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I'm not sure where I should ask this, whether it be your email or anything else, but if I cannot pay patreon right away due to technical difficulties with my card, will my last pay for the $30 reward last month not count? The reward being "Get free copy of art / guide book for all our games (must be patron for at least 2 months)". This would be my second month as the "Insider", I wanted to do it right away this month (pay that is) but as I said, my card and patreon are giving me problems so I can't pay right now until this gets sorted.

If the pay goes through next month, then you'll still get the access.

Thank you! I was worried I wouldn't because of this.

Just notify me again during that time, either via e-mail ( / Patreon message with your Patreon username, so I can get the link to you asap =)