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Of the many VNs that I've (painstakingly) tried (to get behind), I think this one is going to stay a favourite... :)

Any plan to harmonise  measurement units, and either show only metric or only imperial? Currently, weight/mass in kilograms looks odd with distances in inches--well, except height (also metric). I presume the cup size you show is in the US format--but that will be harder to convert...

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I discovered in a certain game file (that you might want to change to 'csv' format, BTW) a reference to a character called Paige. ^^ I see that Caroline has a planned progression, too. I can't wait to see Luna's evolution--I see one of her attributes is going to be absolutely insane, and I want more like her! <3

Got any add-ins that could be interfering? Try disabling them one by one to see if it makes a difference...

Have you tried a different browser?

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I... It seems to work now... I had the impression it was based on the keyboard layout that was used because it worked on another computer with a different physical layout. On my gaming desktop, with an AZERTY keyboard, I have two layouts set up: one for French and one for UK (other games that don't allow keyboard mapping required such a setting).

Any in case:

  • Browser: Firefox v107 x64
  • Device: er, a custom-built desktop (that I assembled 馃槉)
  • OS: Windows 11

Can't wait to see more! Any other kinks in mind?

Yes--open the 'pause' menu and the map icon is at the bottom left...

Should make for a nice end-of-year present...  :)

When programming, you'll find (if you haven't already done so) that sometimes it's worth rewriting your code rather than desperately trying to patch bugs. As daunting as that sounds, you could very well have some "lightbulb moments", where you realise that the new code is easier to maintain and/or is simply more efficient... Literally to the point of, "How come I didn't think of that before?" and "If only I had known earlier that I could use <insert routine here>!" :)

So, keep the game's ideas and consider revisiting the code... ^^

I like the game's concept. However, I won't be completing it any time soon as the character disappears at some point after taking down an enemy and pressing 'e' to have it "taken away". I'd forgive such a bug if there was a save feature...

And I'm sitting here, still wondering what this game would be like if it had 3D renders and models instead... 馃槉

Bring on episode 7! <3

Keys don't work in a browser, so I can't even get past the 'notice' screen!

"I guess when you're finished with the game, you can have somebody who is fluent in English to help refine and fix the text."

I'd be happy to help. :)

I'd be down for pregnancy if it was included--but I'm not going to suddenly think less of the VN if the dev told me he decided against it, whatever the reason may be.

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Well, of course, I wanted Lady Carmilla to expand her assets to the largest size! 馃槇

I love Coras' enthusiasm--32K and beyond!

Mirai and Kiara will need some encouragement. :)

Actually, Kiara has a point about expecting a belly to stay flat: I wouldn't mind if Jane (and/or others) ended up with a bit of a muffin top--but that's just me (and other like-minded people, women included). ^^

Anyway, I'm definitely eager to see how far things go in this VN!

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Getting pregnant and producing tonnes of milk... And that others will do the same... Despite everything she has said so far... 馃槇

Shrinking potion!? I'd be sure to destroy those if it were an option!

"New way of milking" eh? :) #PatienceIsAVirtue

Count me in, too!

Had me hesitating between two...but I'll go for D.

Have you tried in the 1.10 build? There's a dedicated download to patch the game...

Bugs and comments:

  • Wildings
    • Not able to pick up offspring. If normal, there shouldn't be text stating it is yours... ^^
      • What's the purpose of picking up offspring, anyway? Will they grow to be your followers or something? :)
    • No futa NPC character at the camp (dare I say I was actually a bit disappointed), despite the option being enabled in the game's settings. Is it randomized each time you start a new game?
  • During sex scenes:
    • The 'C' key actions cumming...and also moves the camera.
    •  Mapped camera keys show as 'None None' and 'NoneNone' during sex scenes (well, I'm quite sure they are)...
  • The guiding light's distance from the MC means that it doesn't illuminate attics, as the orb is effectively outside the building...
  • The heels on the shoes are too cambered (personally, I'd lose them entirely and just make flat[ter]-soled footwear).


  • Visual highlight for loot bags (they can be hard to see in some areas).
  • 'esc' key to close inventory and keyboard shortcut to 'Take all' (this is to help take loot from camps faster, reducing the amount of fighting).
  • Increase the upper max size of MC's calves just a bit.
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Hm, it indeed appeared to be resolution related. I still run an unusual resolution of 1920x1200. I changed the Windows settings for screen resolution to 1920x1080...which the game "hated" as I couldn't actually do much so I had to alt-f4 out. After reverting to the native screen resolution, running the game again, faffing about with its graphics settings, I resolved the offset issue. It's as if the game hadn't properly detected the resolution when I first launched it, despite having run it from a fresh "installation"...

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"Hopefully fixed the sporadic Customizations not being saved, especially for breast sliders"
Nope - I started a new character, gave her huge boobs...and once in the game she had much smaller boobs... (Other physical traits were retained, though.)
On top of that, only the sliders (so, not the +/- inputs like hair type) are reset to their default positions when you return to the main menu.

Also, the cursor alignment is out of wack for the various buttons and sliders - you have to place the cursor *below* the one you want to click on...

See screenshot below; note cursor misalignment next to 'Zoom in/out'; I had set the 'Head Shape 2' slider all the way to the right and over so slightly increased 'Elf Ears':

Any more updates for the game? Eager to see the family become incredibly incestuous!

I, for one, wouldn't mind some weight gain aspects, especially if it adds some balance to the legs: often, female characters are depicted with skinny lower legs...and "topped" with fat thighs and big asses... Something I've never really been a big fan of... Also, I quite like a bit of a muffin top and/or chubby tummy. Heck, huge boobs on a chubby body would look more believable... (In any case, I definitely followed the game's storyline where all girls are to end up with massive chests, regardless of body size.)

I must say, I do like the repeatable scene where the protagonist becomes a curvy female--the cumflation is icing on the cake. :)

I don't suppose there's a demo available, by chance? :)

It dawned on me very recently that if the girls are going to have gigantic boobs then the protagonist would probably want a much longer cock... Particularly if they were to kneel in front of him...only to realize that they couldn't get as close because of their "mountains of flesh" (and obviously going back to smaller boobs is out of the question), so it's only fair for the guy to do his share (especially since they're all into the "bigger is better" mantra)... :) I trust they'd get used to it--Laura did... ^^

Looking forward to the next update!

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Just finished E5! Can't wait for the girls to become even bigger/curvier and lactate even more! <3


Looking forward to it!

Can't wait for there to be more bathroom- and bed-sharing in a certain expanding house! :)

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I've broken the game even more:

I went back to the dragon after working the pregnancy glitch, allowed my char to be defeated, and after finishing up the sex scene, my char fell through the world. Having no way to stop it (also, it was dark and thundering, so I couldn't see anything), I reloaded the game. I went back to the dragon...only to find that my char is now invincible. In fact, in walking over to a scorpion, the dragon followed me and killed the scorpion instead. It dropped loot...but I couldn't pick it up. I went to attack a wasp, it dropped loot...but I couldn't pick it up either.

I had to exit the game to fix the invincibility and inventory issue.

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OK, since the 'x' key is "broken" with that dragon (at least, only during that pose), I figured I'd fix the pregnant belly glitch by going to a werewolf and letting my char be defeated. That worked, and then came the moment for the explicit birth... Now, my character is stuck in the birthing position. You're also in 'masturbating' mode. You have to exit it and it's after going to talk to Isabel that it forced my char to stand again. No more pregnant belly...but now the menu to finish up/cum/show stats is always visible...

Edit: it turns out it's the explicit birthing that causes the invincibility (as well as the constant overlay for the sex interaction menu and the loss of control of the inventory--can be opened but you can't do anything there).

Edit: after sex with a Wilding, although you still have to open and close the inventory and exit 'masturbation' mode, at least the character is returned to normal walking and you don't have the sex interactions menu/overlay.

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Problems here:

- What is that white text?

- I don't know if it's from zooming too far out and then getting a warning that I did so, but the 'x' doesn't respond so I can't exit the scene. The 'c' pans the camera and causes cumming... Just as well I saved before the fight because it looks like I'll have to reload... (I did and the time has moved forward to 9:36.)

- I can equip those swords--not that it serves any purpose, nor are their respective squares highlighted.

- I can open the inventory.

- The health is actually going up...

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Once you've killed a werewolf or werebear, in some cases, their bodies rotate around a given point, as you move your character...

For the dick collector quest, I can just go and talk to Isabel, claim that I "picked up some dicks" and my char gains 1500 XP. Upon completing the quest, the dicks aren't removed from inventory.

During sex scenes, the key mapping reverts to "QWERTY-like" (despite having configured mine for AZERTY).

Errors in the sex stats: in my current save game, it states that my char was fucked 0 times in her pussy but 4 times in her ass, and she has been through 4 pregnancies... So, unless she can get pregnant via her butt... :)

My in-game time appears to be stuck at 6:18... Actually, the day/night
 cycle doesn't appear to work at all: if I travel towards the southwest, there's daylight; if I travel in the opposite direction, it progressively gets darker...

I discovered the Wilding camp and during the sex animations the characters aren't lined up properly and there's also the 'talk' interaction--but it doesn't work (unsurprisingly, I suppose--though it would be cool to ask if another would like to join for a threesome).

RPG specifically or just anything relating to breast expansion? If the latter, 'Hypnosis' by ExpandingUniverse and 'Holstein Girls' by CowgirlDev are worth checking out.