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3D platformer inspired by the original Spyro trilogy, featuring a robot cat. · By OhiraKyou

2 issues

A topic by EbbWheezer created Sep 02, 2017 Views: 177 Replies: 3
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I loved the game. It was both fun and cute. I did have 2 issues i ran into though. i got stuck behind the grassy platforms near the castle and had to restart. I also found that if you charge out of the water you can fly by swimming through the air (this was hilarious and is actually how I found the last gold piece), but I'm mostly sure you didn't design it to do this on purpose.

Whoa there. I thought I had totally eliminated ways to swim out of water. Since I couldn't reproduce it by charging out of water and holding the swim button, could I get some very specific details about how to reproduce it? Ideally, what buttons you were pressing, when you pressed them, if you were holding them when you got out, where in the water you entered, where you got out.


I entered on the far side of the pond across from spawnwhere the ground slopes into the water, after swimming a while and gathering all collectables i was trying to leave the water (closer to the edge near spawn, where the platform is on the water near the dumpster) i charged from the bottom holding shift+W i believe. i went pretty high and after i let go i realized i wasn't going to fall back down.

Sorry i don't have more specifics but i hope this can help!

Thanks! I have a couple of ideas now.