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Ahah, some item placement is a bit arbitrary. If it hadn't been a game jam, I'd probably have put more thought to some items, especially food.
As for the clothes not becoming dirty from cleaning stains, well, I didn't have the time, but that was the initial idea.

Anyway, thank you so much for the review! I'm glad you liked it. <3

Oh, also, there's a second "hidden" garbage can, which is why you're having such a hard time with the trash. ;)

The sexy magazine, but it can also go in the nightstand, if I remember right.
Technically you don't have to fill certain containers. :)

Thanks! :D

Thank you! :D

So... you're saying you disappoint your mom? Boo. :(

In the garbage bin!
I forgot to let you hide them under the bed, which would have felt fair. Sorry!

I'm really, really happy to hear people keep going until they 100% it :D
Thanks a lot. <3

As for the music... it's actually a bug in the HTML5 version, because the engine caps at 59fps ahah
The .exe version caps at 60, and should have the music line up perfectly with the end.

Let's be fair, the controls being slippery isn't really on purpose ahah. Game jam games aren't great for gettng things like this right. And I can't fix it because the whole game balance is working with these controls :/

Thanks for the review! :D

In the fridge! They're still good to eat, are you trying to waste perfectly fine edible pizza?!

I've had anothet person get 98% despite getting everything right, but I have no idea why... I'm sorry :(

The stain softlock is a known issue I need to fix asap.

Thank you for your feedbacks! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm sorry you couldn't get the perfect score. I'll try to look into it. :(

This was made in Game maker. :)
I'd say grats, but... a F?! Mom must not be happy :(

Ahah, thanks! Glad you liked it. :)
Sorry for your socks. Just throw them in the washing machine and hope for the best (no it doesn't actually do anything ahah)

Hm, weird, WASD should work for moving... but QSD is because I'm french, and we have AZERTY keyboards, not QWERTY. :)
ZQSD is our WASD.

It doesn't conflict with WASD controls so I just left the option by default... but yeah, not sure why up doesn't work. I might have fucked up the WASD controls since I was focusing on arrows. Sorry!