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So Bailey 141 says something about letting guys have sex with MC. I tried the gloryhole and John's questline but still get 142 saying Bailey is upset because MC won't take care of something and that she has to take care of it herself now. Did I not use the gloryhole enough or is it related to the bar or unavoidable? It doesn't seem unavoidable though since 143 gets skipped. Please help. Also Mo's job line hasn't progressed from handjob. Do I need to keep grinding or is it a bug/not programmed yet? Also the right bar animations are glitched during some scenes where the default skin color blotches through. And finally (for now), is there any scenes for not paying rent to the roommate yet? She said there would be consequences but nothing happened.

Is there going to be a walkthrough for this game as well or are the choices not as consequential?

Is there a list for controls? Also not really sure on what the prime objective is. Is there a shop somewhere to sell monsters?

Yeah. Story should take priority. It was just something that I would like to see eventually if you ever have time. I'm looking forward more for pregnancy/corruption anyways.  And I'm all about quality over quantity so no rush.

Awesome game. Kinda wish that the asses didn't grow along with the breasts or maybe have separate choices for the two. I think most players would prefer having more control over such things. Other than that though the only other thing was that some of the results for the  choices didn't always make sense or hold consistency. Also I'm one of the color-blind people lol so your guide is challenging  :(  I've seen other guides use symbols like * or ! etc. Either way keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next update.

Can you put it on Mega?

Don't listen to those haters Master Nono. You have a game with potential here. I just don't play it anymore because it runs on Flash Player. Any chance you'll be changing that any time soon?

Other games allow relations to be editable by the player. Not sure if that's feasible for your game or not. Most of the games I am referring to were visual novels.  

If I skipped a couple udates will the newest update suffice or do I need to download the other updates as well?

Oh. Ok thanks. I'll try some of those too.

Is Darktoz a game? I only found a creator by that name when I searched for it.

Yeah. It seems that it's just the fact that it's unknown.My anti-virus also stopped it while it was updating because of "suspicous activity" but after it scanned it said it was ok. I played a bit. It seems to freeze up quite often. I can't say that I am a fan of the grid-movement system. Also not a fan of losing story progress when getting knocked out but I imagine that it will happen less later on. The UI is kind of awkward and clumsy. Other than that I like the artwork and story and the customization of the girls. 

I tried to download but it got stopped because it said it could harm my device.It's only 8 mb so I am not sure why. While I want to trust you and try your game... my computer is too new to take a chance. If you can make an update that doesn't do that then I would love to try your game.

Ok. Good to know. Thanks for replying.

Definitely an awesome game. The walkthrough is a bit messy/overwhelming. Maybe break down the route requirements separate from the main story. Also maybe a list of outfits and their requirements. Stuff like that helps instead having to comb through everything. 

Also if the game has a "point-based system" there should be a way to check the current/maximum  points in the game. The futa really should have both since that's what translates as or else maybe call it dick-girl. Which brings me to a question. Does the futa route negate pregnancy?

Is there a way to avoid being robbed when heading to the dealer?

Is there a way to get sound or is it all muted?

Venus Noire....please don't be too greedy especially with the state of the world. If other developers can afford to put up several public builds a year then so can you. I used to be patron so I know you were bringing in quite a few donations on Patreon.  That's not counting elsewhere. Many people have lost their jobs recently (not that most people had a lot of extra money to begin with). You can't squeeze blood from a rock. Even if you released public builds more often I'm guessing you will still receive a considerable amount of money from those that can afford it.

At the top of the first map there is a bridge. Cross it and head NW , There is a village and plot objective that you neeed to complete. It takes awhile to complete though so give yourself plenty of time.

Cool. Thanks for letting me know. This game has great potential. Keep up the good work. I can imagine it would be difficult to keep things consistent when you throw pregnancy in the mix. As long as you guys take your time and prioritize quality then you won't hear me complaining lol. I just wish I had an income so that I could throw some money your way.  

Any timeline  on the next update? Also, is pregnancy planned if it's not already incorporated? I haven't played too far yet since it seems the next updated is near.

It was kinda intended to be a light-hearted jab lol but I would say the majority of people are starting to not be offended by "taboos". Taboos originated as a means to control people and conform them into one way of thinking. Nowadays there is generally more tolerance for different beliefs/life choices etc. Leaving reality aside though games are fictional and no actual harm is being done to anyone unless the player chooses to watch/play something that they know offends them.

can't rush quality 

No offence but why can't people just skip stuff that offends/creeps them out. Instead of trying to curb everything to their preferences. Let the game developers make what they want to make and how they want to make it. If it's really that creepy for you then you also have the option of not playing at all and looking for a different game.  I think it's fine as is and definitely not bad enough  to force the developer to redo work. I would much rather see them spending their time on new content.