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Surprisingly difficult, but I did manage to beat the first campaign boss.  More UI around Energy management would have been helpful.  Since the main strategy of the game is shooting until you are at around a quarter energy, then dodging / shielding until it fully refills, it would have been great to not have to keep looking in the lower left at a grey bar to manage it.  Something more front and center with colors, and maybe even an indicator as to how much longer it will be before it starts to fill.

Also, selecting "Restart" after winning the campaign just shows a blank screen, and the game needed to be closed manually.

(These comments refer to demo version released around 8/15/2021)

I had a similar problem, but only in the "undead town" area of the game.  The game up until then had run fine.

It was only using 5% of my CPU during the slowdown as well, which makes me think maybe it's a weird timing issue rather than a performance problem.

It's good.

I'm not a shmup expert and generally find complicated score mechanics to be off-putting.  I almost never play for a high score.  But I think the score mechanics were presented pretty well in this case and aren't too crazy, in that they reward aggressive play and aren't too fiddly (compared with something like Ikaruga, for example).  Once I realized the secondary weapon's similarity to Mars Matrix, the mechanics started to make more sense.

I really like the tutorials.  I don't think I've ever seen shmup techniques explained like that in-game before.  I think that helped make the game more accessible, because otherwise it "feels" like an expert shmup for expert shmup players.

The one piece of feedback I had was that I wasn't able to tell the difference between the purple medals and the silver/gold medals in the heat of battle and just collected all of them.  More distinct shapes / colors might be nice.  Also is there actually a point in the silver and gold medals being different?  They seem to do the same thing score wise.

I'm looking forward to the full release.

Me too, maybe we should have used the downloadable windows version instead.

Anyway, I can't remember why I added this to my list of games to play.  I'm going to assume the moral is to stop debating the meaning of art and start advocating for better workplace safety regulations.

I didn't try any of the online features, sorry.  Just the 60fps change.

Mod works great with the Epic Games store version.  I didn't even bother copying steam_api.dll (but I didn't try online play or steam features).

When I installed Nuclear Throne via the Epic installer, it defaulted to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\Nuclear Throne, so look there first.

Great work on the mod, 60fps mode is amazing.