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Some rules are meant to be broken

The latest update is the Hypnosis Holiday Special and it's available now

The update was released 4 days ago.

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I downloaded the v0.5 on Patreon and I wanted to say, if you're debating getting it early and supporting the dev, it has a ton of new content and is absolutely worth the $5.

Haha yesss

Not really -  there are several strong willed females who speak their mind, with more to come, but most character interactions are more of a give-and-take than one sided.

I assume you've played The Weighting Game?

The cliffhangers, like Aera's admission and Jenn's struggle, are meant to be resolved in the main game. The girls at the end are as big as I could make them, but there's a fanfic by Fantasy1290 where the story continues in four parts here.

Haha I like it.

Yeah, the broken watch ending was originally called "the breast expansion ending" and was voted as the first ending by patrons. It ended up being a lot bigger (insert pun here) than I originally intended, and I plan on keeping the endings a lot more contained in the future.

But there will be a lot of fun ones.

Yeah the feeding scenes were definitely intentional, although they've generally been geared toward the chestal (breastal?) region as opposed to general weight gain.
I've been debating giving one of the girls her own ending with a little WG, maybe Grace?

Meanwhile, I do plan to have the option for WG with a character in Endowed who will be introduced in the next update.

I believe so!

So the pregnancy so far is more talked about than shown, and is mostly contained to endings currently. The Broken Watch Branch, for example, takes place months in the future so we're able to see more changes.

The girls will give you crap for hooking up with so many of them regardless.

That's no good. Do you know which episode it happened in?

Ha, so call it the big ball ending?
As far as Discord, yeah, I only have the one linked to Patreon/SubscribeStar.
Glad you're enjoying the game!

Glad you like it!

At the beginning of Episode Seven you drop Leah off at school and she asks what your thoughts are finding the pregnancy test. If you choose "Disaster" it turns off pregnancy content (mostly) but if you choose "Turn on" it turns it on and carries over to the others.

Yep! I'm excited to get back to it.

Seules quatre filles se sont présentées enceintes dans cette branche, mais d'autres y arriveront dans les futures mises à jour.

Huh. Sounds like a missed label somewhere.
Normally, you have to choose between dating Hottie Bartender or Tiffany the neighbor, but if you can manage to date both, take advantage! That is, assuming it doesn't give you an error down the road
I'll try to fix it next update though. Thanks for the report!

Hope you were more productive during that time.

That's it, after the intro there isn't any audio

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Itch doesn't actually care, which is cool of them.

The game isn't really about mind control, and that's why I mention the lack of nonconsensual content so people don't come in expecting it and leaving disappointed. People like you, apparently.

The game is about a guy realizing his pocket watch makes him capable of using hypnosis to grant the wishes of the girls in his life. They ask to quit smoking, and he offers that. As a side effect, they develop an oral fixation and decide to use it as a way of thanking him.

I suppose I could have named the game, "Oral Fixation" but then you might be bitching about the game not having any dentistry in it.

But yeah, don't call a dev a liar when you haven't played their game. I don't know much about you, so I wouldn't come to your work and say, "Taco Bell isn't real Mexican food! This burrito is fake!" and throw it on the floor without trying it.

You probably put a lot of work into making it.

Hello, yes, is it true there is planned content for buttstuff?

I'm making an itch bundle for BE themed games and wanted to invite you. Couldn't find another way to contact you, but if you're interested, shoot me an email at

Five stars.

The latest version has all the episodes.

Yep! The Patreon release for the next update will be out in a few days, with the free release coming out on here 30 days later.

Hey, thanks a lot!
A gallery is something I've wanted to do for a while.
In the meantime, The Warehouse made a Gallery/walkthrough mod you can download here

You can try it from a different downloader on my Patreon

Yep! You can find it here

Try version 1, if it doesn't work try the other.
They are meant to cover all the different types of devices.

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I was hoping I'd fixed it for the last update, but I guess not.
I'll try again for the next one

Update - I believe I fixed it for this upcoming release

Sure, the game has become big enough now with all the branching paths where I'm unable to hunt down all the scene and dialogue inconsistencies and whatnot without people's help.
You can email me at

The last few updates have all been focused on the broken watch ending, and the scene you mention was added into the scene in the gym at the end of Episode 13 on the main path.

I appreciate it! Saw those on there the other day and I'll take them into account for the next update.

Yep! It's in the tags for good reason. There will be individual endings for each of the main girls, but what I'd consider the main path will be a harem ending.

The game is meant to have multiple endings and this one was voted to be next.
You can find links to the different endings after the credits at the end of the game.

I reworked the scene to avoid too many animations playing at once, hopefully that fixes the scene.
Let me know!