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Bailey 141-143 and more

A topic by Elmer87 created May 23, 2021 Views: 831
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So Bailey 141 says something about letting guys have sex with MC. I tried the gloryhole and John's questline but still get 142 saying Bailey is upset because MC won't take care of something and that she has to take care of it herself now. Did I not use the gloryhole enough or is it related to the bar or unavoidable? It doesn't seem unavoidable though since 143 gets skipped. Please help. Also Mo's job line hasn't progressed from handjob. Do I need to keep grinding or is it a bug/not programmed yet? Also the right bar animations are glitched during some scenes where the default skin color blotches through. And finally (for now), is there any scenes for not paying rent to the roommate yet? She said there would be consequences but nothing happened.