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yay! (late reply!)

I'm a bit confused. Why is the Mac version an .exe file? How do I run it?

FYI, the app does not seem to work on Apple M1/silicon devices, and just crashes on launch.



thank you!! i'm so glad! :)

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This was cute & fun. :) I enjoyed playing it with my sister + family friend. Seems like a ton of work went into this, too, so much detail for a jam game! Nice work!

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Yeah, they're installed in the OS by default. There's an updated version that went up this morning, but it still doesn't seem to work for me. :(


On Mac and same problem here. I tried putting the .ttf files in the same folder as the .app but no dice... opening the application via Show Package Contents and trying to put them in various subfolders there didn't seem to work either.

Happy to include this game.


great character designs thank u

thanks so much, tim!

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Love the title screen/gif… very Yoshi's Island-esque.

i loved growing all my onions!!! it was so great! they are so cute and good friends! thank you!!!

Love love LOVE the claymation/artstyle! So much character!!!

omg the ending………

awesome art though, and use of loops/finding a way to do dialogue-like stuff using flickgame!

I don't speak Russian (sorry!) but I love the art!

Parsnip community · Created a new topic cute!!! great!!

i can't play because i'm on a mac (& doesn't seem to work with wine) but the animation is fantastic!

watched the trailer; the character designs are awesome. LOVE squirrel girl with the lollipop in her tail

also horrible bird


seems audio stuff went weird at some point since the re-upload of the game (color adjustments) to itch – sounds often wouldn't load/play… should be fixed now :>

Ah, wow, I really enjoyed this! Nice writing and spritework as well... very evocative. Checking out Bitsy projects and glad to have stumbled across this one. :)

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edit: i've increased the contrast a bit – it should be much better now. :) regarding the app, seems you have to click 'install' in the sidebar; intentional behavior, apparently, but not one i was familiar with as i don't use the app much. thanks again!

hey! thank you so much – i really appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to comment! i wonder why it doesn't work with the itch app… seems the frame just doesn't appear, and that this is true of my other twine-based games here as well. however, the "mirror" link to play at an external url still works, so perhaps i'll just direct people to click that.

i'll increase the contrast as i also said to @AlterNate below, so hopefully that should make it a bit easier for future players. :)

hm, good to know. i wonder why.

i'm glad you enjoyed it. i'll tweak the colors & increase the contrast a bit, i think, to make it easier to read – thanks for the feedback. :)


it exists here 👀