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Lovely art, my only drawback is that it relies on WASD........which is not fun for azerty keyboard! Otherwise, it was great! Congratulations :)

Nice puzzle game. A little bit hard to know in which direction the character will go when a key is pressed, and the character felt a tad bit too slow (but that's according to my taste of course). Congrats!

Thanks you very much!

Haha it's alright, no worries!

Thank you very much! We're still working on it to improve some bits, and finish implementing what we couldn't ;)

Some should be simple, but they're just lacking a bit of feedback, we're working on it ;)

Thanks! Yeah, unfortunately, we ran out of time to implement more feedback/tips. But we're already improving it (can't upload yet though) ^^

Oh don't worry, I just felt the bike could be faster haha!!!

Thank you! I loved your game too, even though I suck at hacking games!

Cool game in the vein of Hacknet, Uplink and Zachtronics. I love those games even though I suck at it. And this interface with good old MS-DOS vibe......insta back to childhood feel!

Thank you very much! I loved your game too!

The concept is really cool, but it was hard(er) for me to play as my keyboard is azerty (zqsd instead of wasd). Otherwise, nice implementation of the theme :)

Alright, I loved it! Only 2 small drawbacks: the game seemed a little bit slow, and the front wheel goes high too quickly. Other than that, awesome!

Interesting idea, but I don't know why, after launching the game, the game was reduced a litte bit more than half its size, so it was hard to play (especially with way too many ads to start with) and the character seemed a bit slow. I was unable to enjoy the game at its fullest, but I loved the idea.

The game launched in Firefox, but the screen was messed up, part of the left of the screen was hidden. It did the same in Edge, unable to play.

Well, I started the game, I was unable to change the I clicked play....went right, went to the finish line and got the "congrats you won! :D " screen......and that was it. I got a bit confused.
I tried again (no restart?), same thing. Never saw any covid or anything. It seemed interesting though.

It seemed interesting but I couldn't keep playing it because WASD is for qwerty keyboards......therefore, when you have an azerty keyboards, the controls get insta clunky. I made it through examining the patient, then I saw there was another wave of sweeping the floor, I just stopped playing. But it seemed cool!

Cool idea, although I must admit, I was a bit lost with the controls, but nice concept!

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The game is not considered uploaded ("The developer has not uploaded a game yet..."), and the downloads on the page aren't the good ones (you need to package in a zip the whole folder, not just the .exe ;)
Too bad, the concept seemed interesting!

Interesting idea, but wayyyy too invasive. Fits the theme though...

The concept is appealing, but the sprites were so tiny on my screen, it was hard to play or do something meaningful, kept dying every ten seconds max. Maybe my screen resolution was to high for the game though.

Because I ran out of moves left, my robot got kind of stuck in mid jump.....and that was it, the level didn't restart by itself nad I didn't find any key to strike to restart (which would be less tedious than reloading the page and game and starting over). It's the only thing that was missing in my opinion ;)

Nice game, fits the theme (and as previously said, the minimalism helps in that). I didn't mind waiting. It's part of the experience, so, congrats!

Loved the concept, cool execution, and love that music. All in all, congrats!

Interesting idea, love the concept, but why isn't there a restart button?

Cool idea. As someone said, it could be really fun, if the character was a little bit faster, there really is potential for a cool game! No rebind controls though for those non qwerty....

Really cool game! Great use of the theme. The only drawback is, as everyone said, a lack of captions/subtitles, it was hard to hear the stuff on the phone, and I ended up only opening the front door and the garage door haha. But I enjoyed it nonetheless :)

haha don't worry, it happens all the time, no big deal ;)

The tutorial doesn't pause the game, and can't be launch before playing a game. Interesting concept, though I had to figure out the "holes" were to be used to create towers. Too much elements/weaknesses for me, and it was a bit small on my screen especially when building a tower. Nice concept nonetheless!

Ohhh alright, you should have put some hints at what level is what haha. So yeah, it was after the two totems room (with the code on the minimap), if I remember well. The door is down below, the two totems or on way high platforms, and there's a huge bowl shaped void in between, it was kind of hard navigating in that level, but the concept of the game was great ;)

Nice idea, but the window was so small. The concept is great but a bit confusing, as I had trouble finding what to do / what objects do. Especially those who change the shooting mode. Potential for some strategic shooter!

Nice game. The player character was a bit slow though, and as someone else said it, a little more checkpoints would be great! Cool concept though!

Cool proof of concept, lots of potential to make an interesting game. But right now it's a little bit hard/clunky... wasd is for qwerty, which takes azerty users out (which I am). The music is great. Hope you will improve this very interesting concept! For two days, congrats!

nice graphics and audio, but a little bit confusing to play, the orders to me were not that clear to understand, and as daanolav, the orders seem to be coming too fast. But for 2 days, it's great!

Cool concept, but it was a bit hard navigating (the second tutorial level I guess) because of lots of empty space, even though the map helped a little. Cool game nonetheless :)

Short, simple, and moving! Congrats for a first finished on time jam project!

Funny idea, but I'm not a fan of button smashers types of game. Cool application of the theme though!

Same as metalbloxer, plus I guess the blue "RY" is RETRY, but it's cut on the left of the screen.

Seemed funny, but hard to get a grip of it with an azerty keyboard. Too bad, the rocket pooping was so great! (loved the music).

Here is our game for rating:

I love the premise and graphic style! Awesome Gogot game. Only drawback is the player character is a little bit too slow (in my opinion), and sometimes it's not clear where we can walk, until too late when the spirit catches up to us. Great ambience, great potential!!
I don't know why when our team members comment, our game doesn't appear for rating, but here it is: (left click and hold on the door to try to enter)