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Some of the English was... questionable in the game. Still, got a good scream from me. 

Did a video of the game... I got stuck by the toilet in the first playthrough, if you want a bug report.. Really enjoyed it so far, looking forward to the full game. 

I liked the game and the puzzles are relatively easy to solve.. The TV reminded me of the "Rusty Lake" games and how they used the TV to continue the story..

I got the bad ending... I'm so upset :(

Loved the atmosphere of the game, although it was confusing since there's no "purpose" in that regard...
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It works yay. Had some issues getting to work but after awhile of finnicking it did work..

I sent a mail with the error report, says it crashes - although what you wrote is also true, from what I noticed. 

The game crashes as soon as you start the "tests"... Tried fullscreen, windowed, aspect ratio changed - crashes all the time...

Did a let's play of this game - it was  fun but I was soooo annoyed that I couldn't shave a patch without cutting the dude's ear. 

It was quite a  good horror game