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It's un-bee-lievable how nice this game is. The vignettes add a lot of charm, as do the cute events.
As much fun as it is to watch the bees in real time, it'd be nice to have a speed up for when I'm just waiting for things to happen.

Oopsidoodles! My friend got pushed into the air by the geckos! He could walk over blocks and over lava. But after going into the elevator with him, his character stopped responding.  Gosh though it was funny.

Ah, yep, that fixed it! Thanks!

I crashed when I was trying to fight a bunch of critters at once. There were about 6 of the chilopodrae and some chilopods supporting them. I threw a bloated pod acid grenade at them all and the game stopped, and after a bit windows said the game wasn't responding. I tried to screenshot but it didn't take it?

It hadn't crashed but the game has had lag when there's a whole bunch of enemies at once and when it's got a lot of effects on the screen.

OS: Windows 10 ver 1903
Processor: Intel core i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 GHz
Ram: 16 GB
GPU: Radeon RX 560

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Hm. Well, if it helps, I'm using the Win 64 version on Win 10. Let me know if you need any other info.

I did all the stuff the same except chose the specialty: hunter. So I think it's the specialty that's messing it up.

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In .5.18d, also getting this bug.

I did:

Wimborn start

Elf Futa adult

Specialty: Slaver

Extra points put into magic/agility

Starting slave is a half wolfkin