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This is a very cute game! Well thought out on the puzzles and easy to play! The only issue I had was the Restart button wouldn't work for me, it just paused everything as if I'd clicked outside the game area. Great job!

LOL yeah, when I revisit this project there's quite a few things I'd like to spend time on, that cam shift is one :)

This took me back! nice job!

Ah, yeah I saw that and tried it a bunch of times >.<  I think it's just a browser thing to be honest, not specifically your game's fault.

Quite fun! I never got to the bottom of the first falling sequence hahaa but I suck at these things :P Good music, simple graphics and great timing!

Nice game! I love pinball but i'm terrible at it hahaa the graphics are great and the sounds are perfect. nice smooth controls and movement as well.

Well, it's a great idea and the art looks great, good music.. but i couldn't get the controls to work with 3 tries. first i got stuck on the first screen, then i figured out that Enter turned the page. then i checked out the invitation rules and got stuck on that page and never did figure out how to get back to the game from there. reloaded and it wouldn't load. With some work it could be a great little game though!

Not bad! I think it's pretty basic but for what is intended, a casual mobile game, it does pretty well! Add some sounds, mobile controls, and a little more content to this base and you could have something :)

HAHA hard but fun!

Good Game! Definitely something you could build on, I like it :)

build issues. I left the error message I got on the game's community page.

I received the following when game failed to load.

An error occurred running the Unity content on this page. See your browser JavaScript console for more info. The error was:
uncaught exception: abort(34) at jsStackTrace (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27460)
stackTrace (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:27631)
abort (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:32625)
rds (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:28:1)
Ggn (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:11:1)
hdk (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:6:1)
vjo (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:8:1)
dnf (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:4:1)
rjo (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:8:1)
dnf (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:4:1)
edk (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:6:1)
yfo (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:8:1)
Rnq (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:14:1)
mOf (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:4:1)
xas (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:28:1)
invoke_iiiii (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:335529)
ubr (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:25:1)
Udr (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:25:1)
t6 (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:10:1)
Qjb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
BKb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
uKb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
oEa (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:21:1)
bKb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
G7 (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:10:1)
Wib (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
Bhb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
Dhb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
whb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
lhb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:24:1)
cOb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
bOb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
ZNb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
QMb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
qMb (WebGL.asm.code.unityweb:13:1)
callMain (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:30990)
doRun (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:31693)
run (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:31879)
runCaller (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:4:30507)
removeRunDependency (WebGL.asm.framework.unityweb:2:34426)

If this abort() is unexpected, build with -s ASSERTIONS=1 which can give more information.

Thanks! it's seemed to do ok in the browser for myself but a couple of my testers also had some issue with it in the browser. Yes, the camera shift :)  Most people who've tried it enjoyed the surprise but it is very disorienting. I'd like it to be smoother with some better controls and I'd like to totally optimize the rest. There's definitely work to be done :D