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I surprisingly enjoyed the game, and have a few comments  :

-Cool diversity of attacks! It really feels like I can use multiple strategies. Feels a bit sad that there're some attacks that are only available from temporary characters (But yea, hacking is OP)

-The item mischief upgrade feels a bit... abusable? It basically means that as long as an unit has a script for that, it can get 1 free danger meter blip per turn, and so using both this and dangerous script allows to consistently cast super scripts on turn 2

-I skipped the first "market console" (didn't know it had to be checked at first) and I didn't find any way to get back to it... Such situations could be quite embarrasing when temporarily locked in area without the scripts we were supposed to have found... Although I love this way to gradually get new scripts!

-On the same idea, money is not farmable, so if I, say, spend all my money on useless stuff before a boss, I couldn't get more to buy the stuff I could need to beat it... This could maybe (but rarely) be quite troublesome, especially since the game autosaves.

I just finished the game and agree with everything you said. A charming little game though. The dialog and combat kept me entertained and I felt like it was the perfect length. 5/5 Stars.