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just firing it back up to go thru a few screens, it was definitely an eyestrain to read the Race backgrounds/stories when starting a new game, though now that i look at it again im not sure if its a font/size issue so much as a 'grey on darker grey thats also transparent with stuff behind it' issue. the same mouseover tip boxes on healthbars is better since its on a plain black background and  i think theres more contrast, but in those tooltips for instance the dark red 'Starvation' is very hard to read.

looking at it closer now, it seems like theres some sort of filter applied to the text? it doesnt seem sharp generally, even though im running at my monitor's native resolution. (i was going to try dropping it down to 1280x720 to get a clean 2x scale to see if that helps but the resolution dropdown doesnt go down that low haha)

otoh, the text in the general chatbox thingy at the bottom is much clearer/easier to read (tho itd still be great if it could be a lil bigger)

also, for what its worth, at 2560x1440 theres a ton of free space in the UI (took a screenshot below ) so if its easier than screwin around with fonts and all that, maybe just a 1.5x/2x/etc ui scale option is less painful to implement? i have no idea if that sounds stupid lol

anyway hope some amount of that rambling was helpful!

finally getting around to firing this up after i picked it up a week ago lol. playing on my 2560x1440 monitor though a lot of the text is tough to read for my old eyes. is there an ini somewhere to fiddle with font sizes?

(alternatively, maybe it may just come down to the low contrast between font color and background color in some instances? getting old sucks yall)