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was fun until it crashed

Unhandled Exception - uncaught exception: { message : "trying to index variable which is not an array", longMessage : "trying to index variable which is not an array", stacktrace : [ "function _25("trying to index variable which is not an array") ","function __yy_gml_array_check_index(17, [undefined]) ","function gml_Script_scrHideCard([instance], [instance], [undefined]) ","function gml_Script_scrAddCardToHand([instance], [instance], [undefined]) ","function gml_Script_scrDeath_Sum_ClockworkGolem([instance], [instance], [unknown]) ","function script_execute([instance], [instance], 100577, [unknown]) ","function gml_Script_scrKillSummonedCard([instance], [instance], [unknown]) ","function gml_Script_scrDamageSummonCard([instance], [instance], [unknown], 3, [unknown], [unknown], [unknown]) ","function gml_Script_scrCA_AttackCard([instance], [instance], [unknown], [unknown], [unknown]) ","function script_execute([instance], [instance], 100577, [unknown])

Dungeon Deck.js:5017:224

brilliant. loved the atmosphere. lovely fusion of idle, rpg and dungeon crawler. would be nice to see more of that.

when there is only a range unit left, the health indicator is misaligned.

Yes, breaking stone also crashes the browser. Using a MacBook Ppro, so it's an Apple M1 GPU.

i could hit slimes

firefox completely crashes

Sorry.  Can't do that

hmmm ... hit a railroad track and my browser crashes

in a way it's cute and fun

nice concept. controls were fine for me.

nice. but unfortunately quite buggy.

ah, good to know. i thought is was just some game humor showing some pong game.

boy, with that inflation it is no wonder people start stealing

why 'sdfe' and not 'asdw'?

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why is food getting more and more expensive with every purchase?

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struggled in the beginning. then once i got the concept it was a breeze. got all mines working in the end and cleared the board before i went for the final victory with some 1000 guys and 100 soldiers.

spoiler below


get rid of initial roads. rebuild short paths. connect mine to fort.

connect farm to huts. somehow connect the buildings altogether with the palace.

2 huts per farm, they snuggly fit left and right of the farm. 1 fort per mine with 2 short roads. it's key to generate lots of people quickly. use watchtowers to extend the border. find the other mine locations and build another mine and fort combo.

top row bumper peg. gradually upgrade. typically orbs bounce directly up and are done with two hits.


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Sable dust - 20g

Sable silk - 50g

ring of vitality and cursed shield is a doomed combination

thankfully the army didn't go for another wave. was just able to fend it off.

nice concept.

Tried again for Shards of God. Readme can't be opened as well. It is complaining about insufficient access rights. The game file says that the image is corrupted.

lovely animations and cute story.

the mac package could not be started. but was able to browse package and start ags with resources dir as argument.

at least an auto save to allow reloading after a crash

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in my opinion this has some balancing issues. it kinda gets unfair when enemies suddenly start attacking with double their attack power. (without any effects)

once you have defeated one sable the other sable and the crossbowman kinda make up for it and deal even more damage.

heart ring should say: when removed lose 5 HP

would be great if i can eat a fish after battle or when rearranging.

rearranging after fishing really needs an undo.

light switch doesn't really work for me. it was a bit odd that i had to copy the same files to the server i had already copied them before.

binder appears to be quite narcistic ;-)

lovely simple storytelling. i like the soundtrack.

well done. (you can get the battery twice)

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with the tutorial i understood the mechanics. fun little thing.

why esdf and not wasd?

would like to see a way to delete a slipway

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Brilliant. Loving it. This is how kids will learn programming these days ;-)

Unfortunately it is quite a bit buggy. Hope you guys will continue working on it.

with few tiles to hide behind it becomes impossible to win

fascinating how minimal controls can become a major handicap ;-)

fun idea

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has a bit of a dungeon keeper vibe.

would like to know the stats for the buildings and the research. also let me see the distributors range. let me click on a drone to see its stats.

accessing the quantum realm you can get a negative stock of material :-)

ungrateful little furballs

ran out of faith after 35 days.

great simple concept

8/8 ... like how the controls need to be mastered over the time