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Thank you!

I just realized you probably already have it just for people who finished a route or so, sorry! Also I'm already getting used to the change, took me awhile now, thanks for it! Pretty useful considering sometimes I do get impatient but it doesn't get very helpful when I over think things like "what if I missed something?!" I may have beaten all the main routes but I still don't want to miss anything.

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This seems like a useful tool! Although I think the second option would be best for someone to have the option to use it or not, and probably only allowed if they've already played the game at least once. It seems like too much power for someone to quickly receive without understanding how to use the game. I like the option to skip, but I wish there was a different way to skip instead of using the bed. I'm a osu player and I tend to click buttons rapidly, I'm worried that I'd accidentally hit one of the options too quickly and skip too far. Perhaps there should be a specific way you have to be able to use the feature as maybe doing a certain pattern of things in his room or adding a feature to perhaps maybe giving him an alarm clock on his phone or beside his bed? Although it would probably take awhile to do that, so I suppose we'd have to just save before we click on the bed lol. Good luck with getting rid of all the bugs!

Really? That's strange. I don't remember having to do anything else to top him and I would send you a save to where I topped him in the shower (I constantly save) but it seems I've overwritten it. I hope you figure it out.

if you mean the Seiyuu Award, you have to do VA jobs from the agency, once you get 500 fame is when you'll be able to get it by the end of the year, if its lower than 500 by December 31st you lose the seiyuu award, I believe.

You have to top him for their first time to top him in the bath, if I remember correctly of course! :)

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I believe two of them would be for the secret endings routes but I'm not too sure, and whats that "where to next" ending from doing? :0

Thank you! I'll be sure to try it out when I replay his route!

How do I make Haato wear a costume? Or to be more specific, his kitty costume. I want the Hikaru route scene where he wears it (I heard there's one), but I have no idea how to do it. I already beat Hikaru's route but I plan on redoing it soon and I'd like to know so I don't miss it again.

I see, thank you for the clarification! I also like happy endings! :>

I just finished Toru's best route and as I was playing it I noticed his backstory seemed more complex compared to the last two I've played (that or I missed some scenes). I was wondering, (and you don't have to answer this if you're uncomfortable with it), if any of these backstories are based of of your own life experiences or those who are around you? Or did you simply make them all up?

Thank you! Thankfully I haven't started it yet.

Heyo! Just finished Toshiyuki's route, also got the happy ending, it was also bittersweet for the same reasons lol, but Shiba is still my favorite. Anywho, I'm planning on moving onto Toru's route! I've heard that you have to lose the seiyuu award to get his best ending. Is that true?

I'd offer but it'd take away a lot of the challenge and I'm currently doing Toshiyuki's route while using Shiba's VA cheat. Hopefully you figure something out. :)

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Unfortunately the only way to get the cheats is to get the good ends with every dateable character, each having their own specific ones. I was in the same predicament as both of you, close to getting a bad end, but I didn't finish it and replayed the game. In my more recent playthroughs I have a technique to focus more on Haato's VA skills rather than the boys themselves, if you don't know how to raise specific stats, go to the VA school and talk to the boy in cat ears. He is the receptionist for extra classes! For different traits go to the book store or go to the restaraunt for food. If you want to get any sex toys, raise your knowledge to genius by reading books at the book store or going to the Agency. Want to raise affection to indifferent, caring, affectioante, or saint? Donate to the shrine! Want to raise Charm? Work at the store as a part-time job or look in Haato's mirror. Want a pet? Talk to the blonde priest and she will ask you to feed all the strays (you of course have to visit the store to get dog and cat food). The dog is very useful! If reduses stress to zero! Speaking of stress keep a keen eye on it, if it goes above 50 Haato will start spending his money for some fun and lose some stress, its especially bad near being close to his rent payment date. MOST IMPORTANTLY save before each audition so if you fail (or are like me being a perfectionst) you can reload and fix up whatever mistakes you've made. If you have anymore questions I'm sure I can give more assistance. Hopefully Meyaoi doesn't mind me giving some tips.

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Thank you! It probably didn't trigger because I was focusing so much on the Seiyuu award and buidling up Haato's fame that I pushed Shiba a little to the back, thanks for the help! I'll keep this in mind, and you're welcome. Hopefully things will get better for you, stay safe and take care, I'm sure whatevers happening you will get through it! <3 

I have a few things to say;

1. Conrats on finally finishing the game and thank you for not giving up on it and completing it!

2. I FINALLY finished Shiba's (my favorites) route and got the happy ending, it was bittersweet. Bitter because I had to say goodbye to my hachiko but sweet because it was such a sweet note to leave off of.

3. Still having problems with Patreon, but its fine if I don't get my reward for the two months, I'm just glad I got to help support you and the game!

4. Planning on redoing Shiba's route after doing the other boys as well, but I'm still clueless as to how to get his scene with the shiba dog (I even named it after him and Haato even told him about it in a call). Second thing I'm clueless about, how do I get the dog costume?

5. I came across a small glitch where on the aquarium date (this was awhile back you may have already fixed it with the official release apologies for bringing this up if you did) the date never happened, automatically or anything.

I believe I figured it out, but I have a final question. How do I deny my lover from taking initiative during foreplay?

I'm pretty clueless, how do you get the caring trait? I've checked the restaraunt and looked at his books but I cannot seem to find it anywhere.

Thank you! I was worried I wouldn't because of this.

I'm not sure where I should ask this, whether it be your email or anything else, but if I cannot pay patreon right away due to technical difficulties with my card, will my last pay for the $30 reward last month not count? The reward being "Get free copy of art / guide book for all our games (must be patron for at least 2 months)". This would be my second month as the "Insider", I wanted to do it right away this month (pay that is) but as I said, my card and patreon are giving me problems so I can't pay right now until this gets sorted.