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Awesome game. Kinda wish that the asses didn't grow along with the breasts or maybe have separate choices for the two. I think most players would prefer having more control over such things. Other than that though the only other thing was that some of the results for the  choices didn't always make sense or hold consistency. Also I'm one of the color-blind people lol so your guide is challenging  :(  I've seen other guides use symbols like * or ! etc. Either way keep up the good work. Looking forward to the next update.


For sure. Originally I planned on having more customizations with the girls, but then I realized how much time it would take to make different combinations, like having the option to choose between no changes, just ass, just boobs, or both would be four renders for each scene. 
Then you add pregnancy and other changes later on and soon it takes four months between updates.

As far as the colors, I like the idea of the symbols. I tried to pick contrasting colors for people that are only missing certain colors on the spectrum. Or I could simply add the descriptions like "early ending" next to the choice to make it even simpler.
Thanks for the comment!


Yeah. Story should take priority. It was just something that I would like to see eventually if you ever have time. I'm looking forward more for pregnancy/corruption anyways.  And I'm all about quality over quantity so no rush.