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This was melancholy and warm at the same time, the kind of stuff I like. I liked that the characters are 30+ years old, and I loved them joking about stuff! Ulysses best boy <3

Thank you so much!! 💜💜💜

Yeah, crunch is bad. I understand all too well that it's tempting to try and juggle everything at once, but it's not worth it. I've noticed that in my game dev work, crunching often ends up in rushed assets and decisions which I have to re-do later. It's better to take it easy, especially for health! I too have paid the price for crunch before, and it's totally not worth it. 

If publishing the game in chapters feels easier to accomplish, do it! I try to make goals as easy to achieve as possible, so that they get done and don't end up in development hell. But take your time to rest now, you've earned it! 

A neat little guide with links to further reading. As an aspiring solo rpg-player, this was a great summary of what to expect. Thanks!

I like Nicolas Gasparini's dark ambient music, maybe it could suit your project.

Just remember to credit him properly, if you end up using it.

A touching subject! I enjoyed the sweet moments, and the message made me think about the people in the same situation. I hope this new year will be better for everyone!

I wondered if the drawer was something that will have use in the future. I hope you will have the time and energy to keep developing this! I really like the style and mood in it. <3

This was fuzzy and funny! I like the balance between the light-hearted and more serious scenes. And I vote for a butler route! :D

Ooh, I haven't played an adventure Ren'Py game before! I reached the four endings, but couldn't figure out how to open the drawer in the study. There's some variable loops that don't quite work yet, but that's a given. The simple art style works really well here. I'll be looking forward to the polished version!

Ooh, I've always loved this bittersweet story, and your take on it is fabulous! Somehow I really enjoyed Poppy's snot face :D And the eyes, the eyes..! *_*

I really like the background art! The fire looks so cozy <3 I like how the story reveals itself bit by bit, sometimes raising more questions than giving answers.

Aww, I really like the atmosphere in this one. <3

I finally had time to play this, and now I'm all fuzzy and warm <3 I loved how Yrsa was more reserved in both her words and expressions, while Uribel was very open and even bubbly. But I gotta say I loved the guards and villagers with their simple sprites! I wish there had been more sprites for the villagers, there were so many great personalities. I'm looking forward to seeing more games like this!

Wow, this has spunk in it! I wish there were more CGs of the action, they look so cool <3 I loved the ending, it left me intrigued. :)

Wow, I didn't expect the demo to be this long! A treat, really. I enjoyed the side quests and chibi illustrations a lot. I wish I could write as well! ;_; Looking forward to the full version!

Victor seems just like the type I like to see flustered. :D The Nightmare Prince sounds mysterious too. I hope the kickstarter will be successful!

You can't dev if life is a mess, so take all the time you need to get back on your feet. I appreciate that you stepped forward with this news, so we as fans know to be patient. Take care!

Having no experience in modifying UI this was a delightful read. It gives me hope to someday tackle the Ren'Py screens! It's also wonderful to see how the game's colors and aesthetic is tied to a single image. I'm sad to hear that this game won't be continued, but I hope you'll continue making games with a similar mythologic touch!

I really liked the quirky style this has! The chemistry between the characters was also great. The examination phase was sometimes a bit buggy (the recording dialogue showed on top of the next scene or didn't always show at all), but I liked it as a feature. I'd like to see more games in this style!

Wow! Great combat system, it integrates nicely with the vn parts. The difficulty was okay for me, though I didn't make it through the double night mares. :D I really liked the pact ability and that you could attempt to communicate with the enemies.

Colby <3 I hope to see more from your team! The art looks so cozy and beautiful, and the effects were cool!

Love these two dorks <3 Can't wait to see more of them!

I'm glad you liked it! I'm itching to update this project but, unfortunately, I'm in the middle of moving countries, so the updates will have to wait for weeks before I get to my pc. ;_; I have already finished a few more CGs for it, so there's going to be more eye candy in the future. ;)

I doubt I'll make a longer version of this because the story was made to fit this particular game jam, but I might make something similar in the next month's Spooktober game jam. :) Unless I get a good idea for a sequel/prequel. :D

Nice use of solid backgrounds! I too had trouble keeping up with some of the repetition, but I liked the story still. The transitions at the end could be shorter (and skippable?). I tried to download this, but windows wouldn't let me run it for some reason. The browser version worked well though.

Whoa, this went into a whole different direction than I thought! I like it how you've kept this monochrome, it suits the story well.

I don't know if I feel more sorry for the Baroness or the cashier. :'D The music makes this feel even weirder, in a good way.

Don't worry about the default GUI, it's easy to use and it works! This game was calming and serene, the graphics fit together with the music perfectly. I need to check out the poem that inspired this. :)

Elaine <3 She's warmer than the cozy campfire!

The mood in this is strong! I can relate to the pile of unfinished projects too well. :'D

I love the background, it looks so desolate. <3 Sometimes it was hard to keep up with the story, because it changed between past and present tense. I usually get someone else to proofread my story to avoid mistakes. 

I hope you'll make a sequel (or a prequel!), the prince is an interesting character. I want to know more about his past and mission!

Thanks for the link! This kind of flowchart app would've been useful for my entry as well. :'D I should try to make my games branching-first next time since it seems to have worked well for you. Your branching looks so clean!

Oh, I've played Goodbye, Emilia! What a coincidence. What program did you use for making the flowcharts?

Nice and short! The kitchen looks so cozy. I wish you'd made the ghost sprite really transparent, it would've been perfect! But she's sweet nonetheless.

Paint art <3 Also great voice acting!

Thanks! I thought it was odd when there was the slider for it, but no button. I hope your Kickstarter is successful because I want to see more of this! :)

I like how expressive Jacob is. His hesitation is adorable. :3 The music makes the game more unnerving! 

The backgrounds are so prettyyyy *_* I liked the audio too, it fit the game's atmosphere well. I'm looking forward to the full game!

Has the "Auto"-button been removed from the text box intentionally? I saw the option to adjust the Auto-Forward speed, but couldn't find the button to use the Auto-mode. My hands are currently not well enough to keep clicking or pressing buttons for very long, so I use the Auto-feature a lot when playing visual novels. Other than that, the experience was great! :)

Finally got around finishing this. I liked it! I named my droid Sharky, to mirror Delphine. :) I really enjoyed the investigations, they're a neat feature! Delphine's and Dei's banter was fun to watch. Great job!