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The inventory bar keeps losing items, creating secondary stacks that it won't acknowlege (32 wood in one stack, 5 in another, says i only have 5 wood)

I also can't access the settings in game

I entered on the far side of the pond across from spawnwhere the ground slopes into the water, after swimming a while and gathering all collectables i was trying to leave the water (closer to the edge near spawn, where the platform is on the water near the dumpster) i charged from the bottom holding shift+W i believe. i went pretty high and after i let go i realized i wasn't going to fall back down.

Sorry i don't have more specifics but i hope this can help!

Nytro community » Bug Reports · Created a new topic 2 issues

I loved the game. It was both fun and cute. I did have 2 issues i ran into though. i got stuck behind the grassy platforms near the castle and had to restart. I also found that if you charge out of the water you can fly by swimming through the air (this was hilarious and is actually how I found the last gold piece), but I'm mostly sure you didn't design it to do this on purpose.