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lovely animations and cute story.

the mac package could not be started. but was able to browse package and start ags with resources dir as argument.

Thank you, happy you were able to play in the end and enjoyed the game! I'm not sure about Off the Clock (the Mac package is old and maybe it really doesn't work), but since you mentioned the same issue with Shards of God - with that game, did you follow the instructions in the readme file? Using the opportunity to ask here since there's no way to DM people on itch :/.

Tried again for Shards of God. Readme can't be opened as well. It is complaining about insufficient access rights. The game file says that the image is corrupted.

If it says something like "Shards_of_God_v1.2 is damaged and can't be opened. You should eject the disk image", then that's bs and a pretty sleazy move on Apple's part - the file isn't "damaged", it just doesn't have an app store license. I don't know why you can't open the readme though, that's strange - will ask the person who made the package and get back to you.