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The short answer is that I had a near-death experience and lost a loved one, the combination of those two things caused me to question my own mortality and existence.

Would never have thought to make golf into a card game. But by golly they did it. Simple but fun game. Good music, not too ambient. Clean aesthetic. Clear goals. 5/5 Stars. 

As someone who experienced my first existential crisis at age five, I'm not sure what I was expecting. But this wasn't it. Finished it in 12 minutes.

There might be multiple paths, but there's not enough "meat" to the story to warrant further playthroughs. With how the story develops, I'm still not sure why they started off with the sermon on the mount, other than to set a spiritual tone... The script goes right into profanity afterwards; a juxtaposition that doesn't quite work out. It an visual novel intent on making you think it's being clever. For those of us who have grown up knowing existential dread, it's not. 2/5 Stars.

I just finished the game and agree with everything you said. A charming little game though. The dialog and combat kept me entertained and I felt like it was the perfect length. 5/5 Stars.

This game is a gem. Fun puzzles, good mechanics. The music and graphics really enhance the experience as well. 5/5 stars.

Sad breakup 2/10

Thanks for this... All I needed to see without DL'ing the game. *oof*