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A member registered Sep 23, 2016

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How does breeding work internally?

Also, I understand the game in its current state is more like a prototype, but would be nice to distinguish more easily which monsters are which without going into the stats screen of each one. Another nice feature would be lineage graphs.

Some more nitpicks: controls in the breeding screen are inverted (F to interact, E to go back); on some days I can walk on tiles with monsters on them and can't interact with them, not sure what triggers it, going to the next day fixes it.

You might want to use an object (JSON object, in Java they're called hashmaps, I think) instead of an array for better performance, lookups in arrays are a bit slow. The left part of a JSON object is usually called a key, so I think it fits the purpose. The file would look like this:

        "001-01":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 1", "hi"]},
        "001-02":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 2"]},
        "002-01":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 2, scene 1"]}

An alternative option would be using nested arrays, i.e.

            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 1", "hi"]},
            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 2"]}
            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 2, scene 1"]}

This approach might be better because you don't need to order the scenes manually and accessing array elements directly (when not having to loop through the whole array) is faster than using objects. The downside would be having to stick with numbers as encounter IDs, which could be a bit annoying with a larger amount of different enemies.

Sorry if I'm being obnoxious, I'll just shut up if you don't want that kind of feedback.

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Why distribute the game in an exe if the game itself is JVM-based? It runs mostly fine on Linux when extracted, there are even Linux-specific libs in there.

Also, just curious: why is the key field used for indexing? Item order in JSON arrays doesn't change, why not just use array indices?