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Tales of Androgyny

A game about birds, bees, flowers and trees. · By Majalis

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A topic by Majalis created Sep 20, 2016 Views: 23,458 Replies: 76
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Topic is getting large and unwieldy - if you have any questions, please open a thread!

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Developer (3 edits)

First, let me just say... first.

Now that that's out of the way, welcome to the Tales of Androgyny open discussion board. If you've got any questions or issue, feel free to bring them up here, email us at or if you're a patron, message us on :D

1. Will sprites and backgrounds be separate later on?

2. Will you have accompanying art for the Battle sex?

3. Will battle and battle sex be expanded upon?

4.Will this be out before 4houses?


Hayo! Breakin' it down:

1. Yep; this was a time-saving measure because of the ridiculously short development cycle. Right now they're baked in together, but that's because we haven't really built out any of the UI framework yet. Sprites, background, and the UI will all be drawn separately.

2. Double-yep. As well as animation for the enemies idling, attacking, and possibly during battle sex, although that might be limited to certain special enemies. And, of course, any extra-battle sex (either an encounter that goes south or goes exactly as planned) will also have accompanying art - as well as some generic animations for certain activities, including game over splashes and generic animations.

3. Absolutely. There's a ton of stuff that isn't yet implemented - all in total, there are 3 basic combat stances, 6 advances stances, 5 "positional" stances, and a number of sex stances and other special stances, all of which will have a lot more options in terms of skills than they do now - so the number of skills will likely hit low- triple digits. The combat system as it is now is purely proof-of-concept - none of the enemy stats or skills are finalized (enemy health is only as low as it is to make it easy to 'skip' combat), and while I have done an initial first pass of what classes will have what base stats (and there will be some tweaking for character customization), most of those stats are currently not used, whereas all of them will have uses both in combat and out - that's designed, just not implemented. Battle sex will be a tactical element to tire out (stamina system - only partially implemented, being fatigued will lower attributes), distract, or satiate your enemies, with the (design) intention that willingly and strategically using sex in battle will make battles overall easier, while making it more and more likely that your character will abandon and/or be forced to abandon their quest as they progress if they're constantly doing it, either because they pick the wrong partner or are too enticed by an offer of... companionship.

And though you didn't ask specifically about it - world map traversal, generation, towns, resource management and equipment will all be implemented and expanded upon.

4. Definitely don't have a release date in mind yet - there's still a ton of work to be done. This is just an initial build out of the core gameplay loop and some iterative design. Only reason we've even set this up on itch at this stage is to participate in the lewd game jam because it seemed like fun and gave us a nice deadline to hit. We've got a long backlog that will only get longer as we dive into each system, and we're a team of two. So far we've made pretty steady progress, but the final game is far in the horizon, so any release date would be a guess.

Thanks for the questions - if you've got any more, please, feel free, and suggestions are also welcome. We'll probably post up on here with a list of planned gameplay and UI systems so that it's more obvious what's in the wings definitely and what's still up in the air.

(1 edit)

So I have a question and the reason I ask it here is because its related to something you've mentioned in this post.
You've suggested that the player will be able to make combat easier by engaging in sex but that comes with its own risks. I'm really curious as how those risks will present themselves.

The risk of picking the wrong partner is easy to understand, like the werebitch and her knot, whom I might add is my favorite monster thus far! Great job on that front. But it's the second part, the part about succumbing to temptation that has got me confused.

Is it just the player that will succumb to the temptation of 'companionship' because they crave the well written sexy times (a distinctly plausible scenario!).

Or is it that sex going to be a double edged sword in that, each time the protagonist orgasms or is on the receiving end of one, their willingness to slut it up increases until it gets to the point that they will drop their pants for anyone with or without the players consent?

Honestly I just find the whole concept of potentially sacrificing long term success (by engaging in risky sex), for short term gain (an easier combat encounter) interesting from a game mechanics stand point and was wondering what, if any plans there were for this?


Good eye - yep, that's the basic gameplay hook there. Sex in combat would be, in a general and abstract sense with probably a few different concrete avenues for it to manifest (general "looseness" factor, specific acquired perks/kinks, etc.), a short-term advantage sacrificing a long term one. You'd be more and more likely in future encounters/battles to end up in a situation where your character's willingness is more of a liability than an asset - and eventually that will checkmate you into a game over at, say, the hands of a sexy, sexy minotaur/giant/werebitch, or some enemy where having sex with them dramatically reduces your combat effectiveness (a succubus, for example), putting you at a disadvantage. It's entirely meant as a tactical vs. strategic choice.

So would this be tracked by a separate stat like 'sluttyness' or something to that effect? If so will one of the current base stats act as a counterweight? For example if a character has high charisma then will they be more able to engage in sex without as high a risk of consequence?

Oh and one further question if I may. For anyone planning on doing a purity or chaste route (or as close as you can do to one in this game), were their character tp receive some unplanned intimacy, (or even better, lots of unplanned intimacy) would the player find their chaste and virtuous hero corrupted into a sex addict? Because that would...'terrible'.


A character with higher charisma would have an easier time getting in to fight sexy times, or to defuse a fight with sexy times, or to avoid a fight (even without sexy times), but higher charisma itself wouldn't prevent the negative effects of sexy times, at least not directly. And yep, it'll be sluttiness, plus perks you build up (Level 1 Donglust, Level 2 Donglust, etc.) that might be unlocked depending on said sluttiness score.

Purity / chaste runs are actually going to be built in as challenges - ie tracked as an achievement or possibly even a mode. There would actually be a few different kinds of challenges - purity vs. chaste is a good example. As for that corruption scenario... yep.

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Hype train changelog:
-Added fuel
-Added more fuel
-Added even more fuel
-Removed brakes
-Used brakes for fuel

Or in other could say I am very excited. Can't wait to see this take shape.

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Why distribute the game in an exe if the game itself is JVM-based? It runs mostly fine on Linux when extracted, there are even Linux-specific libs in there.

Also, just curious: why is the key field used for indexing? Item order in JSON arrays doesn't change, why not just use array indices?

Developer (1 edit)

Hey - good questions.

The exe wrapper is because we don't have access to a unix system for testing, and wanted to make sure that it was as simple as possible for at least the platform we knew it was working on. In the long term, we'll be wrapping it in native apps for Windows/Mac/Linux bundled with the jre so it Just Works, but we didn't want to spend too much time on deployment at this early stage.

The key field is used for indexing because ultimately (at least as the design is envisioned right now) it will be a composite key, something like "001-01" for encounterNumber&"-"&sceneNumber, and the order of the array will be essentially arbitrary.

You might want to use an object (JSON object, in Java they're called hashmaps, I think) instead of an array for better performance, lookups in arrays are a bit slow. The left part of a JSON object is usually called a key, so I think it fits the purpose. The file would look like this:

        "001-01":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 1", "hi"]},
        "001-02":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 2"]},
        "002-01":{"scriptLines": ["encounter 2, scene 1"]}

An alternative option would be using nested arrays, i.e.

            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 1", "hi"]},
            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 1, scene 2"]}
            {"scriptLines": ["encounter 2, scene 1"]}

This approach might be better because you don't need to order the scenes manually and accessing array elements directly (when not having to loop through the whole array) is faster than using objects. The downside would be having to stick with numbers as encounter IDs, which could be a bit annoying with a larger amount of different enemies.

Sorry if I'm being obnoxious, I'll just shut up if you don't want that kind of feedback.


No, this is really good - I use JSON all the time, but I usually just let the tail wag the dog and structure the JSON based on what I want it to deserialize as. I'm using libgdx, which has its own json wrapper for dealing with serialization and deserialization, and also its own map implementations - and currently, the way that it's working is I deserialize that array, then iterate through it and build a map out of it with key -> scriptLines. Your first way makes perfect sense if I created a POJO for that to deserialize into, but I'd like to deserialize it directly into a libgdx ObjectMap for consistency. I'll give it some thought - we're not quite at the performance optimization stage, but this is good to think about now. I definitely wasn't married to that JSON structure, it was just a quick means to an end. If you spot anything else that raises an eyebrow, I'd love to hear it - dev feedback is really helpful.


I've now uploaded a version that should ostensibly run for anyone with java 1.6+ installed on any desktop machine; it's just a runnable jar packaged with the asset and script files.

will there be any more game over screens or just the one? and most important question ever WILL I EVER BE ABLE TO FUCK THAT STICK XD

Developer (1 edit)

There'll be plenty of game over screens, actually. Some generic/random ones, and others contextual. And some game over animations as well. As for the stick - there is a hostile dryad enemy eventually. :3

does the player or will the player ever have things like fellatio stance and such? and what does arousing them with taunt do?


Arousing them with taunt does just that - arouses them. In the future, it'll both arouse them and make them more aggressive, letting you take advantage by making them tire themselves out... either by blocking or otherwise stonewalling their big attacks, or by engaging in some extracurricular, tiring activities. :D

Yo, tried out the game, and I think it has a ton of potential. I love the whole stance system. I'm sure a lot of the things I'm going to say you have thought about or maybe have already changed, but I'll try to help you out.

It would be nice if each battle option told you what stance you would enter, maybe just categorize the buttons by stance. Also the strength stat is currently massively overpowered, I think the main issue is when strength is low enough you can do 0 damage with non-strong attacks even when the enemy isn't guarding. Currently you have to do an attack to initiate the defensive stance, this is a problem you run out of stamina, I would say either just change cautious attack to guard or add a rest option (while standing). If you run out of stamina during an attack you just fall over, but I think your attack should go through first, then fall over. Speaking of that, one thing that needs to happen is attacks/spells showing how much stamina/mp they use. Same with food, seems like 4 is used per map spot, but it might as well be one. Those are all the major things I would change for now, for the future, I was thinking maybe on the map it could show the enemy's level, and for example you could encounter the harpy at level 1 and then later see a level 5 one. That would add a lot of replayability as you could then just add in a boatload of monsters. You might need to add something strong chasing the player on the map or something though like in the game FTL to prevent over-leveling.


Yeah, categorizing the actions by stance and showing what stance they'll put you in is a big priority - we want for it to be a nice visual map eventually. And that goes hand in hand with showing all the info for an attack - including stamina/balance consumption. Strength is definitely overpowered - basically, none of the other stats have nearly their full potential implemented, and strength is having a larger influence than it should as a result. Connecting attacks is going to have more of an impact now than it currently does - a 0 damage attack is basically a wasted attack right now, and that won't be the case.

There will be other ways to enter defensive stance - in fact, a weaker guarding ability will bring you into defensive as well out of the box.

Good call on the attack still working when you run out of stamina - that'll make "desperation" attacks interesting. Although in normal play you shouldn't really be passing out like that - stamina will have weakening effects as it gets low, but you shouldn't need to exhaust ALL your stamina - that's just the way things are balanced now.

Food is 4 per map slot because you'll be able to use more/less by being more cautious as you explore, among other possible factors on the world map, and I don't want to have fractional food, but that's not set in stone.

Enemy levels, or at least relative strength will be visible if your perception is high enough - I don't plan to re-use encounters the way it currently is, but we may do the traditional palette-swap/adjective/higher level variants that are a staple of the genre, like you suggest.

We do want to have something pushing you forward - food is the first indication of that, and with the aforementioned "careful" movement on the world map, it could create a nice dynamic between risk and reward, but if we see that food can't be made a good enough stick to get people to move on, we'll look at our options. A bogey(woman) that stalks dawdlers could be fun in its own right.

Thanks - this is good stuff. Even for facets we already plan to implement, it's good to know what to prioritize, and anything that's annoying at this stage we should prioritize highly.

Ah I figured you intended food for that, I was mostly just throwing out an idea. Anyway one more thing I forgot to mention that you'll probably want to add pretty soon is potions/bandages/first aid kits (usable on the map?). You probably already knew this though.


Items are going to be a bit before they get implemented - maybe I'll just create a potion amount that you start with based on class, and you can chug a few before you run out.

(1 edit)

The basis of the battle system shows merit for sure (even if it's currently in that functional-but-super-broken pre-alpha state) but I'm curious as to the bigger picture here. Love the idea - there aren't nearly enough games with femboy content that not only allow the player to -be- the femboy but focus on it - even on your patreon, though, I didn't get a good sense of what the outline is for the game as a whole.

Is there going to be a fleshed-out story to this or is it primarily planned as a roguelike with a barebones "get from here to there and have encounters along the way" sort of focus? Will there be a character creation system? Appearance/clothing customization? Dungeons and towns?

Since the release is in the style of those games that're centered on clicking around the cells of a map and repeating the same few encounters I'd like to know whether this is going to be the meat of it. One thing that bothered me was that, while I did enjoy playing around with the battle system and you're clearly having fun designing encounters to be as dynamic as possible, as of now it feels less like a femboy RPG and more a minor gimmick tacked on to a game that's about bedongled monster girls trying to rape the player into submission.

So what I'm wondering is what sort of vision you're driving towards - what, specifically, is going to make this a femboy RPG? Are we seeing a fairly accurate depiction of what the game's going to focus on (i.e. is this to be another one that's going for the Monster Girl Quest format)? If not then what else can we expect to see?

When it comes to player femboy content the primary avenues to catch the appeal are exploring the character first getting into it (the process of becoming a femboy, in other words) and/or the character playing around with it: teasing with their ambiguity, enjoying looking cute, flipping freely between 'girl' and 'boy' dynamics in different situations, with different people, and in their own thinking - that sort of thing. With what you've got there's some potential to sprinkle femboy flavoring over the sex aspect of the combat (right now it feels more emasculation focused which again presses those monster girl game over rape buttons rather than anything directly relating to femboys) but other than focusing the scenes themselves more on the main theme I do feel like there'll need to be more to the game, whether it's a story with persistent characters to banter between map crawls or a dress-up mechanic or whatever else to give you room to explore those avenues and hit on what's appealing about a RPG focused on the femboy theme.

Developer (1 edit)

Yes, there's going to be a fleshed out story mode - when you select story mode, it will soon give you that introductory scene, introducing the MC, the setting, and the tone of the story. There will be character creation, still, with the ability to customize some aspects of your looks, some background info that ties into your starting resources, name, etc. Even in story mode, the game will play in that roguelite fashion, but with some dedicated, automatic encounters added that move the story along and ultimately end with some story conclusion - not necessarily the same one every time. To answer that point - most of these set encounters will take place in dungeons and towns/cities.

Strategically moving from encounter to encounter on the world map is going to be a large part of it - although you'll also have movement within large cities and dungeon-areas. On the other side of it, customizing your character with skills / stances / spells / perks and gained knowledge will be a big chunk of the "RPG" part - right after the actual role playing of selecting how your character responds to situations when they have a choice.

As for the core "femboyness" of the game - what's currently in is not totally representative - it's very skewed toward combat encounters, with no way to avoid them, and very few meaningful interactions in the way of flirting, or being cute, choosing to explore more feminine attire/mannerisms/fun times, or encountering the same character multiple times and building a relationship with them, or just the character inside their own head thinking about the situations they find themselves in and how to respond to them. There also aren't currently the various attributes and customizable options that will allow your character to become more femboy-like, or more sexy, or to (potentially) keep chaste and merely have femboy-like qualities.

tl;dr - it's not going to be all click combat click - that's definitely over-represented in the current build. There are a lot more RPG elements and femboy-y elements coming down the pike - it won't all be monster girls with dongs going into the MC's face and butthole.

(1 edit)

Those're definitely some encouraging thoughts. On the gameplay side one thing that has always irked me with strategy RPGs is how so few of them have towns and dungeons. Even when the story's engaging and the battling is fun and fresh between encounters running from one fight to the next without the sort of monotony-shattering breather that towns provide or the curious interest that dungeons hold can make them a trudge if you're not playing in short bursts.

I did like the challenge of navigating the maps - the she-wolves give a good indication of how you'll need to plan when, where, and if you'll take on a tough fight - and the stances do feel like they'll allow for some diverse builds once some balancing and progression is in place.

As we get to see more of your thoughts on the core femboy aspect of the game make it down "on the page", so to speak, I'd definitely consider supporting the game.

The idea is pretty cool. Have you seen Night Games? This game seems to have a pretty similar vibe to it.


I checked it out at the recommendation of someone in the picarto stream yesterday - it's pretty cool, from what I can see. I think it's similar, from what I can tell, to a live action game I played with a group of friends (without the sexy combat). I like the combat system that I've seen so far, but I haven't looked too closely.

In general I hope to see mid-combat sex to do anything. Right now getting raped in the middle of the fight is actually good because it gives you a free hit.

So... the new build just crashes. The old one works (and still works, I kept a copy in case) but I click on the .exe, it opens with the icon and title for about a quarter of a second before closing itself. Running in admin does not work. Re-downloading does not work. One thing that's odd, however, is that it created a save file despite the fact that I'm unable to even open the game, nonetheless play it. I'm running on Windows 7, with JRE 1.8.0_101 (the same thing as last time). Sorry I can't provide you with any more info, there really isn't anything else to say; it just closes as soon as I open it.

I really like the game btw, keep up the good work, it has a ton of potential, and you're a great artist, which is probably my favorite thing about it :)


This one was on us - we had a crash bug as a result of something wonky in the way libgdx handles internal -> classpath resources when you make a runnable jar out of a libgdx project. It's fixed now, so no worries - sorry about that.

Are you posting the changelog somewhere for each new version? I played a fair bit of the last version but I want to know what's changed before I try playing it again.


I have a backlog/commit history that could be used to generate a change log - it's not up anywhere currently, but we'll start to post it up on our tumblr and here in the future.

Since the last version:

  • Gave a description for what each stat does in the intro
  • Character class selection now affects more than just stat description - certain classes get extra skills or starting resources
  • Implemented initial character perks
  • Added a few new skills, including one (Hit the Deck) that lets you drop into a prone position ;)
  • Implemented selecting your name
  • Implemented the initial character appearance customization
  • Wrote our the harpy game over
  • Wrote out the various slimegirl scenes
  • Implemented our own font and UI textures
  • Spruced up the world map so that it looks more like a map
  • Various tweaks/fixes like lowering the volume, fixing the location of UI elements, adjusting the behavior of enemies (especially the slime), slime ends are not all game overs now, and the werewolf won't get "soft" visibly when she knots you.
I'm going to post a project plan up here with the details of what's going into the next few months of work, so you know what's on the roadmap, as well.

Thanks for the answer. I do like what you've got in the game so far, but in my opinion the combat system could use some numbers tweaking. Mainly so that the difference in attributes between you and your opponent has less impact and to eliminate the possibility of doing 0 damage on attacks. A good first step might be to increase the amount of health characters have and to tie base damage to the attack type and weapons being used. Have the strength - endurance difference be used as a damage modifier with diminishing returns and a max damage increase/reduction.


Yeah, combat overhaul is going to be right after we finished the world map overhaul. 0 damage attacks are actually going to be somewhat normal - the idea is that a 0 damage attack doesn't do "nothing", though. But yeah, especially as it is now, the difference in stats has an outsized effect more than it should. The other aspect is that Strength and Endurance are the only things that seem to matter currently - mainly because they just about are. When there are ways to fight an opponent that can completely overpower you, we'll have achieved what we set out to do.

Endurance, in the long run, isn't even going to directly affect damage absorption. That's just what it currently does. It might have some small effect, but not the huge impact it has now.

Does this game work on Windows 10? I'm not sure if that's the problem, but it just doesn't run for some reason. After i double-click the exe file nothing happens. I have also tried the .jar version with no success. Please help.

Developer (1 edit)

If you can try to run the exe in the command line, you'll be able to see the error (in the future, we'll print the stack trace on the screen to make it easier for you):

Run the following command while in the directory of the game: java -jar "TalesOfAndrogyny.exe" - that should give you the error.

From what I've seen, the most common issue is whether your videocard driver supports the proper version of OpenGL - updating your driver might help. Depending on what the error is, though, it might be something we can fix.

Here is the error.

Yep, that's the lwjgl OpenGL error. I need to figure out how I can handle it, because there appears to be a resolution, but I'm not sure exactly what causes the issue and how to detect it ahead of time. I'm going to try a workaround and see if it works in the general case.

Here's the description of the error - it's a bug in lwjgl, as far as I can tell:

Thank you and good luck in fixing this issue.


Hey, do you still get the same error with the current version of the game? We tried a fix, and people seem to be getting slightly different behavior, but it still crashes.

(1 edit)


but i think it's a problem on my end because the garbage intel videocard on my laptop doesn't support opengl 2.0

it works on my old pc at least

edit: oh also the window does show up for a moment before disappearing.


Alright, the fix seems to have isolated the issue then - we're trying to force it to give the all clear, but if your video card doesn't support OpenGL 2.0 the game just can't run. D:

The next version we're putting out will actually pop up the error on crash without you having to run it from the command line like that, so it'll be more obvious what the issue is. Thanks again for giving it a try, and glad to hear that it works on your PC - I expect a lot of the people having issues are running the game on integrated graphics cards on their laptops.

Hey Majalis team, I made an account just to make a comment here, the game looks wonderful and I hope this turns out to be a true gem.

Keep us posted! I am HYPE!


Thanks! We're hoping it will look even better as we build it out!

Opening the newest build just causes a crash after flashing the window for a brief second D:

Developer (1 edit)

Hey, sorry about that; could you try running the game in the command line / terminal with this command:

java -jar TalesOfAndrogyny.exe (you'll need to navigate to the directory with the exe or just copy the whole path in)

And just see if it shows you an error? We haven't been able to reproduce this issue and it seems to be affecting a decent number of people. Again, really sorry, but if you could let us know what error you're getting, we might be able to fix it. It seems to depend on the machine/graphics card.

Thanks for the reply, sorry it took me so long to notice :o, I am using windows 10 (should have probably told you that in the original comment). I should let you know that I'm super bad at computer stuff, but looking on the internet it told me to open command prompts and taught me how to navigate to the file. When I got to the files location and ran it I encountered the same issue and no error message appeared in my command prompt. Sorry for not being able to provide more info, as I said I'm terrible at computer things but trying to get better.


Thanks so much for giving it a try - that's really vexing that it doesn't report any error. We're trying some things to fix the issue, and hopefully the next release will work for more people, but it's really tough to say without knowing whats happening. D:

I TOTALLY LOVE IT (and I would take a wereslut up my ass to prove it)!!!

I love your pictures and stories for years, but that game (even though it's alpha) is perfect. I'm so envious that I can't have adventures like in that game.

But I have one question. I reached a city (or a castle, I suppose) and the game crashed. What kind of interaction do you plan to put there? Will be there some other kind of getting food than driad? Maybe some slutting in city (for catamite) or something like this? And what is so special with getting knowledge about anatomy or behavior? Does it help in combat?

Developer (1 edit)

Glad you already love it! It's still very much a work in progress - tons more to implement, including animations and more comprehensive sounds.

That castle is mostly a placeholder right now (as you can tell by the crash that occurs because I haven't finished building out what happens there) - but what it represents, ultimately, is the game's first objective, including likely the encounter that will be the first boss fight. In the next version, I'll put a placeholder up there so you get that instead of a crash. In the final game, along the way there will be optional towns and dungeons, and then more beyond.

Food is an entire mechanic - basically it's the thing keeping you moving forward, so it will be a bit hard to come by and making sacrifices or overcoming challenges to get it will be pretty common.

As for knowledge of anatomy, and more broadly knowledge in general, that will help in both combat and in interactions - sometimes, knowledge of what lies beneath a wereslut's skirt is all that will keep you from a knotty, knotty end.

(1 edit)

Thanks for fast response ;)

And by the way, how did you both get so hyped with femboys and futas?

I'm on Windows 10 and the game won't even launch

Updated the drivers and everything but this version just won't launch no matter what

Had a look at the latest build, saw a lot of new content in there since my last run. I am seeing a theme with the scenes that's a bit disappointing, being not terribly fond of disgust in scenes, but I'm sure that you're doing what you like and that there will be lots of people that also like it.

I noticed that the, "Sit on it" skill is rather difficult to pull off, most of the time enemies end up laying prone instead of supine or are defeated before you can knock them down. The only enemy I was actually able to get to cum with it was the slutwolf, which of course carries an instant loss.

While I was trying to pull the move off, I also noticed that the fights seemed to get a lot harder, if not impossible, if you allowed the enemies to get off on you. Is that intentional?



I wouldn't worry too much about disgust - while it will be pretty prevalent, characters that are more... used to things will develop a taste for it, and won't be as disgusted. You'll also be able to, like the Catamite perk, be able to tailor your character to be like that from the get-go.

Getting the enemies supine will be easier as the interface gets a bit more transparent and you can use Perception to tell how unstable and tired they currently are, and you'll be able to manipulate that better as we add more skills and make upgrading skills have more of an outsized effect (knockdown, for instance, increasing in knockdown capabilities).

Right now, getting enemies to sex you isn't as effective (and health-preserving) a strategy as quickly handicapping the enemy with strong attacks - this will change as more skills are introduced and new enemy routines and enemies having particular responses to sexual activities. The big combat rebalance still hasn't taken place, and the goal of that is to make it so that burning an enemy down fast and hard isn't often the best go-to strategy.

Really want to play the game but I have never been able to play it D: continue to check in every now and then hoping it will work. This really seems like something i would like but here is the error message I got.

Critical Failure

Sorry, Fatal error- please let Majalis know! Error:OpenGL 2.0 or higher with the FO extension is required. OpenGl version 1.10

Type: OpenGl

Version 1:1:0

Vendor: Microsoft Corporation

Render; GDI Generic

oh wait the 64 bit version works?

(1 edit)

Hi, loving the idea of the game, unfortunately I can't play it at the moment, every time i try to play it i get the following message;

Sorry, fatal error - please let Majalis know! Error: Error writing file: data\save.json (Local)

Edit: this appears on both the 32 and 64 bit versions.


Hey there! The game should have created an error.txt file - if you could copy the contents of that file here that'd be a big help. Out of curiosity, where are you placing the game folder? It's possible that you're in a folder where we can't create files - like a folder that requires admin access to put files in. If you have a folder that syncs to dropbox, that might also be the problem.

Hey, i've simply got it in a folder in my downloads folder so shouldn't be admin protected.

the error message is as follows;

com.badlogic.gdx.utils.GdxRuntimeException: Error writing file: data\save.json (Local)

at com.badlogic.gdx.files.FileHandle.writeString(

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Hrm, it says the file is being used by another process - I wonder if you have the file being opened by something else? If you delete that file, it should be re-created on launch.

Was it always Tales of Androgyny? What inspired the name change?


The old name had been a placeholder. This page got de-listed because the name contained a slur, so we gave it a real name.

"Trap" was a slur? Huh, alright. Thanks!


It still is. I wasn't happy with the name myself. It implies a boy who dresses in a feminine matter does so to deceive and confuse people. It's deeply seated within the homophobic idea that being gay/trans is just being confused and wrong.


Yea, agreed.

Brain-dump warning - armchair psychology and dumb analogies ahoy:

Our intention isn't to imply that being gay or bi or trans is wrong. I don't think people who use the term are necessarily implying that they are, either - many now identify as gay or bi or even trans themselves - that isn't to say it's not a slur rooted in some pretty messed up ideas, but it probably goes to show that for many, the fetish itself is about the perceived "wrongness", whether they personally feel it's "wrong" or not. A lot of kink is like that - social taboos and sexual fetishes being what they are. And going further than that, for some, it's a bridge to "wrongness", a way to make it feel alright. That's why erotica that features dubious or even a lack of consent is consumed by people who self-insert into the passive character: without agency, actual desires can remain subconscious and still be fantasized about, rather than envisioning themselves as an active, consensual participant who has to explicitly say, for instance, "do me up the bum!"

That might seem like a form of self-harm, but fantasies can remain fantasies, and for those who break themselves free of that kind of self-denying or even self-loathing thinking, it can still be comforting to fantasize in that same vein while consciously acknowledging that you're not being "trapped" or that you're not "trapping" anyone; you're seduced or being seduced by someone, in the typical fantasy case, who has a penis, and who has a gender and sexual identity that you are completely comfortable with, just as you're comfortable with your own. The "naughtiness" or "trickery" of it, then, is the same "naughtiness" or "trickery" as "you've been a very bad boy, and I'm a sexy cop, so I'm going to sexily arrest you, with sex." "Oh no officer, not with your boobs all over my face!"

This isn't a blanket excuse of "it's just porn" - we try to think about how people can take attitudes away from it (just a quick rundown of things we would want to clarify - sex isn't sex without consent; both men and women, regardless of any context, never deserve to be raped; men and women, regardless of genitalia, are people first and foremost and should be treated and respected as such; your gender and sexuality are just fine; gender isn't defined by noodly bits or what you wear for fun times; don't reduce whole people to fetish objects or objects of worship - it's still dehumanizing; be good to each other) We try to make it as explicit as possible when we're delving into themes for the sake of making a point about real life and when we are solely for the purposes of a fantasy, and it's always an ongoing process. Sometimes the best we can do is a disclaimer warning along the lines of "don't try this at home!", but it is notoriously difficult to avoid reinforcing some awful idea or another, even in something that seems otherwise innocuous. We're making smut that we hope to be inclusive with, not because we want to save the world through the power of dicks, but because it sucks to feel excluded or demonized for no reason, whether it's smut or not.

tl;dr - It's a slur; fetishes do as fetishes does; just because I think wearing lacy underwear is "dirty" and "naughty" in a sexual context doesn't mean I can't take pride in and enjoy wearing ladies unmentionables; dehumanization sucks.

You kinda missed the point of what I meant. This isn't how you or people with that fetish think. The truth of the matter is that many trans women face harm and death because of simply being trans women. Because men who are infatuated with their feminine looks but faced with finding out (some way or the other) they have a penis feel like they have been tricked into being/acting gay and act with aggression. In fact, there have been actual murder cases where men who killed trans women were acquitted because of "the shock" also known as the "trans panic defense". Using a term like trap isn't harming you or me. But it reinforces the idea of "if they have a penis but dress like a girl they are a trap, a threat to your heterosexuality".

None of this is about "you shouldn't make a game about rape because rape is a crime" etc. - it is merely about harmful language. Also, a disclaimer - a respectful one - is actually a really good thing. If you tell people what is in the game (as you do on the game page), you give them the power to decide if they want to confront themselves with that or not.


I'm familiar with trans panic and the general danger women who are trans face simply for being who they are, and like I said, I agree it's a slur for that reason and also the general dehumanization of reducing someone to a concept.

Yeah, what I meant with the disclaimer was - I don't really think it's sufficient just to slap a disclaimer on; not that you shouldn't put a disclaimer, but that by itself, a disclaimer isn't carte blanche to write anything and everything without regards to the consequences. We're going to try to put disclaimers where we can, and to make it clear that we're not trying to say anything hurtful about anyone.

I'm curious, did you mean to say that this isn't how I or people with that fetish think, or this isn't about how I or them think? I'll admit I was a little upset when I read the former, but reading your whole post I think you meant the latter, which I can understand - I digressed.

This is a mostly irrelevant, but the game itself is devoid of the language we're talking about here (and always was, actually), and in fact of any of the slurs you might expect to find. It was a blind spot not to recognize the previous title as being harmful, and I'm sorry about that - it was never our intention to harm anyone.

What I meant was basically that just because you or me aren't offended by something doesn't mean its an okay thing.


Yeah, agree. My digression was mostly just in defense of the fetish itself - the language offends me also, and the only reason I used it was unthinking expedience, something along the lines of "the fetish is X, I'm making an RPG called X, I'll call it X RPG for now". A week or so before the takedown we actually had a discussion in one of our streams about the implications of the term, and what to replace it with - and really, there isn't much that doesn't also have either other negative implications, is also recognized as a slur, or isn't really accurate to the subject matter. We eventually struck on Androgyny, and as fans of androgynous figures that worked well for us, but the most common usage of the word is to denote someone of ambiguous gender, which isn't quite what we're going for, but regardless, it's leagues better than the previous title.

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That's a common misconception. The truth is actually much, much sillier than that: it's a reference to an old Admiral Ackbar line that would be used as a joke (oh I thought it was a girl at first but it was actually a boy etc) when westerners discovered otoko no ko art (which in itself is a silly Japanese pun). This style of art/character is one where boys look feminine enough to be sexually androgynous and may or may not include crossdressing. It's actually entirely free of implication of sexuality or gender; otoko no ko characters are depicted as liking girls, liking boys, both, crossdressing, not crossdressing, as identifying as a boy or as a girl - there's really no standard to it at all because it's an aesthetic, not something people use as an identity marker of any sort.

So anyway after that joke got so prevalent people then organically began calling otoko no ko characters "traps" and so, naturally, the reverse (a girl who's handsome enough to be sexually androgynous whether crossdressing or not) became known as a "reverse trap". That alone should tell you that it's not actually referring to some notion that the character in question is actually trying to "trap" or deceive anyone; "reverse trap" would make absolutely no sense whatsoever in that context.

The misconception is very easy to make if you're not familiar with the etymology of the term but it's not a slur. It's a goofy-but-now-it's-in-the-lexicon word for an archetype/aesthetic; it's really only used to refer to fictional characters.


You're being condescending, disrespectful on top of being completely wrong. I was considering arguing with your point but that would be wasting my time. Keep your mansplaining to yourself next time.

There's really nothing to "argue" - that's where it came from and that's what it refers to. Slurs refer to a specific group of people in a derogatory way. The word "trap" refers only to an aesthetic in art of fictional characters and the word itself comes from a stupid joke that became a meme. A trans or gay character could -be- a trap/otoko no ko but that's not what the terms refer to. I'm not telling you what you can or can't be offended by but you should at least keep your mind open enough to hear the actual history of something before you go writing your own.
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I need help I downloaded the new update and tried all three downloads and it gives no run java app like the previous updates but the config and channelblog are there I need help. if more info or how to reach me my email is

You guys need writers or something? I can offer my help, I have nothing really better to do. Let me know!


We've got plans to create a system for mod encounters that you can include as well, so guest writers is definitely on the roadmap - don't have the infrastructure for it yet, though. D:

You guys are awesome, like seriously, awesome. I hope this blossoms into a fantastic game. I'm willing to help in any way I can. Keep on doing what you guys are doing!

So question, but whats the general plan to flesh out combat a bit more?

Perhaps its just me not understanding the system, but right now the combat feels a bit too "luck-based" at times, with repeat swings or actions from your character resulting in absolutely nothing happening despite stance vs stance, balance, stamina, and other such things yet the enemy can hit you or do something to you every time over and over again. This happens even when you're all maxed out on stamina, your balance is as great as it could be, etc...

And also I'm not sure if this is an actual issue or something not implemented yet, but I can't seem to actually change the resolution of the game or size of the window box at all from the options menu.


Hey there - there's a lot that still remains for combat; weapons, armor, and items are going to play a large role, skills will have more diverse effects, there's general balancing that needs to be done.

Mainly, right now, if you don't hit the enemy with heavy attacks early on to break their armor, you end up in a situation where you can't perform strong enough attacks to do anything to them, because as you get lower health and stamina, your effective strength lowers. The combat system is currently entirely deterministic (aside from what actions an enemy will take, which is a weighted random distribution based on how aggressive they are and the current situation), so there's no luck factor involved.

That may be an actual issue with the resolution - that should be working. When you change the resolution dropdown it doesn't resize your window at all? It should at least automatically resize each time you make a selection, and then it should save it when you leave that menu - we'll be adding a save button eventually.

Ah I see, thank you for the more in-depth explanation regarding the combat.

And about the Resolution - no it does not resize at all, any changes done to it keep the window size the same if it wasn't fullscreened.


Ohhhh, sorry, I completely forgot that it's non-functional in the version of the game up on itch. The options menu is more fleshed out in v0.1.14.0+.