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Nice one!

Some thoughts: 

-In my experience, WebGL works better here for casual games. I assume your game doesn't have anything specific that brokes that build so I suggest you try to build it on WebGL and try it out here, I'm sure you'll get more traffic.
-The controls feel weird, having to use the mouse for the double jump is kinda wonky for me. 
-The bat is a little bit unfair because doesn't have a visual telegraph. Even a fast color blink or a small animation would telegraph it and make it feel more fair. 
-Father time combat is a cool concept, a little too long for me but fun idea.

Keep at it!

Thank you very much for your feedback! 

Thank you!

Thank you for your comment!

The art direction and the music are really good. It could have been a little bit better if there were some more distinguishable areas (maybe the color pallete on each zone can be slightly different to show the zones) or landmarks in the track to add variation and to know where you are.

The constant width is a little bit underwhelming, especially on sharp turns, if there were more broad zones, I think the tighter ones could add more tension. The camera sometimes works against you, especially on turns when you are going up after going down, the camera doesn't catch up and you don't know where the track is headed. Same with the peaks where you go quickly from going up to down, the camera takes a moment to catch up and everytime i get into those zones, I crash.

You did a good job on the jam, congrats!

Since you say is not finished is hard to give feeddback because i think most of the stuff you already know, but here it goes:

  • Health bar is too big and too centered, it could be very tiny, or better, your remaining shots could be your health bar, so you don't have to have UI.
  • Enemies should die when they receive shoots, or at least be pushed/react since right now it feels weird that nothing you do seems to have an impact.
  • You should have feedback when you receive damage, and the enemies too (flashing, particles, shake...)
  • More randomized enemies (position and patterns)

I think the base idea is really cool (have a limited number of bullets) and i think it could be worked to be awesome. Some ideas I had while playing

  • What if the bullets are also like a shield, so if you receive damage while you have bullets in you, you lose a bullet, but if you receive damage without bullets, you lose. This would change the "bullets are evil" mechanic but It could be cool, dunno
  • What if if you hit an enemy the bullet recharges faster than if you miss? Then players should be careful and aim better if they want to reload faster.

The art direction is very cool, liked it a lot.

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The art style is impressive. The bridge generation effect is awesome, I would put it at the start of the game so every player sees it. As others suggested, the jumps are too tight and the view adds difficulty sometimes to see if the platform that is ahead is in the same Z plane as you or not (i'm talking about the floating white platforms)

Also, the first section seems too crowded (after the tutorial, the section with flames,spikes horizontally and vertically right next to each other) and I think is too much for the start of the game, after that, the pacing is much more better in my opinion. 

Good job, and as I read that this is your first game, Congratulations!!! 

I like this kind of games a lot, played the flash motocross games a lot while i was at college. 
This I liked, but i would have prefer it if it had a faster control, to allow faster turning and moving so you can make more trickier levels. As for level design, i liked it up until the end. Putting the hardest jump in the level at the end of it is frustrating, because you have to repeat everything up to that point (that was fairly easy) and try multiple times. I would suggest not putting this kind of stuff to the end, and move it more like to the 70/80% of the level, so when you make the hard jump you have some downtime to calm down and finish the level. I tried several times and couldn't beat that jump.

Also, i would put the character more to the left of the screen, since you cannot go back, is more important to see what's ahead (especially in that last jump).

Good job!

I liked the circular runner concept. When you have done a lot of laps it can get a bit tiring, I was thinking as I played that would be cool if the scenario was like a spiral staircase (but with a ramp, not staircase), and the players go up a tower or something like that so they can clearly see how much you need to traverse to finish the level.

Found it weird that you duck when you press the down key, but to jump you have to let go of the up arrow key. Also, as you put in the description, i couldn't play it more than a few minutes because I get motion sickness really easy.

The second level is much prettier and colorful, you should take a screenshot so you show variety in your jam page.

Awesome! Thank you very much for playing!