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Looks nice!

Please make it so a word can't be generated if it has the same first letters as any word currently "alive". Say, while I was typing "Forward", "For" popped up and screwed me

Just finished the game (normal mode), and... definitely a hidden gem.

Most abilities feel great : each one is very useful in its way during combat and easy to pull out, and even though I never seen this keyboard layout, it was actually great! The gravity boots were rarely useful, but it's not like the player didn't already have enough tools at this point.

The game design and style hit me really hard. The rng rooms really feel natural, and the non-rng ones are absolutely beautiful. Especially the last world, I don't know what devs smoked to end up with something so incredible.

All enemies' patterns (I maintain, 100% of them) are really clear, and it rarely took me more than a minute to figure them out. The hardest to understand was the cathedral final boss, but that was because the big crystal wasn't in my field of view when I stun one of the bosses the couple first tries.

It feels like the player is better to do a first run to see where the points of interest are. My first one was really chaotic, and I often found myself skipping areas and bosses only to get back there overpowered.
Although, corrupting the air dash was very strong. This thing really overshadowed the grappling hook and gravity boots, allowing me to fly everywhere with 6-8 energy, so I recommend keeping normal air dash to appreciate the game.

Even though it was definitely my biggest surprise in 2022, I avoided it a few times while scrolling in my Ukraine bundle because to be honest, I was so used to games being unbalanced that when I saw the trailer, I thought it was another one where the player is getting thrown tons of enemies at without much balance.

I think that's a game one must play in order to see how fun it is, and would recommend it to anyone who's into metroidvanias.

Definitely a sick job in that game, thanks so much for putting that in Ukraine Bundle!

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Got it in Ukrain bundle and just tried yesterday... and heck, I was far from expecting the fun it'd provide me.

I wonder why it didn't seem that popular (considering Hollow Knight and Dead Cells)... maybe people already saw too many dark-themed metroidvanias?

Though, even with each run bringing more than enough RNG (in a very nice way, that is), the non-random bosses, worlds, core abilities and story reminds me too much that I'm still playing on the "same" map as each previous run.
Though, it's still a very good game if I put that aside and just focus on remembering what I learnt before to progress easier through the map. The harder modes should also definitely bring me some more fun.
One of the best aspect tho : Even though the game is pretty detailed, it runs flawlessly on integrated graphics.

Also, if walljumping precisely, one can actually climb a wall, which allows to pass some rooms that would require double jump, without even unlocking that ability.

This technique allows to fill 1 pack every ~4 seconds :

-Drag the Doratos bag next to the "infinite ahoge", so it lays on Nijika's hairs, but barely overlaps with the ahoge
-Spam the ahoge 10 times (left/right click, clicking too fast might skip a few chips)
-The chips will instantly go into the Doratos bag, which can then be dragged into "Mrs. blue hairs"

Spamming the ahoge pushes the precedent generated chips upwards, which seems to cause a noticeable amount to disappear off screen.
As a result, filling the entire screen with chips will still take too much time to automatically fill the bag.

The proposed technique solves that problem : by dragging the Doratos bag next to the ahoge, the generated chips are absorbed before they go too high, or spread in a chaotic chain reaction.

Dragging the bag right on the ahoge will cause the chips' hitboxes to push it away, which is why it should be placed aside, yet close enough to absorb chips as they are generated.

...and heck yea, I'm writing a detailed analysis for this game. Just you dare tell me it doesn't deserve it!

Pretty much the same thing for me. Laptop win 11 integrated graphics.

Looks very promising! Looks quite similar to Banzai Escape II, but more polished and in a different style!

However, the game always crashes in the first 3 minutes of gameplay, on Windows 11.

Quite funny but a bit hard to aim somehow, maybe it'd be good to have a permanent visual clue of the hero's hitbox, just like in Touhou games when you aim.

I also died a few time due to the humans staying on screen after our previous death.

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Stage 3-2 was the most annoying, since it's quite hard to keep both a blue and purple shield combo ready constantly.
RNG made me lose a couple times (and I reset a lot at start if I didn't have an instant blue shield combo)

The last stage was definitely really well made. The player's given just enough time to prepare a double shield, and getting rid of the calcined blocks, while being an extra threat, is still not overwhelming.
There's nothing left but to have a bit of attack combos ready at the right time, and here goes.

Really had fun on this lil' game, I personally prefer this level-oriented progression rather than infinite arcade, but such mode could be a good addition if this game has any future plans :D


A fun lil' game. So simple there's quite nothing to improve.

After 4 months of casual playing, I just finished obtaining every single platinum medal in downhill sections, and one in downhill full route, with 23 first places on leaderboards (SWAT has impossible scores), so I thought it'd be good to describe one more time my experience at this point.

The roads winter-second and desert-second were easily the hardest to me : The winter one, because of high speed and precise control requirements, and the desert one... because it's a hecking truck lmao

The truck seems way too hard at first, but by playing with other types still help getting familiar with the physics, giving an easier time on truck once mastered.

About all the platinums I got at this point... it honestly didn't feel extremely hard, the most important being to analyze each road and spot where to drift, and where not to. The rest is just optimisation.

I remember I started the game by hardly getting bronze on most maps, then silver when I controlled the cars a bit better. I began hitting golds when I started studying the best strategies to handle my cars, then since recently, got most of my platinums by really optimizing my races.

I think the platinum full route I got (1-1-3) didn't require as much perfection as sections... but it's a solid 5 minutes during which I have to stay focused on each incoming turn.

Even after 4 months, I still enjoy the game as much as day 1. It's definitely a great source of challenge and fun, and it's really sad for it to be quite hidden in the depths of (especially since leaderboards are quite empty).

I hope many other players will experience the happiness to get their first platinum medal, and maybe their first top 1 on leaderboards :D

After quite some time (and a couple breaks), I notice the level required for new cars comes seem quite slow : I see I started ~4 months ago, have 10 platinums, 24 golds and 1 world best (didn't do much on no-drift), and I'm lvl34... Still a very long way to that lvl95 car haha

Although at the end, it completely doesn't matter since every skin has the same performances and it's even fun to see that I could still unlock stuff after months of playing

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Here's my feedback after 2 weeks on this game, casual but sometimes have 1-2 hours sessions [TIPS FOR BEGINNERS AT THE END] :
I managed to get top time in [Uphill-3-2-A], starting to get the hang of it :D

-Nowhere near boredom : The game offers plenty of cars, and there are "technically" 72 different tracks

-The xp is quite long to get : At some point, I can keep restarting the tracks as soon as I damage my car or miss a drift, which means I can easily spend more than 30 minutes without reaching the end. Plus, the different cars are only cosmetics... Maybe it would be fun to give different stats to each car, and make a different leaderboard category for each of them?

-Unfortunately, there's quite few competition, as many leaderboards don't have much more than 10 players registered... Although there're always really clean high scores, often by goats like Hima or Swat.

Tips for beginners :

-Downhill / first world / first road [D-1-1] feels really hard ; Toreno isn't the easiest to handle and nasty turns don't help. Seeing my platinum medals, I'd suggest starting with Uphill / first world / first road [U-1-1]. FCD is less sensitive, which allows better control to learn the physics for newcomers.
U-3-2 also seemed to be especialy easier to me.

-My personal tier list of types, from easiest to hardest : FCD - Toreno - Muscle - Carscherra - Kenernbilt[Truck]. The non-driftable types are all harder imo, as they leave you no choice but to manage speed with an extreme precision to take turns.

-My best key to get a high score is to spot turns where I don't need to drift. There are quite many, and even though it's harder to achieve, sticking on the track when possible is a must for high score.

-Pressing left/right doesn't instantly turn the car : It "slowly" turns the wheel, which means turning to max left can require to press [left] for ~1 second. This means it's often required to start steering as early as possible

-Since drifting eats up speed, I use to start steering as soon as possible (so I already get partially engaged into the turn), then hitting the brake as late as possible.

-To take a turn that necessites drifting, I approach it at large as possible, and when I'm in, I try to keep my bumper as close as possible to the interior barrier to optimize the turn.

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I saw many comments talking about terrible controls and huge slowdown when hitting walls, but I'd say this is why I love this game so much.

I had to take the time to understand the physics [The video really helped], smashed walls again, again and again, but when I started to understand, it was really easier to pass every type of turn. Since the game is quite difficult, it's so rewarding when you make a precise drift, and what a joy when you make it until the end without a major crash!

For a free racing game, there's a neat amount of content : Plenty of tracks, plenty of vehicles, and even xp system. Put that with such hard-to-master gameplay and you got quite some time of content!

The thing is, one could still not be able to handle its car after an hour of practice, which could make many players uninstall. As fun as it is to play, if one isn't patient enough [which is quite common nowadays], it will just drop the game off because too hard...

...And that would explain why I'm already ~30 in leaderboard with bronze medal on first tracks

I'm also very happy that the graphics are that simple. It gives a fun retro style, but more importantly, it runs flawlessly on weaker computers like mine.

I hope the many negative comments didn't affect the game too much... Definitely worth to play for someone who don't fear to spend some time to learn the physics.

EDIT : To anyone who thinks drifting is hard, it's really easy compared to "nodrift" cars. In drift stages, at least, the difficulty is to keep the car on track with max speed, so drifting well is already enough to get a good score... but in no drift, as the car is stuck on the road, getting medals requires managing the speed with an extreme precision that's way harder than simply drifting.

After some time playing, I noticed the bee mechanic can become overpowered with such setup :

//The mag that regens ammo//
Shotgun shell [more bullets less damage]
Reversal stock [shoots behind]
Sticky grip [Friendly bees]
Sticky trigger [Friendly bees]
Triple barrel [3x projectiles +2 ammo per shot]

In short, there's a probability for one bee to spawn every bullet shot. I equipped 2 bee items to rise the odds, then I chose the remaining parts to fire as many bullets as possible in 1 shot

And so, each shot casts a swarm of bees that can easily anihilate each stage / boss, no matter wall or aim [Although it severely slowed down the browser version]

Fun little game! Gives me some Archero vibes, but more... "heart-poured"... Archero really felt like pure clickbait to me...

Maybe a bug with the 5burst trigger and that item that regens ammo / prevents reloading : When I shoot with only 1 bullet left, there's still a 5-bullets burst coming out, even though the burst seems faster than the regeneration rate...

Fun concept! Feels to me a bit like minesweeper, but quite easier

My current strat is to start by filling the borders, then clear the remaining cells column by column, which goes quite fast...

Hope u had fun making this :D

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Fun little game, but sure lacks of balancing :  Since most enemies are melee (excepted the golem that shoots projectiles), I ended the Farm map without losing a single turret.

All I had to do was to fill the rightmost column with cheap turrets, and that was way enough to fill the rest with rocket launchers, and place traps everywhere.

Since rockets are slow, it's very common that the targetted enemies die before the rockets reach them, and so these then land into further enemies, which virtualy increases the range of rocket launcher.

Since the enemy projectiles pierce through everything, placing walls are very punishing : The ranged enemies will stop to shoot them before getting in range of the turrets, and their bullet will penetrate through the wall and all the builds behind.

I also only noticed the wave counter on round 10, I think it'd be good to add a frame for the money/wave indicators.

Hope you had fun making this! :D

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the lvl 11 seemed super hard compared to every other level

Nice game :D

Edit : OH HECK I CAN MOVE THESE 2 GRAY BOXES!! [had to watch a solution just to understand that]

Finished every other level without knowing that :'D

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Dang, getting old here...

Just wanted to point out when playing for some time, the game considerably slows down (browser version, around stage 25)

I gave up myself on level 50 since the game was around 1.5fps at this point...

Little tip for higher numbers (ex. 163) : Reach around 20-30 under the target number by multiplying stuff and adding some numbers, and then figure out what chain of numbers to add in order to fill the remaining gap. Seems to work pretty good for me...

Some comments + bug report :

+ : Quite some content : upgrades, secrets, worlds, and cool variety of mechanics, story that wraps up everything together and npc conversations that allows to drop the tension.

- : The mechanics could have been more exploited for secrets / puzzles :

1. The content to resolve them is always in the same room, but for example, there could have been a puzzle that requires to throw the corpse of a bot that we killed in the previous room (Even if the corpse could be lost, players use to play a level multiple time for secret hunting)

2. Dash attacks allow the player to move a bit further, which could have been used for quite a few puzzles, but it's never the case

- : It seems to be greedy on performances despite being a 2d platformer...

I got this bug in purple dimension, tolmekia palace (playing in French), I think it's around mid-stage : I triggered the alarm while I was outside the enclosure, so the doors locked me outside (see picture)

I dont want to feed the hate but imo, the question would rather be "Why wouldn't the creators of similar flash games be paid?"

There are people who actually made the graphics, the code, the scenario, the level design, and that game has a good couple of hours of content.

But I understand such question, I myself find The Binding of Isaac is an ugly game and, as you say, looks and plays pretty much like a flash game. If people don't want to play, they can just move on.

Currently in the forest... still early, yet amazing! The comic visuals definitely fit very well in the game, and the combat system is pretty enjoyable (I'd sure like a speedup option though).

I kinda like when I can use the most of my teams to make cool combos, but as I can only control the hero, it's quite more restrained... Yet this is how it works, so I'm fine with that.

BUG REPORT : When I show the evolving menu of an ability and it turns out I don't want to evolve it, there's no way to get backwards. I mean, pressing escape works, but then it will just eat the evolve bar without even buying anything

I really hope there'll be some work in the future on this game, really looks like a big potential! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your work!

I surprisingly enjoyed the game, and have a few comments  :

-Cool diversity of attacks! It really feels like I can use multiple strategies. Feels a bit sad that there're some attacks that are only available from temporary characters (But yea, hacking is OP)

-The item mischief upgrade feels a bit... abusable? It basically means that as long as an unit has a script for that, it can get 1 free danger meter blip per turn, and so using both this and dangerous script allows to consistently cast super scripts on turn 2

-I skipped the first "market console" (didn't know it had to be checked at first) and I didn't find any way to get back to it... Such situations could be quite embarrasing when temporarily locked in area without the scripts we were supposed to have found... Although I love this way to gradually get new scripts!

-On the same idea, money is not farmable, so if I, say, spend all my money on useless stuff before a boss, I couldn't get more to buy the stuff I could need to beat it... This could maybe (but rarely) be quite troublesome, especially since the game autosaves.

First of all, I'm not a rapper

When you shoot in homing mode, there's a little heart that appears on your body. That's your hitbox.

I can buy the combat bracers for 5$ to that first NPC who sells it, but even though this same person can buy them back for 3$, I can still sell these for 13$ to any other NPC

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As a touhou player for ~2 years who ever got only 1cc in easy mode, I definitely love this game. The difficulty is pretty well dosed for me, the world overall really seems personal, as someone else said : There's no feeling of "I made that cuz it looks badass but idk what I'm even doin"

The major weak point I would point out would be the contrast between background and projectiles. The palette restriction makes it that I sometimes lose focus from my character because its color blends more or less with the other elements. For some reason, the animation of the road on highway also steals part of my attention away from projectiles, but the color issues overall will probably not be a problem anymore once I'm more familiarized with the game.

Besides, I love the palette restriction at the end, and the music (Megadrive VRC7? Idk) definitely fits well. Plus, it's made with Lõve, so thumbs up >:D

EDIT : Went back into it after a few days an yeah, the highway boss is definitely a cut above the previous ones... Throwing 3 bombs at start can't even get rid of half the 2 side units. Definitely requires training and a near-perfect knowledge of the stage, but it definitely looks possible >:D