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El Espriteador

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My friend, thank you very much, I am such a ignorant about all this stuff, I am just an Oldman that loves making pixel art, Thank you for  this tip! Cheers!

Thank you very much, yes it is available for commercial use my friend.

My friend so glad to hear that, unfortunately for some personal problems I haven't got yet to finish the interior and character pack but, I m working on them.

My friend, thank you so much for your purchase! ,Unity and game maker allow you to add the gifs of the animation directly on the canvas on any layer, also yes, Im working on buildings and interiors that will be added as soon as I tested them.

mate, if you are hiring spriters, I belive we can do some amazing things together, cheers!

Finaly presenting my Four Seasons Tileset!

with over 2000 assets to build your own world on four seasons!

The most detailed and one of a kind sprite work,  made it pixel by pixel be myself and with my unique color palette, based on one of the most Popular RPG of our generation, made in my style GBA-HD to work on any 2D or 2.5D RPG games!

So excited to see what maps can you design!

thank you so much you are very kind!, I am at this moment working with the snow sprites and I'm thinking of changing the name of the assets pack and make it a full four season pack.