)

I trust that this is a false flag, but just in case, I wanted to ask how to proceed, since with the .exe quarantined, I can’t launch the game.

Anyway, I personally love it when LIs feel like real people with their own interests who feel comfortable expressing attraction to multiple people, including the MC. It feels authentic to the flirty, exploratory atmosphere of the game. I wish more love interests could be open about admiring and appreciating their fellow men instead of treating them as obstacles or threats. We’re on the same side; the more hot men, the merrier in my opinion! I don’t feel threatened in the slightest because fantasies are just that: fantasies being expressed honestly and without any concealing or pretense. Thank you for giving bi disasters a place to see themselves and keep on keeping on! Make the games you want to make that are authentic to your desires, not what people demand of you.

Thank you so much for the update!!

Hello! Would you consider releasing the game on as well, or are you waiting until it’s completed? I’d really like to support this game, but not Steam as a platform :(

Homie, if you have a problem with how the gay routes are represented, there are several other titles out there untouched by Le Wokeism Mind Virus. Better yet, why don’t you be the change you want to see in the world and make something that better speaks to your preferences? If it’s not for you, then it just means the game wasn’t made with your specific ideas about how relationships are portrayed in mind.

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This is nothing short of wonderful. My favorite feature has to be the Illegible font making it impossible for my internal editor to kick in and kill my momentum. The only thing that could turn my experience from great to perfect is if maximize/fullscreen could stretch the backgrounds to fill my entire screen; the black borders on either side are unfortunately very distracting and make it hard to concentrate! If it were possible to add a small, unobtrusive timer to help with time-blindness, it would be my absolute DREAM writing app.

I appreciate that you’re so responsive with feedback and I plan on buying those extra themes as soon as I can! My current favorite setup is the StimuWrite 2 theme with Day background, short stack font (or illegible if I’m feeling particularly yucky), and the sparkle emoji! ✨ No typing noises or soundscapes for me, but lately I’ve been listening to Lunar Drive by Mondo Loops and it’s been a fantastic vibe for writing!

Oh, man, Nell, thank you so much for sharing. This hits on some really raw, really human emotions. Nobody wants to admit to struggling and what it says about not just you, but your relationship to a little life that’s dependent on you. People make all sorts of assumptions, but I don’t think there’s a parent alive who hasn’t wondered if they were doing the right thing. I hope you’re getting the support you need. I hope you have people to hold your hand and spill your worries to.

The fact that you’ve got me, notorious reality TV hater, absolutely GLUED TO MY MFING SEAT is a testament to your impeccable storytelling! So hyped to see how this develops and wishing you all the best from the tortured writer’s labyrinth! 🤝

Oh my god, you mean I could literally make it yell “GET BACK TO WORK”… Untold power. There are actual tears in my eyes. You’re already fulfilling my wishlist as it is; I can’t think of a single thing left to ask for in terms of features as I think its simplicity is the best thing about it. Thank you so much!!

Beep beep, I’m back because I wasn’t emphatic enough in my praise for this handy dandy buddy last time.

This is everything I’ve been searching for in a Pomodoro timer: Available on desktop, so I don’t need to rely on an internet connection to use it, no frills, no premium subscription bullshit, simple and intuitive, and the exact timing is customizable (I like longer sessions and breaks, myself.)

The best thing for my money is that this thing is OBNOXIOUS; those soothing lo-fi chillhop unobtrusive chimes you sometimes get aren’t enough to shake me from the throes of my ADHD-induced Wikipedia binge until I remember 3 hours later, “oh right I’m supposed to be working.” I need something that’s gonna yell at me with all the force of an ornery Italian grandma and this right here is just the ticket. Sure, it doesn’t cure the cycle of procrastination > panic > manic work session > post-submission meltdown, but it does help with the ever-present existential dread looming over me at all times, so there’s that!

The only possible thing I could request that would take this tool from great to perfect is the ability to set different interval “profiles,” perhaps in a snazzy little dropdown menu, to account for different needs and tasks. Something like Classic (25/5/15), Deep Work (60/15/30), Sprint (10/2/5), or Custom, etc. etc. etc. you get the idea. It’d be nice to switch between them on the fly rather than go through the cumbersome step of fiddling with times, but it’s ultimately such a tiny gripe and a niche use-case that I’m more than happy just as it is.

All in all, fantastic Pomodoro companion that does exactly what it says on the tin, but does it well, damnit! Keeping it simple and effective is definitely the right call, thank you again for the work you put into making it!

Is it recommended to play DUFE/DCFS before this title?

Really happy with this little tool, thank you so much for providing it!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! Hope you’re staying warm and have a wonderful holiday!!

Hello there! I just bought the game, but unfortunately I’m getting a “No keys available” error when trying to redeem! I understand it’s a problem on Steam’s end, so if possible, could I get a heads up when more keys are made available? Thank you so much and I’m so excited to start playing in the meantime so I can support The Thorns of War!

That worked, thank you so much! I just took the files I had, ran ‘em through an online converter and redownloaded them again and it worked like a charm! Bit of extra faff, but hey, as long as it gets it up and running. Now I’m off to do my sprints, thanks again for the help!

Oh, geez, I appreciate you going through all this hassle, haha! Here’s what I’ve got:

The only difference my tech-illiterate eyes can make out at a glance is some discrepancy between the respective versions. I’ll try looking up how to update(?)/correct these in the meantime. Thank you again for walking me through this and sorry for the trouble!

I’m on Windows 10, as well! I tried deleting the files and redownloading just to see if that would fix it, but no luck, I’m afraid. Here’s a gif of what happens when I try:

And a screenshot of the file directory to show everything should be in the correct place:

Gotcha, just making sure! Here’s one that I used, but I downloaded several from the same source just in case and none of them work after trial and error, so I hope to nab a fix at some point! Thanks again!

Hello there! I really like this app, but unfortunately some features seem not to work! I’ve got mp4 files in the same folder as the exe file, but while they do show up in the dropdown, selecting any of them leads to a blank white background. I’m also unable to adjust features like the Theme and Typing sounds, as there are no other options in the dropdown menus; is this intentional or am I missing something? Thank you for your hard work in making this!

Really excited about this, but I do personally wish there was an option to play as a bisexual character capable of romancing both men and women. A way to randomize the genders of the given love interests would push this title from good to great for me!

I’m beyond excited and will absolutely be supporting a DLC/GOTY expansion! Thank you so much for all your hard work and I’m looking forward to seeing where Obscura goes from here!

Hi hi! I’m running into a repeated App Not Installed error when other Itch APKs work flawlessly. I’m running Android 11 and have plenty of space, so I’m not sure what could be going wrong. If you have any insight on what I can do, I’d really love to play this game, but I’ll keep trying to resolve the issue on my own in the meantime! Thank you!

Thanks so much, looking forward to keeping an eye on where development goes from here!

Where 2 cop? I’d really like to buy the soundtrack on Bandcamp or something similar to help support your amazing composer!

Hi there! I’m super excited for this game as I’m a big fan of A Tale of Crowns, but I just wanted to ask if it would be possible to add a dark mode or something to tweak the colors? I’m visually impaired and while I’d really like to dive into this gorgeous setting, reading as it is now unfortunately gives me a headache after a very short time because the current color scheme is just too intense even while using an extension like DarkReader. I’d appreciate any options to make our experience more comfortable and thank you so much for the work you’ve done so far! Have a great day!

Will this be available for download at any point, perhaps when the story is finished? I’d really like to keep this handy during times when I’m without internet, and I’m more than willing to pay if that’s a concern.

Back again because I can’t stop thinking about the game even after it’s over and if I had to offer one TINY gripe that I really hope can be fixed for future releases, the chat text is extremely small and makes it difficult for visually impaired users! (Such as myself.) Ren’py has built in accessibility options, thankfully, but they’re unfortunately not the most elegant solution, not to mention hard to find for those unfamiliar, and I’d love if anything could be done to give folks options and make their experience even better!

Ayyy, twinsies!!! Glad to see someone else here with Peak Taste!

This is nothing short of adorable and now I really want to see a sequel! Would you be willing to release the emojis/stickers? I want to plaster Nathaniel all over my own servers <3 While Quest was my favorite route, I absolutely ADORED Toast’s VA and think Chartlatean did an especially impressive job! Really looking forward to any further projects y’all choose to release!