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Thank you, I have about dozen of ideas already so will start implementation soon!

Thanks man! I implemented score and UI and waves 1 hour before submission so must have messed up the wave event name.

I hope you finish this one to some degree cause I like the idea a lot!

That's some quality right there! You guys did a great job with this submission, feels like this could be a great mobile game... A game to slay Flappy Bird? Who knows. I wish though you could limit the radius at which you can create the rings (think of it as a bubble around the crocy) cause I couldn't beat first level no matter what constantly making rings quite a bit outside of the zone (hence why reminded me of Flappy Bird). Good stuff!

Game looks really good Diadas! I couldn't move past the second button though, I'll agree with SugarSores, needs to have either a limit of copies that the player can do, that way he can kill past copies :D

Thanks man! I'm definitely will work on this submission more and will make more out of it. I loved this little concept definitely have plans for upgrades and such!

Thank you for the feedback! I agree with all points and all of them were actually in my plan, I just fell short cause of lack of knowledge of  creating games. Re coded several parts 3 times using different  implementations. Banged my head few times as well, haha. Will definitely be spending more time on character next time. I had it way better with CharacterController but had to redo everything for Rigidbody, and man it sucked after that. Lots to learn, thank you for sharing your critique :)

Thank you so much for the feedback! I definitely should. One of the mechanics I didn't get to fully implement was "damaged property", e.g. if you bump into stuff while sprinting or if you bump into walls with the boxes it will remove $ out of your paycheck. And $ would be used to get bigger trucks, and expanding your moving company empire >:D Definitely need to look into power ups mechanics, incentives etc!

As another idea I just had... Since the house is modular, I might need to explore "rogue-like" dungeon building... Add enemies. Restructure the game into a fantasy theme where a dark lord sends you to get his stuff over to a new place... Okay, this is epic!

Thank you again, feeling very inspired to start making on top of this one! :)