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Hi there! Our Discord technical support team can help walk you through this. :)

You can contact them here:

Sorry you are not seeing your download! Our support team can help with this!

You can contact them here:

Sorry to hear you're having trouble installing the DLC!

Our Discord technical support team can help with this! You can contact them here:

Thanks for the review!

So sorry about this!  We just uploaded a new version of the Installer that I believe will address this issue.  If you still need help and don't mind hopping on our Discord, our support team would be happy to help further:

Hello! We're very sorry that the installer isn't working for you! 

The installer has been tested by our team and many other players and is fully functional, but sometimes the installation process can be a bit confusing!

Please join our Discord here so our support team can help you through the process and get your game working properly:

Google Translate version: 

Hallo! Es tut uns sehr leid, dass der Installer bei Ihnen nicht funktioniert!

Der Installer wurde von unserem Team und vielen anderen Spielern getestet und ist voll funktionsfähig, aber manchmal kann der Installationsprozess etwas verwirrend sein!

Bitte treten Sie hier unserem Discord bei, damit unser Support-Team Ihnen durch den Prozess helfen und Ihr Spiel richtig zum Laufen bringen kann:

Hello! Sorry to hear that your payment is not going through!

This seems like it could be an error in's system. You may be able to try paying by a different method, such as via PayPal, to remedy the problem. 

If that does not work, please contact's support team or reach out to our official support team on our Discord for further assistance:

Google Translate version:

Bonjour! Désolé d'apprendre que votre paiement ne passe pas!

Cela semble être une erreur dans le système d' Vous pourrez peut-être essayer de payer par une autre méthode, par exemple via PayPal, pour remédier au problème.

Si cela ne fonctionne pas, veuillez contacter l'équipe d'assistance d' ou contacter notre équipe d'assistance officielle sur notre Discord pour obtenir de l'aide :

House Party is intended to be played as a choice-based story experience, but in order to skip the story and play the game in a freeform way that is more sandbox-style, yeah, you will likely need to take advantage of the game's console commands!

Our Discord team can provide more information:

Hello! We are sorry to hear that you paid for the DLC but the download has not showed up for you.

Since it has now been a couple of days for the payment to process, can you confirm that this transaction went through and the money was removed from your account? 

On our end, we cannot see any transaction for $5.99 USD went through, but if you can provide us with your email, we can confirm that for certain. If the money was not removed from your account, you should be able to simply re-try the transaction!

If the money was removed, but you have still not received the game, please send us your email privately via the Contact Us form on our official website ( or our official Discord ( so we can look further into what is going on! Thank you!

Google translate version:

Bonjour! Nous sommes désolés d'apprendre que vous avez payé pour le DLC, mais le téléchargement ne s'est pas présenté pour vous.

Étant donné que le traitement du paiement s'est maintenant écoulé depuis quelques jours, pouvez-vous confirmer que cette transaction a été effectuée et que l'argent a été retiré de votre compte?

De notre côté, nous ne voyons aucune transaction pour 5,99 USD, mais si vous pouvez nous fournir votre adresse e-mail, nous pouvons le confirmer avec certitude. Si l'argent n'a pas été retiré de votre compte, vous devriez pouvoir simplement réessayer la transaction!

Si l'argent a été retiré, mais que vous n'avez toujours pas reçu le jeu, veuillez nous envoyer votre e-mail en privé via le formulaire Contactez-nous sur notre site officiel ( ou notre Discord officiel (https:/ / afin que nous puissions approfondir nos connaissances! Merci!

The female player update has actually been live on Itch for a while now! If you're still having difficulties getting the update, please join our Discord so our support team can look into why it isn't working for you:

Hey!  Sorry you're having trouble with the installer.  It does work for Steam as well!  I think it is a little bit better at finding the Epic install currently though.

If it's unable to find your Steam folder, it should give you the option to specify the location, but if you have a minute to drop by our discord, we'd be happy to help you get it working and/or help you manually copy the files to the Steam folder!

Tut mir leid, dass du Probleme hast! Der Installer findet Steam oft, aber nicht in allen Fällen. Es sollte Sie jedoch auf jeden Fall den Ordner auswählen lassen! Wenn Sie bei unserem Discord vorbeischauen können, können wir Ihnen bei der Installation helfen!

Sorry you're having trouble!  The installer does find Steam often, but not in all cases.  It should definitely let you choose the folder though!  If you can stop by our discord we can help you get it installed!

Tut mir leid, dass du Probleme hast! Wenn du bei unserem Discord vorbeischauen kannst, helfen wir gerne, wir haben dort tolle Helfer, die auch ohne Google Translate Deutsch sprechen!

Sorry you're having trouble!  If you can stop by our discord, we'll be happy to help, we have some amazing helpers there who speak German without Google Translate too!

We're sorry you're getting an error when you try to extract the download files! Our Discord support team can help walk you through the extraction process to make sure everything looks good there and take a look at the error # to see what's going on. Here's a link to reach out to them:

Sorry you're having an issue with the game crashing! Please provide your crash report to our Discord so they can look into what's going on and get the problem solved for you:

I don't believe there's any way to do 3rd person in the game, but you can always check with our Discord to be sure:

It's the original style for intimacy in the game (before we added the intimacy cutscenes). It's more like a POV style where you can choose various positions.

Thanks for sharing and glad to hear it!

We think we found a way to get it up while we're waiting for help from Itch support! Give it a try when you get a chance. You should be able to download Version 1.0 now, but, please, let us know if you have any problems playing!

We think we found a way to get it up while we're waiting for help from itch support!  Give it a try when you get a chance.  You should be able to download Version 1.0 now!

No ETA or changes yet; we're waiting on a reply back from Itch support right now! As soon as we hear back and get the issue resolved, our team will get the build uploaded for everyone! Really sorry for the delay.

We are waiting for a reply back from Itch support right now! As soon as we hear back and get the issue resolved, our team will upload the build ASAP! Once again, really sorry about the wait.

Hey!  We just updated the installer, if your problem is what we think it is, it shouldn't crash anymore!  It should find your steam install as well, but if it doesn't you should also get the option to manually choose the install folder.

Hey!  We just updated the installer, if your problem is what we think it is, it shouldn't crash anymore!  It should find your steam install as well, but if it doesn't you should also get the option to manually choose the install folder.

Hey!  We just updated the installer, if your problem is what we think it is, it shouldn't crash anymore!

The Installer has been tested by many users and is fully functional! However, if it isn't working for you, our Discord support team is happy to help! You can reach out to them here:

Yeah, we're really sorry, and we completely understand! 

The build was ready, and we did try multiple times to get it uploaded on the day of. We actually even finished up early, so it may not have even been the 16th for everyone outside of the US! 

We were super excited to bring it live on Itch, so it was disappointing for us, too, that it couldn't happen at that time. It's something that's out of our control on our end, so we're currently waiting on a reply back from support, but hopefully we can hear back and get things sorted soon!

Once again, really sorry for this, guys. We'll have it up as soon as we possibly can.

Yeah, we tried multiple times to get it up here yesterday, but we kept getting errors. Our team is working on this and will have it up as soon as we possibly can for you all! Really sorry about the wait!

Hi there! Sorry you're having trouble getting the installer to work with Steam! Our Discord support team can help with this issue. You can reach them here:

Hi there! Sorry you're having trouble getting the patch to work with your game!

The Universal Installer should be able to uncensor any version of House Party, regardless of where it was purchased from!

For technical support, please visit our Discord and reach out to our dedicated support team here:

I believe we only currently have PayPal set up as an alternative to card payment on! However, our Discord may be able to help and provide more info:

Hi there! Please reach out to our support team on Discord and they can help get this situation sorted!

Here's a link:

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We really appreciate you reaching out to us and sharing this information! Actually, we weren't aware that this was something we could do and that other developers were doing it.

Thanks to your comment, our team has been dedicating time to look into this option and has confirmed that it is possible for us to do!

So, we've been working on getting builds of House Party prepared and uploaded, and we're happy to announce that the female character first look is now available for testing on!

Once again, we're sorry for ever making you feel second rate. We care so much about our players and that wasn't ever our intention; we honestly didn't know it was possible or common practice to host testing builds on alongside stable builds.

Thanks so much for bringing it to our attention, though, and we hope you enjoy playing!

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We're really sorry for the disappointment, but our players are absolutely in no way second class customers to us! Please allow us to explain:

As mentioned in the post above, the reason we are unable to put the female player first look on various DLSites is because these platforms are not built for hosting testing builds like Steam is. Steam supports convenient game branch and version switching for both developers and players.

To put it frankly, the female first look in its current state is nowhere near finalized enough to be shared as a live stable release with all players like and other DLSites are built for. It has known bugs, broken cutscenes, it's missing content, and so on. It's very early on in development, and it would be wrong of us to replace's normal version of the game with a version that is intended only for very early testing.

If the platform and other DLSites were built for version switching, we would put the female first look on them in a heartbeat. However, these websites are not built for that, so we're really sorry, but all players WILL still get the female update when it is eventually in a better, more complete state for stable release. 

We're very sorry for the disappointment this caused, and we understand that you might think we're jerks for this, but you are absolutely not and never will be second rate to us, and we really appreciate your patience and understanding about the platform restrictions of

Hey sorry about the crazy long response time, but that's an thing. Not a bad idea though!

When this happens, and always when updating to a new version, the best practice is to delete the Eek! folder and any other House Party files before downloading the new version. That should work.

Are you sure didn't have the free version? There used to be an old version for free here. Otherwise message me at

Hey guys! I just updated the Devlog with what we are working on right now! We are aiming to have the new Beta to you guys on December 7th :)

The game works please reference this page for troubleshooting your issue.

Hey guys!

0.7.4 has been underway since Monday, and we have a lot of cool new updates coming to the game.  This sprint is focused on story updates mostly, but there are also a lot of cool "under the hood" developments packed in.

The release date for 0.7.4 Alpha will be 10/19/17, and we will probably follow that up with one more Alpha release before going to Beta.  Thanks again so much for your support, and we are striving to keep up this pace of bringing 3 to 4 updates per month to our subscribers!

Here is the change log so far for 0.7.3 to 0.7.4: