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It's been years, but if the pizza box is half empty (and not fully empty) it should go in the fridge... so do pizza slices and leftover chinese.
That being said, if you finished the game once, maybe you noticed there's a secret trash can hidden somewhere! As far as I remember, the trash is always considered as the right place, it's a wild card spot

As far as I remember, in the fridge! After all, there's still good pizza in there, can't let it go to waste.

Of course you can do both at once. If anything, that sounds like a lot of fun to mix something as generic as Devtober with Inktober's daily prompts :D

That is fixed. Thanks for letting me know ahah

It can absolutely be a team thing, yes!
I'm sure you can find people who need music on our Discord, and you can also try to advertise on twitter. If you do, shoot me a DM at @devtober and I'll happily give you a signal boost

Hello hello, and welcome :D

Ah, I usually play with arrows, but I thought I had WASD working, my bad if it doesn't. :(

As for ZQSD, it's because french keyboard don't follow the usual QWERTY pattern!

You're very welcome! 💪

Ahah I've always liked these kind of launching games. Wish it was just a tad slower but bounced a lot more :D 
Congrats, that's very fun to play!

Maaaaaaaaan it's so sad this is unfinished. The visuals are amazing and the concept so promising. All the kudos for the artwork, these sprites are perfect!

The visuals were fantastic! The gameplay is a bit frustrating - taking speed reduces the field of view even more, but man it was beautiful. Really great environments!

Thank you! :D

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making all these little things. :D I really enjoy adding plish to a game heheh

A lot of fun! I wish the randomness wasn't so random, having the same couple levels in a row multiple time kinda feels bad; and I wish it got faster or something, at some point I felt like I couldn't lose unless I wanted to!

But it's really fun, an some of the art is super solid - the Mario party one is absolutely perfect

I didn't die! And I got everyone gifts!... well, Alex got the gift of punching me I guess.

Fantastic writing by the way. :D

That took a turn I did not expect. Some feedbacks were a little weird (negative health on level 2??) and I think I finished but wasn't sure because the game didn't really told me so? 

But man, what a journey :D Congrats on making something so unexpected ahah

I'm amazed you managed to create something like this that works, but man the rating system is really really not generous ahah

Congrats, tho, it's fun! And the music is, huh, just unsettling enough :D

Thank you so much! 
I tried my best to add as many of those little touches as I could. :D

You were right, that solution is really working well ahah

Does the game really ends at the end of level 2? That was pretty fun and I was hoping to see more. :(
Fantastic art and music! It was really neat and a promising concept.

A stealth game starring Dan? That would never work :D
Really cool and well made, and despite its simplicity the art style is really need (although a bit hard on the eyes when you move the camera too fast ahah)

OH GRIFFIN ahahah 
That was pretty fun! Wish there was a better way to avoid getting shot to death, I mainly bruteforced through the game, but man the soundtrack was amazing - especially the boss music - and I had a lot of fun. Great writing too!

It took me a while to get what was happening, but MAN this is a really smart versus game. Love it! And the art and polish are through the roof, it's so very good :D Congratulation!

That art style is really really dope! Cool animations, and amazing rendering!
The sound was a bit muffled, and I wish the enemies had some variety, but that really deserve tons of Styyyyyle points :D

Aw man! I kind of wanted a second level, that was a lot of fun!
The music was really good! I wish there was some feedback on the enemies because some time, I didn't know if my grenades or bullets were actually hitting those tanks.
Fantastic work if that was your first game with this engine! :O

This is incredibly frustrating - in the good sense; the controls were just finicky enough that it was very challenging and fun :D 
I dunno if it was supposed to be that way or not, but the 3rd screen had you start off screen to the right? 

A bunch of bugs prevented me from getting very far, but I had a fun messing around and looking at the wonderful art. It looks really great!

I have no idea how to get past the Garfield in your 2nd screenshot ahah, the one down the platform; his hitbox gets me before I can even lift off and try to jump over

Didn't feel very Giant Bomby, but it sure is very well made and fun to play! Congrats, it's a fun and well executed concept!

Made over 300k before I'd start to just see how much I could push it before I'd fail ahah
The investor levels never changed for me, is that normal?

Some of these are real tough to do in time, but that's a solid amount of minigames you got there! Great job!

Ah man, what a trip back to nostalgia with some of these pictures :)

Frankly, I couldn't believe it either, I rushed through this and wasn't sure I'd finish in time ahah. Thanks a lot!

Ahaha that's exactly what I ended up thinking about after a walk with my dog; considering the layout of the only room it can happen in, that's a pretty solid solution :)

Ah, yes, that is the one bug I was fully aware of when I coded that part in a rush at the last minute ahahah...

I'll put a warning in the game's description, I've been racking my brain at how to deal with this particular issue for the past two days. I'm sure I'll find a way to fix it when I drop a patch!
Thank you for your feedback <3

! Thank you :D

I have an updated version of the game that I didn't find the time to wrap up and upload here. With a little luck I'll make room to do that soon. Thanks a lot for your interest in the game anyway, I appreciate it <3

As far as I'm aware, the main bugs there is in this version is that if you move while cleaning (specifically, if you register a move and get out of the stain collision box during the cleaning process), and a possible collision bug if you hit a corner at a bad angle.
Not saying it's okay, but did you run into other bugs? I never got such harsh feedbacks on that :o

(also, for the record, this was a game jam game, so I didn't have much time/incentive to go back to fixing bugs after it got finished; I'm sorry ahah)

This was made in Game Maker Studio 1 :)

Nothing, actually!
It's a place that accepts all items for a better score, but you can't get a perfect one. 

I'm very happy you liked it and played to completion :D Congrats!

It's only ok to stop playing if you're actually cleaning your real life room. ;)
Thanks for enjoying it! I'm happy people like this :D