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Run around in circles for no reason!
Submitted by RogueDogX — 23 hours, 13 seconds before the deadline
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I interpreted it to be intentionally a little vague, as to allow for variety. But, I personally first jumped to bikes, and then immediately thought "no". Then I thought about circles and then circular motion.

Sensory information
no, but I would all but guarantee this will flair up motion sickness if you are prone to it.

Content warnings
nope. other than possible vomiting.... or a possibly scary giant monkey statue.

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I liked the circular runner concept. When you have done a lot of laps it can get a bit tiring, I was thinking as I played that would be cool if the scenario was like a spiral staircase (but with a ramp, not staircase), and the players go up a tower or something like that so they can clearly see how much you need to traverse to finish the level.

Found it weird that you duck when you press the down key, but to jump you have to let go of the up arrow key. Also, as you put in the description, i couldn't play it more than a few minutes because I get motion sickness really easy.

The second level is much prettier and colorful, you should take a screenshot so you show variety in your jam page.


Thank you for the feed back.  

and I agree some kind of progression meter would be a great addition.  I had actually thought of that, but I was really stretching the amount of time I had to work on this, I do work a normal job and it was getting late, and it was just one of many aspects that got left on the cutting room floor.   My main focus was to just get the basic mechanic working, and to see if a basic platform level done over and over again much faster is actually any fun to play.    Good news, it sounds like it might be.

for the keyboard controls, I wanted to put space in as a stunt button that you could used to get extra points, but again ran out of time.  I really wanted to add that one :-(  

as for the motion sickness, yeah I know.  sorry not much I can do about that in the short term.  the movement system is tied to sin and cosine, hence the name.  So until I can make the movement system parametric curve based, different sizes of "the spin cycle form hell" is all I can do.  plus it fit the theme of the jam better.

I completely agree with you here too.   The second level came out way better than the first.  The odd thing is I threw that level together in like 2 hours because I realized the lap speed increase would need to be way small to give the first level any real length, making it boring.  So i quickly put together level 2 as a way to extend the game play, just using some standard assets I had left over from another project, and unity's terrain maker.  so I spent like a quarter of the time on it and it looks 10 times better.... go figure.    I will add a couple pictures when I get the chance.  

Thanks again for playing and the feed back!