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It's been a million years, but if memory serve if the soda can is empty it'd go in the trash, or if unopened in the fridge?

Under the bed or in the night stand, if memory serves? It's a naughty magazine ;)

Have you tried... just walking out the front door? ;)

I usually extend the jam end submission to november 5-7th so people have time to write the post mortem :)
(the only reason I don't do it straight off the bat is so that it's not confusing for newcomers when they see the jam duration - since the goal is october, at its core)

So yeah, you're good!

You don't have to! 
It's encouraged - I do think having that external commitment is a good source of motivation - even if it's unknown faces that mostly won't acknowledge it, it tends to push you toward not disappointing people.
But some people in the past have found that counterproductive too, as they found themselves focusing too much on making something that'd look good on social media, and not enough on some longer features their games needed. 

Bottom line - it's your decision, and probably depends a lot on your overall goals. But don't let pressure or fear of result make the decision for you :)

It's definitely not my first one, ahah, but welcome aboard! 

I hope you have a good time!

As Takago said, you absolutely can!

If anything, I'd say it's even recommended, the whole point of Devtober is to just work on something, so having an existing project is probably gonna make things feel less daunting. You're setting yourself up for better results that way! 👍

Thanks! Glad you liked it~

I was going through the comments  and just realized you posted twice with a better score, a few months appart, and just wanted to say that it makes me happy to see you coming back to try and get better ahah
Good job :D

Yeah, it's an old known bug;
I'm very sorry, this was made during a game jam and I don't really have the time nowadays to update the game. Hope you still had fun, and thank you for taking the time to report the issue!

Just grab a sock, an old tshirt or some dirty clothes!

Definitely in the fridge, why would you waste some good food 

If I remember correctly, it goes under the bed or in the nightstand. It's a sexy magazine! ;)

Ahah I don't take you for responsible, that's fine; I'm not surprised either it happened
It sucks, but it's flattering I guess...  

Ah, it should be on Armor Games as well, is that what you were thinking about? :)

(Otherwise... it was probably stolen because this is the only place I can think about lol)

Of course! 
It's a personal challenge above all, the only person judging you is yourself. The social media aspect is just to there to help giving you some commitment motivation. You don't need it if you don't want to!

It's definitely doable, I've seen people go as high as clearing it with 30 seconds to spare :D You can do it! 

As far as I remember (it's been years, sorry, ahah), there's one item that can go under the bed, but the nightstand also work for that one;
I think the closet was meant to be a "catch all" - you can put anything in there and it won't result in a penalty, but you also won't be able to get max score if you use it... Not all places are meant to be used to their fullest, anyway. Gotta have some misleading things to mess with y'all. ;)

I know! I keep thinking about it ahah; I've got a bunch of ideas for twists and surprises when it comes to the setting, even. 

It's more of a question of having the time to develop a full game, when I already have other personal projects I want to work on, eheh. But thanks for the encouragements! 

Hah, I actually wanted to fix that in an update... never got around to it. It's hard to go back to a Jam game that you've considered finished ahah
But I still occasionally think about going back and just... updating/adding stuff. One day, maybe...!

It's been a while, but I'd say if Alt+Enter doesn't do the trick, probably not? I'm sorry if it doesn't work!

No thank you for making your mom proud! :D
Glad you enjoyed it :)

Just... walk through the door? :D

It's been a while, but have you found the 2nd hidden trash can? Pretty sure it accepts anything; cans should go to the trash, pizza in the fridge (I mean, come on, no wasting of good pizza leftovers!)

Damn, it always feels great to see videos of people playing it. Especially since it's been so long!

Thanks a lot for your feedback! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. :)

Hello to all of you!
It's the last day, for most of us, and you're probably thinking about writing your post mortem by now.
(And if you're not, you should be ;p)

I've written some thoughts and guidelines over at our twitter account:
Feel free to check it out.

Good luck to all of you, and huge congratulations for making it through the month! 
And if you didn't make it through.. hey, who cares! Congratulations for trying. Hopefully everyone learned something, one way or another. :)

It's been years, but if the pizza box is half empty (and not fully empty) it should go in the fridge... so do pizza slices and leftover chinese.
That being said, if you finished the game once, maybe you noticed there's a secret trash can hidden somewhere! As far as I remember, the trash is always considered as the right place, it's a wild card spot

As far as I remember, in the fridge! After all, there's still good pizza in there, can't let it go to waste.

Of course you can do both at once. If anything, that sounds like a lot of fun to mix something as generic as Devtober with Inktober's daily prompts :D

That is fixed. Thanks for letting me know ahah

It can absolutely be a team thing, yes!
I'm sure you can find people who need music on our Discord, and you can also try to advertise on twitter. If you do, shoot me a DM at @devtober and I'll happily give you a signal boost

Hello hello, and welcome :D

Ah, I usually play with arrows, but I thought I had WASD working, my bad if it doesn't. :(

As for ZQSD, it's because french keyboard don't follow the usual QWERTY pattern!

You're very welcome! 💪

Ahah I've always liked these kind of launching games. Wish it was just a tad slower but bounced a lot more :D 
Congrats, that's very fun to play!

Maaaaaaaaan it's so sad this is unfinished. The visuals are amazing and the concept so promising. All the kudos for the artwork, these sprites are perfect!

The visuals were fantastic! The gameplay is a bit frustrating - taking speed reduces the field of view even more, but man it was beautiful. Really great environments!

Thank you! :D

Thank you! I had a lot of fun making all these little things. :D I really enjoy adding plish to a game heheh

A lot of fun! I wish the randomness wasn't so random, having the same couple levels in a row multiple time kinda feels bad; and I wish it got faster or something, at some point I felt like I couldn't lose unless I wanted to!

But it's really fun, an some of the art is super solid - the Mario party one is absolutely perfect

I didn't die! And I got everyone gifts!... well, Alex got the gift of punching me I guess.

Fantastic writing by the way. :D