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Great game! It was a little easy but I actually really enjoyed the aesthetic. Great artwork, very nice sounds. The game feels polished well for a 48h game jam. 

Thanks a lot!

Seems to work fine for me now :D I'll still review it

I had a blast, well done!

Yeah that is correct, my friend was having the same issue with this game.

Does not run sadly, can you reply to this comment once it is working? I'd review it then

You can use left and right click!

The idea is great, though scrolling through all of the finger positions is a bit tedious. The game looks great and the idea is very original. I do wonder how well it fits with the theme.

I can't get the game to work

I do not think the game is loading properly for me, The text is all weird.

The video about the making of your game was just reccomended to me on Youtube :D!

Thanks a lot for playing! It is a bit unclear how to get them away from the corners, you have to use your companion to tilt the box.

When playing the windows version I get an error saying that this app cannot be played on Windows. Did I heck up?

I read the readme, pressing "play" does not seem to do anything. Am I doing something wrong?

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I like the visuals. Nice work on the helicopter! Maybe add a few sounds here and there. The game gets a little repetitive after a bit of playing. 

A cool mechanic might be to add houses in the middle of the trees so that you can protect them. 

Typical "pls play me gaem" : Rating is totally optional, I'd just love some feedback.

Quite a unique art style. The sounds seem to fit in too. I do not know of I was playing it wrong but was I mean to shoot those eyeblob things? I did not get very far up there sadly.

Typical "pls play me gaem" :

I got to wave 7. Beat me if you can fellow gamers.

It is a bit of a challenging game which is fun for me. Maybe try adding a few sound effects in your next game, a tool like bfxr is really good for that. Great job!

The overall vibe was neat and seemed to fit together. The drastic change in difficulty was a bit harsh. I basically kept getting destroyed over and over which caused me to get frustrated. Overall a pretty nice game.

Thanks, it means a lot to hear that.  This was my first game ever.

My girlfriend and I had some laughs playing it! Well done.

I love the voices. Game kept me busy for a while. Well done!

Really interesting game, well polished too. One thing that is a little frustrating is that I keep flipping over and getting stuck. Never managed to make it all the way. Enjoyed the game!

It took me a while to figure out that I could catch the balls. I spent way too long playing it, I only managed to get to level 3. Really well polished, nice job!

It took some getting used to the controls/mechanics as it was quite a bit to take in at first glance. Once I was over that barrier it was fun. Managing the item locations was quite hard to do as 50 alarms go off. Great work.

Really original, you really hit the target audience here.

The audio gives a really chill atmosphere. Being able to paste text would have been neato. I still spent about 20 minutes playing it. Well done!

I love the sound effects. Some of them are so brutal. Are those cans you used for some of the lawnmower effects?

The game was fun for a while but got repetitive. 

I seem to get stuck on the level with the planet. My character just gets sucked into it over and over. Am I doing something wrong?

Simple yet fun. Getting used to the keys being remapped is a bitch and a half. 

I got a little stuck on some parts of the levels. Overall it is a fun game, a slider for sensitivity would have been neat, it is a tad fast on controller.

Great fun, music fits really well.