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Was fun, although the infinite double jump makes it even easier than the cheats 😅
Update: Seems like this was a bug after I died in a specific way, way harder without the additional jumps.

Great art 👏

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Definitely gives me portal vibes. I somehow managed to loose the big cube in the beginning by bugging it through the floor 👀 Besides needing to restart the game, it was a nice experience 👏

Wow this looks amazing. Good job 👏

Cool main character sprite!

Cool game, were I supposed to follow into the black hole after the boss fell through it? 👀 Anyway, great job.

Hey Brukey! Thanks a lot for taking the time to play through it – yeah we left some rough edges with collisions and a few mechanics (the dash xd).

Glad you enjoyed it!

Actually a very fun typing game! Loved the art and speaking sounds, reminded me a bit of animal crossing. Great work.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to play it! We actually submitted 50s before the deadline, so it was quite a close call. Was our first game jam and also the first game we ever "published". At the end we had too much content ready and not enough time to actually put it together :D

Appealing visuals and good for a quick round. Also easier if you have more than one screen :)

Really enjoyed this game, got to the 10th floor. Really really good for a jam, you should consider expanding the idea a bit more in a complete game :)

Also funky soundtrack!

Very cute main character and awesome thumbnail!